First Time With My Step Sister

Sahil was still feeling down about his mother’s death three years ago. She did not get to see him many years. He was shy, wore glasses and was not a jock and had just an average build. He did not work out, preferring to focus on his studies. He was also very shy and lacked confidence in his looks so he did not date and as a result was still a virgin. He was also upset that his rich father had decided to move on and start dating again last year.

He thought that most of the women his father had chosen to date were just air-headed bimbos attractive women with little intelligence who were either after his money or who he was using to solve a midlife crisis. However all that changed the day Sahil came home for summer break after his first year of college. His father told him that he met a wonderful woman that he was going to marry and they were all going to go out to dinner that night so everyone could meet.

Sahil looked at his father stunned asking how he could do this and his father told him sometimes you just know when it’s the right person and I wanted you to focus on your studies instead of being judgmental or worried about me. That night at dinner Sahil saw why his father was smitten with Anita, his new bride-to-be. Anita was a lawyer who had a fantastic figure, great breasts, platinum blonde hair and stunning blue eyes.

She might have been in her 40’s, but she looked like she was in her 30’s. He was thinking that she truly fits the definition of a MILF. Anita’s daughter Sunita obviously inherited her mother’s looks as she was a younger, sexier, version of her mother. Anita and Sunita’s friendly smiles and demeanour put Sahil at ease and there was great conversation between everyone during dinner after dinner Sahil told his dad that he had picked a winner.

The wedding took place in early August, before Sahil and Sunita had to return to their respective colleges. One night after the new family had moved into their shared home, Sunita knocked on the door to Sahil’s room and then entered without waiting for a response, wearing just a long t-shirt that barely covered her ass, and said to him I’ve noticed the way you’ve been checking me out, why have not you said anything to me about it?

You know you’re kind of cute Sahil stammered, not knowing what to say, as he had barely enough time to stash the porn magazine he had been jerking off to. Sunita looked down and smiled noticing Sahil’s 7 inches hard on sticking up under the covers and said to him I can help you with that and proceeded to reach down and begin stroking Sahil’s cock through the sheets while leaning in to give him an open-mouthed kiss.

Sahil could not believe this was happening. Here was a girl, more beautiful than any of the ones he had jerked off to, kissing him and giving him a hand job. He just closed his eyes and ran his hands through her long blonde hair as his tongue wrapped around hers. The excitement of it all was getting to be too much to handle and he had to push her hand off his cock before he shot his load.

She whispered in his ear that’s ok, but let’s get naked and have some fun” and proceeded to pull off her shirt to reveal a set of 38 B and a nicely trimmed pussy that had just a small patch of blonde hair above it. He hurriedly yanked off his shirt and went right for her breasts, kissing them and sucking on them. To his lips they felt just the right size compared to some of the fake-looking ones he’s seen in the porn magazines and films he’s looked at.

She just smiled and sighed at the feeling, wrapping her hands around his head pulling him to her chest. She then asked are you a virgin? Afraid of coming to soon? That’s ok and we can take things slow as you want he sighed as she just hugged him after a couple of minutes she pushed his head down and told him to kiss and lick his way lower. He planted soft kisses on her chest and belly until he got down to her inviting pussy at this point.


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