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Hi friends am a regular reader of this site since last two years. Am 21 male from Vizag processing my BTech in Hydrabad. This incident happened to me 2 years ago with my elder cousin sister. she is very complex, white in colour. She have an attractive body with long hair on her back.She has stiff boobs and butt by which i was attracted towards her. As per my knowledge her measurements are seeing her structure on first glance one thinks to fuck her until his energy level goes to zero.

Coming to the story, as a relative(brother) i never had seen her till her marriage. At first glimpse of mine towards her arose my sex feelings towards great heights. Till than i had no idea about having sex with others. At that time i was studying my+1 in same town of my cousin during her marriage i slowly made friendship with her and managed to talk to her frequently. As she is completely new with all of us. So she enjoyed my friendship. While talking to her i intentionally used to touch her.

She was feeling bit uneasy with it as she got married a day ago. Her intention was that all may observe her. At that time I only enjoyed touching her and placing my hand over her shoulders. My mend was always thinking how to fuck her as she was still a virgin still whenever i got a chance I used to touch her boobs with my elbow. She was feeling good to that touch. But she never thought that I will do in that way as all my family members have very good impression that I am very good boy do not have any such thoughts in my mind.

So my cousin was also in the same towards me as a good boy. Whenever I touched her she thought that unexpectedly i touched her. She never thought that am a hot guy.AS the marriage was over there was a reception. Many young girls came in with very hot dresses. In this party I know many of them i enjoyed a lot by touching and sometimes pressing boobs in the dark crowd as marriage was finished all were ready to go to their respective villages. I too had to leave with my parents.

After nearly one and half year i got a chance to visit my cousins home with my personal work. I was very happy to see her as i wanted to fuck her. That day as reached their house brother in law was very happy to see me in their house as i never used to them even if they call me. After some talking i had my lunch in their home. They asked to take rest for some time. As I was pretending to sleep i my mind was making some ideas to fuck her… After one hour my brother in law was ready with his air bag to go somewhere.

I was surprised to see that and asked him where are you going leaving me alone? He smiled and said he has to madras on his office work for 3 days. I was very happy listening to it he asked to drop him in the railway station so i went and he got the train went off. I returned home by 8:30pm.My cousin was very sexy in her nighty. I saw her talked to her till 9:30.While talking

I made my hands towards her touched her she didn’t say anything so i continued my act and touched her boobs she told me to take bath and become fresh after bathing i we had our dinner. I was watching movie in the bed room sitting on the bed she said that she is getting sleep so she will sleep on the floor and slept. I was continuously watching her boobs. I was rubbing my dick up and down after some time she was in a deep sleep slowly if went down and sat beside her gathering some courage

I put my leg towards her leg and slowly touched her leg she got up asked me why are you sitting here? i told her that it is very hot on the matress I could not sleep there than she arranged some blanket for me and sleep on the floor she moved a little giving a gap between her and me and slept. I switched off the tv and slept after some time i got an idea to fuck her now i moved close to her and placed my leg close to her leg started brushing them she took off the legs close to her.

I was bit hesitated and came back after sometime i went again to her now my dick was like a slowly touched her ass with my hot rod and rubbing it on her ass this happened for 5min later i kept hand on her and touched her boobs and felt so soft like cotton. I heard that she was moaning to my rubbing rod she took my hand in her hand and started pressing boobs i started squeezing them like anything she was making ahhhhhhhhhhh harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now i started to undress her slowly and made her nude she also made the same rubbing my rod with her hand she took my hand put it in her cunt pushing my fingers to and fro….i licked that for long time and stated to fuck her she was enjoying it now was in heaven fucking.i fucked for more than 40 min she told me to stop but i was continuing she started to cry of her pain because of my strokes. I fucked her till my energy was zero…..she was totally tired and cleaned herself fast asleep. I too slept.

Morning i woke up very late as i was tired last night it was almost 12.i got freshen up my cousin gave me tiffin and started scolding that i dont stop that act last night as it was paining her in that part a lot…..she once again hugged me we had sex till 2pm ……these 3 days we had sex when we got the time….after that i used to go their home frequently and fuck her till now…….please send your feed back to me either good r bad. if anyone is interested in fucking can mail me on my id [email protected]……….

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