Fitness Training To A Couple

Hi all I have come to this narrating this new experience of mine after a very
long time. Those who are reading me for the first time let me tell you
something about me. I am 28 years old working at a senior post in Finance
company. I travel across Gujarat for my work. I am a fitness freak. You can
write your feedbacks on [email protected]

This experience of mine is just a month old in Ahmedabad. I
was on a leave and was looking for a nice lady massage on the various sites.
While searching these classified sites I realized that there were few ads of
personal fitness trainers also. Being a fitness freak myself I could not
control my urge and I also registered in almost all the sites as an individual
offering personal fitness training at home. I also posted my contact number and
e-mail address.

Second day while checking my mails I saw that I had only one
mail asking for my charges. Since mail also mentioned the contact number I
called-up and asked for the details. They were a couple, both working and
wished to have a fitness regime on regular basis. I told them that once I meet
them, I will be able to draw the fitness schedule and my fees will be
accordingly. But they still insisted on the approximate fee before going ahead.

I told them that it would range from 5k to 15k depending on
their requirements. On this they agreed to meet. Scheduled the meeting the same
day in the evening at 8:00 pm and met them at their home in Vastrapur area.
Their home was on 8th floor just opposite the Vastrapur Lake. When I rung the
bell, door was opened by a man who was around 5’ 11 and fair and decent
looking. He was wearing cotton gym pant, and a golf t-shirt.

Fitness was not at all there, he had a flabby stomach and I
could not trace any muscles in his arms also. There was a 1yrs old kid playing
in the hall and then came his wife with water in a tray. She was very fair,
looking very sweet with a height of 5’6” and had a similar body type like her
husband. She was wearing a black cotton pajama and a parrot green V-neck
t-shirt. I could clearly see the impressions of bra on her breast area.

They both looked like normal average couples willing to get
fit. Yes there house was quite big and their 1yrs old daughter was very cute.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was wearing a comfort fit navy-blue jeans and a
comfort fit white Nike t-shirt. On discussion they told me that they both were
working and hence were not able to have any regular workout schedule. They were
married for just 2 yrs. On and off they used to go for walk around the
Vastrapur Lake.

There requirements were quite similar, they both wanted a
healthy internal body and wish to get rid of the extra fats, the flabby stomach
and look fitter. I agreed. Since they were not very heavy the schedule I
thought would be much simple. I offered a monthly fee of 6 thousand if they
want it thrice a week and 11 thousand if daily. They agreed for a daily
workout. Time fixed was 5:00 am in the morning and I was supposed to start from
the next day itself.

I woke-up at 4:00 am in the morning, got fresh, got into my
gym tracks and t-shirt and drove off to their home. Sharp at 5:00 I was there
and rung the bell. Door was opened by the lady; she was in a full length cotton
gown. I could clearly realize that she was without a bra. On asking she told me
that her husband was in washroom getting fresh. I could see that they have
moved the table and sofa in the hall aside to create a big space in the center.

Soon the man came, and she went to change. The guy was in a
short just above the realize and a Sandoz undershirt (typical banyan worn under
shirt). His flabby stomach was clearly visible and loose flesh on his chest. He
was looking more horrible then he looked last evening. With-in few minutes his
wife came and she was wearing the same black pyjama and parrot green t-shirt. I
could again trace her bra impressions on the breast area.

To be frank I was not at all aroused by anything I saw
there. But yes her wife had one of the most beautiful and cute like face and
she was almost always smiling. I told that as the first step we will prepare a
performance card. In this we will note the current details of weight and
measurements of the body parts, and then will keep measuring it at regular
intervals and see the speed of progress towards the idea; shape and weight


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