First Ever Sex With Job Seeking Candidate

I am 40 years, jass from new delhi. Of the many businesses which I am into, one such business is hr consultancy. I recently received a requirement from one client in dubai for hr head. Since this was the first time I started recruitment business outside india and received business from dubai client, I was personally monitoring all the profiles for the right candidate.

I had done few job postings for the post and also was searching through job portals. There was huge response from the candidates and everyone wanted to be placed. I ever knew, job market in Dubai is so bad that candidates are not getting jobs.

Within 2 days, I received over 150 cv’s and it’s still pouring in till date. Being a consultant, we have to pick the strongest candidate and forward to client, not more than 5-6 shortlisted cv’s and it was becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best among them.

Some candidates started calling me personally too and some I added them on whatsapp for easier communication.

I have been hearing many affairs of consultants with candidates and this time it proved right for me after 10 years into placement consultancy.

I ended up having affairs with one such beautiful candidate in bed and still some promises are made by others to bed.

Let me narrate one such incident which happened just 3 days back on 28th dec 2016 with rio (name changed).

Rio had mailed me her resume and had her picture on it. She looked very beautiful in the picture. I was instantly attracted to her beautiful smile in the picture. Her credentials were meeting all the requirements too. I messaged her that I would like to have telephonic interview and she can add me to WhatsApp too. I had saved her number and late night she messaged me:

Rio: hi jass, rio here. You had mailed me for dubai hr post

Me: yes Rio. Good evening.

Rio: you can call me anytime for a telephonic interview.

Me: sure Rio. Tomorrow I would call you.

Rio: I have already worked in Dubai and am here for vacation. I would reach Dubai by 10th Jan 2017 and can join immediately.

Me: rio, I need to send other candidates profile too and not just one profile.

Rio: but u can push for my appointment

Me: yes, I can push for you but for me, all others are equally good.

Rio: I need this job badly jass

Me: rio, but this would not be only reason for me to push you. Every candidate need the job or want change

Rio: I have already been managing this role in dubai and have hand on experience to handle bigger team of 1000 plus employees.

Me: rio, that’s the reason I have shortlisted you along with others. The final decision would be with the client. I have received over 150 applications till date and you being in delhi, I gave you preference too. Nearly 80% of the applicants are already in dubai and they too can join immediately. What further preference should I give you ?

Rio: jass, if you can push my profile, I am willing to oblige you.

Me: in what way?

Rio: whichever way you want

Me: can you be more specific?

Rio: I taught that was enough for you to understand.

Me: I just want to be more sure.

Rio: I am willing to spend the time with you at your will

Me: I would be honoured rio. How about tomorrow?

Rio: I am ok.

Me: should I book an apartment for 1 day? I can book on Airbnb right away.

Rio: I am ok with it.

I immediately finalised one beautiful studio apartment near airport road and before booking, shared with rio the details and pics of studio apartment. She was very pleased with the studio apartment. I paid online and next day being wednesday, was able to get booking too. I told rio to meet me at 11am in connaught place and we would then go together to studio apartment.

I was really exited and told rio, if she can show me some of her more pics and probably the hot ones.

Rio: dear, we are meeting tomm. You can see the hottest of me to the last drop. Wait till tomm.

Me: I never knew tomm can be that far away. Can’t control to see you live but would be happy to see you this moment too.

Rio: I am just like other normal girls. So why to get so excited.

Me: you are not anymore like other normal girls. You are something special now.

Rio: in what way?

Me: your look, your eyes, your smile, the glow and your ability to find a quick solution to problems, make you a strong candidate ????

Rio: you making me blush now jass.

Me: and you making me hot now Rio ????

We chatted till 1 am and the entire night I was in dreams with her. In the morning, I sprayed some deo in my jockey too and was all ready to pick her up. On the way, I bought some different varieties of condoms and some viagra tablets too. Also got some coke bottles along with some other chips.

I reached connaught place and the moment she entered my car, I was just staring at her. She was more hotter than her pics.

Rio: helloooooo. Wake up jass
Me: oops sorry Rio. I just could not take my eyes off you. Your pics failed to justify your beauty. Just pinch me to sense that I am really with a beautiful girl.

Rio: I am just normal girl
Me: do you know driving?
Rio: yes, but why?

Me: please drive today. I just want to keep looking at you.
Rio: stop it jass. You flattering me.

Me: I am serious Rio. I won’t be able to drive and not help looking sideways all the way.

Rio: ha ha. Now please stop staring and drive. You have whole day to do more.

The way she said, I was more exited and looked closely at her. She had blue jacket and underneath her red t shirt was looking so hot, holding her 36 size boobs. I wanted to grab them instantly. She was looking damn hot. With her blue jeans, I could see her swollen mould very clearly and wondered, soon I want to bury my lips on it. It was very difficult to drive all the way to airport, which took 45 minutes and I had held her hand all along.

Once we reached the place, we took the keys and proceeded straight to our apartment. It was very beautifully done. The apartment owner kept staring at us and could sense the reason for booking his apartment.

