Dirty Desires: Mother-In-Law Seduced

She shouted at the Floor Cleaner, “It has been so long and you are not able to finish your work till now. My guests would be coming soon”. After all it was the most important occasion for her. Her daughter was coming to her house after 7 months and Ms. Neena was very happy today.

Ms. Neena, a divorced woman of 45 years, had survived on her own for last 23 years. Her husband divorced her soon after the birth of their daughter and went to marry another woman but Neena fought in the Court of Law to get her daughter Swati and she brought her up in the best possible manner. 8 months ago she got married to Rahul. After that they had visited her house only once. Now Swati was expecting a child and it was her 8th month. Neena requested her In Laws that she wanted the first child of Swati to be delivered in her house and Swati’s In Laws agreed. Swati and Rahul were coming to stay with Neena for the delivery of their child.

Rahul said, “Mummy…….. If…..is………is it possible that…that…is it possible that…that.” Neena said, “yes my son tell me…tell me what do you want.” Rahul said, “Mummy Is it possible that you jerk my cock with your hand please.” He said it all in just one go without a pause. “Rahullllll” She slowly shouted. Rahul again started weeping and said, “I am sorry mummy, I m sorry, I should not have said this.” He bent down and hiding his face In her lap started sobbing. Neena didn’t know what to do but the feeling of his manly face between her thighs was sending a shiver in her spine. He was sobbing and she was completely blank. “Its Unethical!!! Yes its Unethical…purely but but but…this poor boy. He has told her everything honestly. What if he goes to a prostitute and brings a disease. Who will be affected??? It would be Swati, My own daughter.. Shouldn’t I help him for being in a real trouble and asking for my help honestly.” All these thoughts kept on wavering in her mind but she was aroused now.

She took Rahul in her arms and started caressing her hairs and said, “Rahul, my son it would be unethical. I am your mother in law” Rahul said, “ Giving me relief is unethical?? Then why did you ask me. And who the hell will come to know about it. Its just a matter of a few minutes. Just as if you are a doctor and I am your patient. And if you cannot help me then please leave me.”

Neena felt pity and thought for a while, “Yes, he is right. Its just like a doctor treating his patient. Why do I take it as a matter of sex. I must take it as if I am treating him, so that he gets out of this pain.” Neena said to Rahul, “Ok Rahul if you want it that way then I am ready to help you. But you must be inside the blanket and I will put my hand inside and do it to you.” To this Rahul Agreed immediately and said to her, “Thankuuuu Mummy, You are so good. I knew that you will surely help me. Okkkk so you go out of the room and let me get naked inside the blanket and come after 5 minutes.” Neena got up and left the room. She went inside her room. There was something inside her which was tempting her. She resisted but failed. The force inside her dragged her feet towards her vanity mirror and she started applying lipstick on her lips and Kaajal in her eyes. She opened her hairs and combed them properly. “But Why am I doing all this” She thought but making up was giving her more pleasure than thinking about it.

Rahul’s hands had clenched the bed sheet and he was literally banging his head on the pillow. Neena was stroking his cock now, his lips very close to his cock. She wanted to see that white juice desperately now which she felt she had not seen since ages. Her hand moved faster and faster and suddenly Rahul shouted hard, “ohhhhh….fuckkkkkkkkkk I am m cummmin cummmminggggggggggggggggg.. Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy. aggghhhhhhhhhhhh………ouuuuuuushhhhhhh” and shots of his thick white sperm gushed out of his cock and falling on his belly. Neena kept on stroking it till she milked out the last drop watching the precious milk resting on Rahul’s belly. Rahul was breathing hard now.


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