FIL Filled Me.

I am a sexy featured married housewife with 36D firm bust line and a very sexy and firm butt. Immediately after my honeymoon husband left for the States on a job assignment. I was left back home and stayed with my Father in law (FIL). My FIL was a 55 years old retired army man with a rough and tough figure. He appeared more masculine than his son. I have seen his lusty looks over my boobs and ass. My MIL died long ago and therefore I thought this old man must be very hot going without sex for so many years. Every morning he used to do exercises and yoga in our drawing room which was fully visible from my room. He did all his exercises bare bodied in only his frenchies. From the corner of my room I observed his nude body nearly every morning. At his crotch I observed a massive hard on which stretched his frenchies to its limits. The exercises continued for full one hour after which his body sweats a lot. He then takes his bath and is then ready for his morning tea.

After three months of going without sex, I started becoming horny and started fantasising about my FIL. I masturbated thinking of my FIL anddesperately wanted him to love me. I started thinking of plans to seduce my FIL. One morning when he was doing his pushups I went and sat before him observing him. He finished his pushups and smiled at me. He askedm how come you are up so early. I said I too want to do some yogic exercises..will you teach me. He said ok go change and come in some suitable outfit. I went in and removed my saree, petticot, blouse and came out in my bra and panty. My FIL was stunned seeing me in this outfit, howeverm he didn’t say anything and taught me pranayam and other exercises. Then it became a regular affair for both of us. We became closer day by day and we both were feeling a sexual tension between us.Later one day after our exercisese when we were both sweating a lot I proposed, come lets bath together. FIL liked the idea and we stood under the sane shower in the bathroom. I then soaped my film his whole upper body and then sat below and soaped his legs. His hard erected crotch was just in front of my face. I soaped his thighs upto his crotch. FIL then pulled down his frenchie and became completed naked before me. His cock stood erect needing attention from me. He then said, soap it darling. I did so. I flt its warmth and its steely hardness. It was a good 8″ erection.

I masaged it with soap in and out. Then poured wated over it and cleaned the soap from it. FIL saidm It is hungry baby..please take care. I smiled at him and said, Iam also hungry ,,,and took the massive erection in my hand and started licking it from its base till its head. I caressed the sacks under it and also licked the balls…and then took the head of the giant cock in my mouth and started giving him a blow job. Hic cock was so full and hard that my mouth was fully filled. He then placed his hand over my hand as if blessing me,..he was moaning and panting…He then took my face in both his hands and started moving in and out of my mouth. He increased his speed as he fucked my mouth vigorously. Then as he climaxed he jammed his cock forcibly in my mouth and nearly choked me. He unloaded his thick cum inside my throat. I then stood up and washed my face. He too washed his genitals and then as we came out of bathroom he lifted me in his arms and marched towards his bedroom. He laid me on his bed – freshly bathed … Stark naked…. Daughter in law. He then started caressing and kissing all over my body…He even sucked my nipples like a kid and fingured my cunt…and then he went down kissing and started licking my pussy. I started moaning loudly…ahhhhhh…..He then started tingue fucking me..and I moaned even loudly fuck me…… He then parted my legs wide and placed his hardened rock solid cock at my pussy entrance. He brushed it at my gate teasing me for a while…as I was continuosly getting Wetter and wetter.I could take no more and cried out..please…please..fuck me….make me your keep…make me your whore…He then silently pushed his cock head inside and held my head and stared directly in my eyes.and asked you want na? Yes Ok he said and said…Here I go as his hard cock tore inside my pussy. It went till it could go no more. He was now fully burried inside me and looking at me…tears were running down my eyes due to the pain of stretching of my cunt to its limit. He whishpered….bear the pain darling…for a while…and he then started withdrawing slowly…then before he pulled out he again entered his full length..This he did for a few more times…and I started getting used to the pain. Slowly, he increased the speed…and started fucking me rapidly. He fucked my cunt for full ten mins. During which I climaxed for two times. But he continued non stop…and t when he was nearing his climax, he slowed down and asked want me to come inside you .I said..yes….yes….please….make me pregnant..He then again increased his speed and held me by my waist firmly and ejaculated inside me in loads of his cum. He made sure that all his cum enters my uterus. Thus I was fucked thoroughly by a experienced fucker.

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