Once in the apartment, I shut the door and bolted it well. I just grabbed rio to me and gave her a very tight hug. Passion was rising in me and I would not resist showering wild kisses to her, starting from her neck from left to right and right to left and all along running my hands strong on her back, pushing her close to me.

Rio too was getting very hot and was kissing me madly too. Then we had a deep lip kiss. I was kissing her upper lip and she was trying to bite my lower lip. Sometimes, my tongue would be in her and at times, she would keep her tongue in mind. At times, we licked each other’s tongue too.

I then shifted my lips to her right ear and started licking it slowly. This was making her go wild and she was holding me tight and tight. Kissing her neck from right to left, I again started licking her left ears and she was getting hotter and hotter.

Aaaahh Aaah jass this is wonderful. Ah ah. Hmmm. Oh jass. You are driving me crazy. Aah..

We were still standing and in tight arms. Rio moved back a little and with her eyes so sexily, started looking at me and I could sense that, we better now move to bed.

Once in bed, I made her lie down on her back and gave her a tight hug. Again I started wild kisses to her neck and ears. This was driving her crazy and she started removing my jacket. I too helped her to remove her jacket and now her 36!Sized boobs were just before my eyes. I instantly buried my face in between her boobs and started rubbing the sides of her boobs. She was holding my head and pressed towards her boobs. I kept rotating my lips from one boob to another and over her t shirt also was giving her small bites, to her nipple area. She was going crazy with this and was pressing my head more and more towards her boobs.

Hmmm aaahhh hmmm oh plsss yes aah

Then she hugged me tight and rested her head on my shoulder. For once I wondered what happened to her but soon realised she got her first orgasm. She kissed my neck and said, I love you jass. You are wonderful. And was holding me tight. I started rubbing my hands on her back and patted her too. It seemed a very pure love with loads of satisfaction and still we were far from sex and with all clothes on.

I looked into her eyes and kissed them

Rio, u r very pretty and your eyes are driving me mad. They are so much intoxicating and I want to keep kissing them. I kissed her eyes several times and again we were lips locked. I was simultaneously rubbing my fingers on her ears as I know, ears are the most delicate parts to ignite passion. And she was getting more and more passionate in her kisses.

I dropped myself on my back and dragged her on top. She brought her boobs to my lips and wanted them to be kissed. I was driving her mad with wild digs on her boobs and pressing her back towards me. Then I slid my hands down and started taking her t shirt off. I brought her t-shirt to her bra level and started rubbing my hands on her bare back. Then I raised her body and in one go, got her t shirt off and in black bra, she was really killing me with her beauty and that hot look on her face. I could see her half closed eyes and that was driving me mad. I again buried my head on her bra and now with clear view of her nipple area, I was biting it slowly and slowly.

Oh jass u r too good. Too good. I am going crazy. Please please please have them in your mouth.

I ignored her and was just biting slowly her nipples over her bra and with fingers still running on her ears, she was out of control. She put her hands behind her back and opened the bra and then she took the bra off her boobs and inserted my face to her right boob.

Instead of me taking her boob in my mouth, I started circling my lips around her nipple. She kept pushing her boob in my mouth but I kept circling her nipple and not even touching her nipple with lips. With my moustache, I was teasing her nipple and with my tongue , I was circling the outer area of her nipple.

Oh jass, u driving me crazy. Lick it lick it, lick it, pls lick it

The more she said, the more I teased her. This went on for some time with both her tits. I purposely didn’t mouth any tits and also didn’t lick her nipple. Just the outer side of her nipple I kept rotating my tongue.

Then I took her nipple in my mouth. Without keeping my tongue on her nipple, I took her nipple in my teeth and started biting the outer area of her nipple. She kept on pressing her boob in my mouth and I kept on biting the outer area of her nipple and biting it up and down.

Within 5 minutes, she again collapsed in my arms and took a long breath. Pressing her both legs together for quite some time. She had again climaxed.

Rio: u r wonderful jass. I never knew, I would cum twice even before sex. This is the best I ever went through. You just know, how to handle a woman. And she kept kissing me with soft moans. I kept on running my hands on her bare back. Then I made her remove her bra. She also made me remove my shirt and banyan and now we both were top less in each other’s arms. She was still on top of me and I kept playing with softly pressing her boobs, one by one. She was motion less for quite some time but was enjoying the tease and rubbing of her boobs.

At times , I kept running my hands over her ass and sometimes, used to put my fingers in her jeans back. I could sense some movement in her legs, when she used to hold them tight and at times relaxed her legs.

Jass, my panty is all wet. Can I and wash my pubic area to be clean and fresh for you?

She winked with a sexy smile and I just mouth lipped her again.

Me: had it not been cold, I would have loved to have shower bath with you now.

Rio: yes darling, I would have loved it too but I am enjoying the warmth of your cozy arms

Me: maybe we can try to bath. You are so hot that we could try taking bath with normal water.

She slapped my face lightly and said
Stupid !!

