Exploited Zaynab – Part 2

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Story so far : zainab gets de flowered against her consent by a man of her religion.

Now : zainab reluctantly took her mobile phone in her hands to call dhammika. He hadn’t even called her ever since she warned him not to make expectations about her so she wondered if he might still have her number saved, or still unblocked, at least. She called anyway.

“Okay, who’s this?” it was dhammika’s coarse voice. She had heard how he responds to complete strangers over the phone. Dhammika wasn’t nice to strangers over the phone.

“Dhammika…It’s me…Zainab,” she said, as she broke into tears. Dhammika’s voice turned puzzled.

“Zainab? Is that you? What happened? Are you crying?”

“Mh…Yes…Something very bad happened. Can I meet you?”

“Not now, zainab. It’s too dark outside…”

“I don’t care! The worst has happened already…” zainab stopped. Dhammika was taken totally by shock.

“Z…Zainab…Y…You mean you were…Oh no!” dhammika was taken completely by surprise. Zainab was still crying.

“I’m sorry dhammika.”

“Zainab, listen, where are you? How can I meet you?”

“I’m at home now. How can we meet?”

“Just relax. Come out of your house. I’ll meet you outside in forty. Clear?”


“Good. Bye!” dhammika dropped the call and looked at the digital map on his bike. Her location was marked there.

“Hang in there baby. I’m coming” he murmured as he started the engine.

Still puzzled, zainab dressed up and went outside. How did dhammika know where she lived?

Just as dhammika said, he appeared around the turn near the street to zainab’s house, in around forty. But as he was dressed in a rain coat and a helmet, it took zainab a while to recognize him.

“Hey zainab, sorry for any delay caused,” dhammika said as he got off the bike.

“Dhammika, you came for me!” zainab said as she waked towards him and tightly hugged him. He hugged her back to console her.

“Oh oh…Easy there zainab…Oh I can’t breath!” dhammika jokingly said, as he slowly removed her embrace and looked into her eyes.

She still had tears on her face, having run down from her eyes. She told him everything that happened to her.

Dhammika was shocked. Zainab said,

“Please take me away from here, dhammika. If my parents come to know, they’ll kill me!”

“Come on! They can’t do that. They should kill the man, not you?” dhammika said, in a puzzled voice.

“You don’t understand! That’s not how things happen in our community. They kill the woman!

Please help me, dhammika. You’re the only man I can trust on something like this. If you too refuse to help me, or break my trust…” zainab started crying again. Dhammika hugged her and said,

“Sh…It’s okay, zainab…No I’m not gonna break your trust…Not now, not ever…” he looked back into her eyes.

“Take you necessities back from the house. Then, we can move away, alright?

Don’t leave your parents too puzzled out there. It shouldn’t look like we are eloping.”

Later, with a travelling back packed with her academic material and a few other stuff, zainab left with dhammika on his bike, leaving behind a note for her parents.

Dhammika was a careful but fast rider. Zainab was holding him tight to keep herself balanced.

Later, she hugged him from behind and placed her right cheek on his upper back. His muscular firm and warm body felt great to her. She silently smiled.

Dhammika, even though was riding with silence and concentration on the road, was now imagining things about himself and zainab. It was true she was no longer the pious woman she was supposed to be till her 1st night, but he didn’t care about that. He thought that she was finally his and to him, that was all that mattered.

She didn’t wanna be a burden to dhammika, anyway. She just wanted his help to overcome the new difficulties. She thought of repaying him somehow…Even with her own body. That didn’t matter any longer. What was left for her to lose anyway?

“Zainab…” suddenly dhammika broke the silence. Zainab, turned her face to him.


“Lemme tell you something. I dunno if you’ll be angry with me.”

“Just go ahead, dhammika”

“Well I always imagined you close to me like this…I also just feel happy that my wish is final true…Even though you might leave me again”

“Mh…Close like this or, like some other way?” zainab asked in a lustrous tone.

“Mm…What do you mean, some other way?” dhammika asked in a fake puzzled voice.

“Oh my baby boy doesn’t seem to know anything about adult female feelings,” zainab said, jokingly.

“Well whatever…We are close to where I stay,” dhammika said, taking a turn.

By then, he had traveled for about an hour and he reached a place of one of his buddhist friends. He was outside the house to welcome dhammika (let’s call this friend as gemunu.) .

“Hiya gemunu,” dhammika said as he stopped the bike. As he got off, zainab also got off.

“It’s good to see you here, brother,” gemunu said as he got close to dhammika and hugged him.

Gemunu looked somewhat older than dhammika. Both zainab and dhammika was at their mid 20s and gemunu was like at his early 30s.

“So what’s it this time? Who’s this with you?”

