Doctor fucked my Wife

HI readers, well I am 35 and wife Shalu is 29. We went to San diego on business trip for 3 months about 2 years ago. As I was recntly married we were having lots of sex and both of us were enjoying it. I specfically liked sucking her big BOOBs and the black areola around it. And pussy licking is alwasy fun. In response she sucks my dicks and with time got used to even swallowing. BUt then we flet we need to more than just having sex among ourseleves. Adding a 3rd dimension to our sex life.

That time we decided for complete physical exam for Shalu with a Male gynacelogist. We took a appointment and went to see the doctor. The doctor told her to change the dress and wrap a paper towel and wear a back open top. Shalu was shy as well as little afarid with all this. Well doctor started examining her pussy. First he put 2 fingers in her pussy and and then a tube in that. Her whole body shviered and she looked at me. The fact that some other guy is fingering her gave me an errection and i could see that she too enjoyed the fact.

Well after other exams I asked hime how to do self check for breast cancer. That’s the time Doc was little hesitant to grab her boobs and check them as we were Indian and he wasn’t sure how we will react. But I assured him that we are mature enough to understand. When he started examning from above the cloth I asked him that she will not be able to do so in front of the mirror. Why don’t she removes her top gown and he agreed.

AS she drooped her gown her Big breast were swung open. Doc could see that she is excited as her nipples were all errect and swollen. Slowly he massaged her BOOBs and got more confident while my wife was also enjoying this. At the same time he was also telling what to look for as for early diagnosis of any breast cancer lumps. I am sure he throughly enjoyed the BOOB massage. When that was over we had some informal chat with him and he told us now a days he is staying single as his wife is working in other city.

I grabed the chance and invited him for dinner on Firday. After that we came home and as both of us very excited after all this, had a great sex.

On Friday doc came for dinner. FIrst we offered him red Wine. That evening Shalu was dressed in a nice very thine red coloured Saree. Her blouse was very low cut. She specificaly choose a blouse with low cut and to add to thatshe unbuttoned top 2 hooks and folded the blouse inside to give a even better and bigger cleveage. Under her blouse she was waering a push-up bra. The Pallu of that transparent Saree was such that we can see the cleveage and when she bended to put the wine glass on table, we could see the clevage very clearly.

Shalu did so specifically when she offered glass to the Doc. After that we chatted for sometime. Then the Doc asked how she waers Saree. This is the moment we were waiting for. I asked her to undress herself and show him how you wear it. Intially Shaluu was shy but then he removed her Saree and she was standing in fron of us in blouse and petticoat. Then Doc asked how she ties petticoat. That time she emoved that too to show him for very beging how to wear it.

NOw she was standing in blouse and panty. Then Shalu reoved her blouse too and showed it to doc of how much thin cloth it is made of.

By this time Doc had clear message that we are ready for fun. Then she said Shalu is very gorgeous and beautiful and I am very lucky person. That’s time I said if you too want to get lucky. and he nodded in yes.

Shalu moved closer to Doc and she sat in Sifa between us. I slowly massaged her BOOBs over her bra. Doc also started moving his hand over the bra and pressed it gently. I un hooked the bra and removed it. Now we could see her Big boobs. Doc started sucking one on his side and me on myside. Shalu too was very excited by this. She removed her panties too and spread her legs towards the Doc. She gave him an invitation to lick. Doc got down on his knees on the floor and started licking her pussy while I was still sucking her BOOBs.

Then we moved to bedroom and all3 of us were naked. Doc had really big dick and Shalu was now giving her blow job while I started licking her pussy. Then we switched our positions.

By this time she was hungry for really penetration and asked DOC to put the whole thing in. As he inserted his Dick she had a slight scream. To add to the pleasure of her I penetrated her from behind. Now she was sandwitched between us. We both started fucking very hard.

With each thurst she was saying ahh ..ahh… ahhh…aahhh

Finally I cummed in her ass and Doc in her pussy.

That was a great a fuck and we enjoyed. After that for the entire stay in US, Doc used to come regularly to or place and used to fuck my wife.

Hoping to have same kind of fun in India too now.

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