I took her in tight hug again and kissed her neck. I made her lie on her back and running my lips from her lips to her boobs, this time I took her entire boob in my mouth and pumped them inside out. She again started moaning and said, bite the nipples. Lick it . Bite it. This time I went with her at started licking her nipples, biting it up and down, taking her boob in mouth, pressing the other boob hard, fingering the other boob nipple in circle.

Ahhh hmmm aaaa I love it jass. Love it. Keep doing, please. Nobody loved me this way. I love u jass. Ahhh ahhh yes.!!

This went on for few minutes and then I moved down her navel and played with it for sometime. Licking her navel, inserting tongue in her navel, was again making her twist again and again. She was again coming in mood.

Little lower, I kept licking her till her jeans belt area. She kept holding my head and pushing it lightly towards her. I opened her jeans belt and opened her jeans button. Then pulling her jeans chain down, I made her jeans open. Her black panty was visible. I kept kissing her to her panty area, without removing her jeans. With my tongue, I tried to push the elastic of her panty down, so that I can get access to her pubic area but as her jeans was tight, I was not able to. She immediately, made her jeans drag down her navel area, so that I can now easily explore her pubic area. I slid some portion of her panty down and licked her pubic area which was clean of any hairs. It was all smooth like butter and I was enjoying licking it.

Now unable to bear more, she got up and completely removed her jeans, with her panty still on. She made me too remove my jeans with her hands and now we both were in respective one piece to cover ourselves. Her panty was all wet and it being a soft nett material, it was sticking to her legs.

Rio: let me please wash my pubic area. It’s all wet and sticky.

Me: you lie down. Let me wash it.

I went to the bathroom. Took a towel and a mug full of water and while coming to her, I brought deo from my bag too.

I made her spread her legs and took her panty off. Seeing her nude without hairs was driving me crazy too. She brought her hand to my jockey and said

I want this off too and started removing my underwear. My dick was rock solid and she was getting wild, rubbing her hand over it.

I washed her pubic area and dried it with towel. Sprayed some deo in her pubic are and was about to kiss her pussy that she, made me lie down and washed my dick area too. She applied deo too near the dick and we took 69 position, with her on top.

I started licking her around the pussy and in between her legs. Then I opened her pussy lips and god my tongue deep in and out of her pussy. She kept on pushing her pussy to my lips and I could notice, the more she was getting hot, the more soft bites she kept doing to my dick. She was giving me excellent blow job, driving her lips to mouth my balls and tongue all the way from bottom of a dick to top of dick. She teased me a lot, licking the tip of my dick with her tongue and when she took just few inches of my dick in her mouth and taking it in and out, I was going crazy moving my lips deep in her pussy. She gave small bites to the head of my penis and this was making me go wild with kissing and licking her pussy. It was becoming uncontrollable for me to hold my juices and we both were just

Aaahh aaahh ohhh ahhh oh oh
I love u darling I just love u
I missed this love
Oh honey, just do it
Sweetheart, I can’t hold any longer
You are such a sweet killer
Ahhh ahhh hmmm ohhh ahhh

I want to release in you darling
I want you in me
Just enter me
Just have it in me

We immediately changed position and she guided my dick to her pussy lips and with some struggle, I was able to enter her. She kept pushing herself towards me to get the complete dick in her

I made her come on top of me and she again guided my dick into her pussy. With few attempts, it went deep into her pussy and our pubic area could actually touch. I kept hands on her waist and she started moving up and down. Her boobs were just swinging up and down with her rhythm.

Faster faster faster
Oh yes yes yes
I just love this
Oh yesss
Ah ah ooooooohhh yesss

Suddenly I uttered: Rio, condoms?

Just don’t bother, release in me. I got I – pills too.
Just faster faster faster
Ahhh ah
She kept moving up and down faster and faster and I kept pushing her hips back and forth

Aaaahhhhbbhbb aaaaanhhhbbh
Ooooooooohhhh ooohhh
Ahhh ahh
Ahhh ahhh

And we both simultaneously collapsed in each other’s arms. She fell on top of me in arms and I had all my juices released in her. With dick still in her, our legs were holding tight and slowing and gradually I could sense my dick going limp and juices flowing out of her cunt.

She gave me a tight hug and said

It was the most wonderful experience I ever had. I never knew that I would ever be loved so crazy. Till the time I met u this morning, I kept talking to myself, whether I am doing the right thing or not and now, I am satisfied that I took the right decision. Thou I need the job badly, I would not mind, even after this, I m not short listed. At least I had such wonderful experience with you jass and I am sure, you would also not forget about me so easily.

I assured rio that I would do my 100% to convince the client about your job and just in case, it’s not through, I would make sure you would not regret. Though I don’t wish to tell her this time, but I have a backup plan ready for her, which would be far more rewarding than this opportunity.

We had two more sessions on the day before we left the rented apartment.

I had always been hearing sexual relationships with job seekers and this time, I actually happened to have it in real.

I may be contacted by email:
[email protected] Who knows, another such opportunity lies ahead ????????



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