“Oh man, this is zainab, a friend at the university. Zainab, this is gemunu,” dhammika introduced them to each other.

“Oh…Assalamu alaykum wa rahmat ilahika wa barikatuhu,” gemunu said as he placed his right palm against his own chest.

“Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmat allahi wa barikatuh,” zainab responded, following gemunu.

“So…What can I do for you two, dhammika?”

“We wanna stay here tonight. She just had to move away from home…”

“…It’s alright, dhammika. Lemme explain,” zainab said, interrupting dhammika.

She explained everything. Gemunu was shocked too. He said,

“Damn…Well, lemme prepare you two some space to sleep. Anything for dinner?”

“I’m good. What about you, zainab?”

“Ah…I’m good, thanks gemunu…And we’ll just need one bedroom,” zainab said, confidently. Dhammika was puzzled. Gemunu smiled, wickedly.

“As you wish, your majesty!”

As she dressed up in a night dress she brought with her, dhammika prepared to sleep on the sofa. She held his hand.

“What are you doing, dhammika? Come to bed.”

“What? No! I mean…You know…I can’t…We aren’t…” dhammika just swallowed what he tried to say.

Zainab got close, held his pijama collar in her right hand, and rubbing her left index finger down from his nose to his chin, said,

“This is all I can do to repay you, and that, ii’ll do at my best,” in a lustrous voice and kissed his lips, for a while. Dhammika was getting turned on.

“I’m still feel horny after what muhammad did to me. Come satisfy me, dhammika. You’re my hero.”

That did the job. Dhammika took her I his hands, rushed to the room, left her on the bed and started taking off husband clothes violently.

Zainab also got naked. Then, dhammika laid on her, locking her arms against the bed, using his hands. This time, zainab willfully submitted as she knew that this time, on top of her wasn’t a monster who wanted to own her one way or another, but a loving man every oppressed woman would crave for.

“Ah…You’re so heavy,” zainab said, with a fake pain.

“I’m sorry, zainab…Did that hurt?”

“Mh…No. Not really,” she said as he took his face closer to hers to kiss her.

“Wait…Have you kissed before?” she asks at the last moment. He smiled and said,

“Can’t say so. This is my 1st time with a woman in bed like this”

That made zainab feel a little sad because he wasn’t her 1st one even though she was his 1st. But she also thought that if not for what muhammad did, she’d not have known how good dhammika can really be.

They started kissing each other’s lips, reluctantly. Their tongues joined on shortly.

Dhammika was kissing like an expert shortly because he had learned much of these from video tutorials. Zainab took a while to get set to his rhythm.

While kissing, dhammika placed his hands on her boobs and started playing with them and their nipples. They had already become erect by then. Zainab broke the kiss.

“Wow! Your nipples are already erect,” dhammika said, nibbling and pinching them with his fingers.

“I wanna suck them,” and before zainab even allowed, he placed his mouth over her right nipple and started sucking it, licking the areola and sometimes biting her nipple.

Zainab found this behaviour weird but extremely pleasurable. She was moaning.

“Ah yeah baby….Oh that feels so good…Yeah, keep tasting me there….I love that…Mm…”

She was already struggling a little in bed.

Later, he moved to her left boob and kept doing similar.

By the time he stopped that, her pussy was wet as nothing and his cock was also well erect. She said,

“Now fuck me, dhammika…I’m horny as hell,”

As lustrous as she can. Dhammika looked surprised at her boldness. He never thought she can say such words.

He lifted a little up, placed his glans on her vagina and penetrated. His cock was longer and fatter than that of muhammad so it still hurt her a little.


“We can stop this if you want me to, zainab”

“No…I want it…Keep doing it!” zainab responded, decisively.

Dhammika started pounding in and out like a piston. She covered her mouth with both her hands to stop her screams from being heard by gemunu.

But she didn’t know, that gemunu was already at the door, listening to all this, smiling and murmuring,

“Good day. My little boy became a man today. You go, boy. Pound her hard. Fuck her brains out! Haha!”

“Ah…Yeah, fuck me…Fuck me harder!” zainab said, as she lost her control. She was being squeezed among his limbs and she could hardly breath but she didn’t care.

“Ah…I’m coming…,” and after some more pounding, dhammika stopped. His grip on zainab loosened.

They looked at each other’s eyes with intimate satisfaction written on their faces. Zainab rubbed dhammika’s face with her right hand, which he took in his left hand and kissed. They both were breathing heavily.

“Oh that was great, dhammika…Never thought sex could be so enjoyable…I love you.”

“I love you too zainab…I wanna…”

“Good work boy. You just became a man! Huh hooh!” gemunu shouted from outside, interrupting dhammika.

Both zainab and dhammika looked at the door with anger. Dhammika looked back at zainab and said,

“Son of a…!”

(to be continued)

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