Drunken fuck

Hi readers…i dont want to waste my time describing about this site as others do…am a regular reader of this site and a great fan of it…i would like to narrate the real life incident happened in my life… I used to drink wit my friends and enjoy…and of course v used to drink regularly thrice a week or something. On that day as usual v were drinking and enjoying…after drink v got to our homes in our bikes…as usual i was returning home in my bike…unusually i tried a way which is a shortcut to my home…its an industrial estate. When i was driving my bike through a dark place i found a man sitting wit a woman wit his bicycle parked aside. He was found to be in his near 50s and the lady was in her near 40s. I just crossed them without noticing them fully… As i crossed a few mts i got a struck in my dick..got a slight sex feeling. So i planned to play a game….i just turned my bike and noticed them while on the move…they never seem to bother me…they were speaking wit each other…i just made another round and again they never seem to bother me..fucking bothered. So its time for me to play ma game. So i stopped ma bike near them and questioned who r them…the lady was qiuet and she got some fear. The guy was aroused and asked me who am i. I said i m mufty police. He also got some fear and asked what i want..(from here i ll insert some tamil words for my convenience) at first i was speaking softly advising him to get out of the place leaving the lady wit me. Andha koothiya oru vaarthai kooda pesala.she was standing still without a word..at first the guy refused to leave her. At the same time he was unable to behave rudely or fite with me since they believed that am a police man. I was going out of control due to beer. Finally i warned to get the hell out of the place…atleast i just kicked his bicycle and gave him slap and a punch on his face…he just ran away from the place wit the bicycle… Then i sat wit the lady and asked what were they doing and she replied that they were speaking their family affairs mentioning that they r husband and wife..i asked y do come here for speaking ur family affairs.

Don’t u have home. Also i asked y dont u go with your running husband instead of sitting beside me…she was cornered and was unable to answer me. She was calm for a moment without any speech..so i started to play.. Initially i just put my arms around her hips and started to massage her small boobs. To be frank avaloda kaai romba chinnathu. But i was really enjoy pressing her boobs. First she hesitated and then permitted me to do so..all these things were going on a dark road where there is less tresspassing. So i took her in my bike started to search any place suitable for fucking her. There s a place in my town where govt servants reside…i mean a govt staff quarters.its a big area with many quarters with some damaged and none will live there i found such a one and took her inside…both were salty wit sweat due to fear. Then v relaxed after a moment and just locked dat old door…i just kissed her mouth. She didnt cope wit me first then she begin to teach me. She was just rolling her tongue inside my mouth and suckin ma saliva. V were almost kissin each other for 10 minutes. While kissin i was just holdin her boobs in hands and massagin. She was a moanin which made me wild… After tweny mts of suckin and kissin she was in a urge searching my dick..my dick is actually six inches in length and two and haf inches thick. She just opend my zip and was jerking. First my dick in the hand of a mature woman.wow. I was really enjoyin. I asked her do u want to suck. Witout even sayin s she sat to suck mine. She was suckin passionately like a professional sucker. She was just sucking my pool. She was doin dis for ten mts. While she was suckin mine my mouth started waterin. So i laid down and gave my penis to her to suck and i got below her.69 position. I just lifted and saree and viewed her hairy pussy..i cud feel a fishy smell. But

Still i loved to suck her lovely black pussy. I just kept mouth and started licking it. While licking she sucked me even better. Sucked me hard. After a few time of licking she began to ooze a thick fluid which i drank fully…her pussy is now swollen wet and was oozing…i was sucking her clitoris besides i inserted my centre finger in to her hole..she began to jerk her hole body sucking mine. Wow i was in heaven. Was just flying. She just bit my penis head to tease me. At the same time her hands were playing in my ass crack…she was just making me hard and wild.i was about to cum. I tried to pull my penis. She didnt leave and drank my whole load without even wasting a drop… She looked at me satisfied and asked me to insert my penis into her…so i made her stand and lean forward so that her pussy is favorable for me to fuck her from the back.I held her hips and slowly inserted into her shithi…she gave a loud moan.slowly i begin to work out and increased my speed…what a woman she is…she was screaming and making me horny more.i was just pumping for twenty mts. I was abt to cum. I took out my penis and kept in her mouth…she drank fully again…then both were hugging and kissing each. She was caressing my balls and penis looking at me sexily…i asked for another round. She said she could do wit one and she needs to go home. She just lay on the floor wit her legs wide open…she guided my penis into hers….after sometime she came on me and we did for twenty mts…v fucked twice in one hr…my penis begin to pain. She again put my penis and sucked and relieved it from pain. And finally she left home. Was searchin for her till now in the roads…cudunt find her…appadi kidacha ava koothi kizhinjuthu,

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