First Night

By : Kumar213

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After our engagement we had two months for our marriage. It was the time where I had hardly got a chance to smooth, creasing her breast. These two months had a very tough time to me, whenever I meet at parks, lonely places, cinemas when she touches me I was on cloud 9, my shaft was to its peak. Then the time has arrived which i was waiting since adolescent, It was our first night.

It was her home where it was bit pleasant and had a good ambience to make love. All the room filled with flowers on bed as well on the floor, fragrance of the room was awesome, light conditions was dull. Then she entered the room, where she traditionally dressed up with silk pink saree and flowers in her hair, off course with glass of milk. She was bit shy came to me and served the milk.

We both shared the milk and kept the glass aside. Then i stood up looking at her face in to the eyes of her and caught her hand and kissed. Slowly i hugged her and kissed on the pink lips simultaneously massaging her waist, hips, thighs, back, neck. I kissed her for more than 15 min and then i moved her toward the wall in the room. Lifted her hands and told her to hold it to the shoulder height toughing wall.

Then i kissed her again and caught hold of her breast, pressing my erected cook to her stomach. After some time i move down and kissed over her cleavage, neck, shoulder. Then i took her on to the bed and told her to sit on my lap. Again started kissing, her hands are massaging over my shoulder and mine on her waist and bums. Then pushed on to the bed and i was over her. My cock was pressing her stomach;

I caught hold of her hands and pressing to bed. I moved to her breast which was average in size started massaging over the blouse and kissing over it. We rolled she came top of me, where her breast is on my chest and she was kissing and my hands moving over back, bums… We turned back again then i further moved down to the navel and kissed and licking on to it. Mean time my legs lifting up the saree to the nee height and rubbing over with each other.

Then we kneeling on the bed and moved her saree too the thight and told mover her over my thighs. Then she caught hold of my hair and started pulling, kissing all over face neck. I was massaging her breast and bums. After 15 minutes i turned her so that her back is touching my cock. In this position i was creasing her breast from back and pressing my cock it to her bums. I slowly moved my hand on to thighs and lifted her saree to the crouch.

Their i found her wet panty where started playing with my finger. She started mouning ummm aaahhhh. I stared removing her blouse pins by kissing over her neck and took of the blouse. Now she was in pink bra, i undid the bra pin took off and kissed over the bare back till her waist.

Then lay her on the bed started creasing her breast which was very soft, hard nipples. I started kissing on nipples got erected and became hard, I started sucking her nipples and she started moaning loud .

I gave some bites on the boobs and while sucking the right one I am squeezing the other one. The moved on the bottom remove the knot and removed the saree. I told her to remove my clothes, witn in no time we both were naked. I removed all the ornaments over her from top to bottom by kissing that area when removing.

I made her stand on the floor facing each other, came closer where my cock is toughing her stomach part which gave shock. We hugged and kissed for some time. Then i moved back places my dick between her bums and rubbing. Simultaneously i was kissing and creasing her breast, fingering her pussy. The pussy was wet where all juices are flowing till her thighs. Then i came in front as made her to take the cock in her hand and made her rub to and fro motion.

The made her to kneel down to blow my cock. I put my penis back into her mouth and I was pushing my dick in and out of her mouth. I was fucking her mouth and she loved it. Then, I held her hair and put my whole cock inside her mouth and it was touching her throat wall. After 15 min made her to stand and took hand over my shoulder and her legs over my waist.

Then i took her to bed and lay her. I came down to kee and started kissing and moved up to the pussy which was filled with juices. I started licking her pussy. She moan very loudly oh ya, after some time she than ejaculated all the juice on my face. I cleaned it with my tongue. It was a bit salty in taste. I enjoyed the taste of her juices.

I moved up and spread her legs and rubbing my cock to pussy, Then I wit a hard push shoved my dick inside her cunt and she let out a huge scream. I slowly started doing in and out of her cunt. She caught hold of me tight due to pain, by kissing and creasing her breast released pain. Then continued my to and fro motion for twenty minutes i release my cum inside her pussy.It continued every day the same story, climax is same everydays available at [email protected]

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