Dirty Desires: Mother-In-Law Seduced

She shouted at the Floor Cleaner, “It has been so long and you are not able to finish your work till now. My guests would be coming soon”. After all it was the most important occasion for her. Her daughter was coming to her house after 7 months and Ms. Neena was very happy today.

Ms. Neena, a divorced woman of 45 years, had survived on her own for last 23 years. Her husband divorced her soon after the birth of their daughter and went to marry another woman but Neena fought in the Court of Law to get her daughter Swati and she brought her up in the best possible manner. 8 months ago she got married to Rahul. After that they had visited her house only once. Now Swati was expecting a child and it was her 8th month. Neena requested her In Laws that she wanted the first child of Swati to be delivered in her house and Swati’s In Laws agreed. Swati and Rahul were coming to stay with Neena for the delivery of their child.

At the age of 45 also Ms. Neena looked extremely sexy. Her voluptuous body, untouched since long was a regular subject of Masturbation of many youngsters working in her office and many of them had even revealed their desires for her in very respectable manner but Ms. Neena would just divert the topic casually taking it as an official non-veg joke of the day.

At around 2:00 in the afternoon the bell rang. Neena opened the door and hugged Swati. She had tears in her eyes. She was seeing her daughter after so many days. Rahul and Swati came inside and Neena was flying high with happiness for the whole day. She had taken a few days leave from her office because she wanted to be fully occupied with Swati and Rahul.

Next day their family doctor Dr. Nimesh came and took Swati with him to his clinic for routine check up. Rahul or Neena were not required since Dr. Nimesh was just like a family member to them and he had his Maternity Hospital nearby. He told Neena that he would be sending Swati in his own car after the check-up. Rahul had taken the breakfast and was inside his room. Neena had also completed the house hold work and was now going to take bath. As she entered the Bath room she didn’t find the Towel. May be the maid had washed the towel. She had to take a fresh towel, but that was inside Rahul’s room. She felt bad going to their room because might be Rahul is sleeping and she didn’t want to disturb him, but there was no other way. Neena opened Rahul’s room without knocking it and that was the biggest mistake of her life. As she opened the door she was set aback. Rahul was lying on his bed fully naked holding his cock in his hand and he was masturbating. She could see the pain on his face as he was jerking his cock.

Rahul also got a shock seeing Neena entering his room. He immediately got up and covered himself with the bed sheet. Neena ran back to her room. She was trembling with an unknown fear. She sat on the bed and tried to relax. “Ohhhhh Gosh What the hell have I done. My son in law would be feeling so embarrassed. He would think that how ill mannered am I. How would I apologise to him. She was trying to come back to her senses.” After a while she was able to regain herself but she felt something strange. She moved her hand upwards to touch her nipples over the cloth of her night gown and her eyes started popping out. They were erect. In those moments of fear and embarrassment she never knew when the woman inside her responded to the stimulus of masculinity. She thought to herself, “nooooooo, he is my son in law, husband of my dear daughter. How can I be so cheap to even think of him.” But she felt as if the woman inside her was laughing at her and said to her, “Are you not a woman and isn’t he a man?? Don’t you think that the first relationship that exists between a man and a woman is of masculinity and femininity. In fact your body wants a man now Neena may be its Rahul.” Shuttttt uppppppppp.” She almost shouted on herself and got up.

The fear was gone but she was getting a kind of arousal in herself. After so many years she had seen a man naked. Rahul’s cock was nice, about 8 inches in length and white in colour. Its head was reddish-pink. Neena felt as if her nipples were getting erect. “Ohhhhh…what the Hell am I thinking. I have never gone for any man ever since my husband has divorced me. How can I look at my own son-in-law. Shitttt.” Thought Neena. But the other moment the woman inside her said, “So whats bad in thinking about it. After all you are a woman. If you have never gone for a man since so many days it doesn’t mean that the woman inside you has died.”

All these thoughts kept on moving in her mind through out the day and at night also. She was not able to sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, Rahul’s cock came before her eyes and she started getting aroused. She was feeling uneasy and to be honest, wetness between her thighs. She clenched her thighs and felt as if a drop of her nectar departed from the lips of her cunt and got soaked on the netted cloth of her panties. She wasn’t able to control herself. Her mind was taken over with the thoughts of Rahul’s big monster. She felt her nipples poking out and had raised her silky nightie like peaks of mountains.

She didn’t know when her hands went down and started caressing her clitt. She didn’t know when her eyes got closed and she even didn’t know when she started imagining Rahul’s cock and pushed her finger inside her pussy. “ohhhhh yesss…yesss babyyyy yes…..uffff Rahul………..you have the most wonderful cock on this earth…….. Every woman would love to have it………ohhhhh Rahull……. Gimme your cock babyyyyyyy…..aaaaahhhhhhhh.. Uummmmmmmmmmm…….. Fuck me darling fuck me with your cock….ufffffffffff.” Neena was masturbating. Her fingers were inside her pussy and after a few minutes she had a wonderful orgasm. But there was no guilt!!! She was feeling so satisfied………..after so many days, the woman inside her was now alive. Her hands were massaging her own juices on her bushy cunt and soon she slept. But there was another person also who was witnessing all this and it was Rahul. Rahul had come to take water from the refrigerator when he heard the moans of Neena and not able to suppress his feelings he peeped inside her room and watched the whole event. He was deprived of sex since long. The doctors had directed him for not doing sex with Swati due to her final stage of pregnancy. Since last two months he was satisfying himself masturbating. Rahul was now horny………..horny to have his mother in law’s body.

For all these years Neena had maintained herself. Although her age was 45, still she was having a tight body with 38D breasts and a waist of 30 inches. Her ass was fat and especially her ass cheeks were round and well shaped. Even her ass crack could be seen clearly when she wore Salwar Suit and she had the capability to make men go hard for her even at this age. Above all, she was very fair in colour with Black long hairs. Rahul was determined to get his mother in law at any cost.

Next morning when Swati had gone for her check-up and Neena was cooking food, Rahul, wearing just his track pant, came to her and said, “Mummy, I…I am really sorry for what happened yesterday.” Neena replied, “No, my son, infact it was my fault. I should have knocked before entering your room. Please don’t feel bad. I know it happens. But what made you do that??” At this Rahul started sobbing. Tears fell down from his eyes. He ran back into his room. Neena felt sorry for the poor boy. “I must go to console him. After all he is like my son,” She thought. She came to his room and knocked the door. Rahul asked her to come inside. She went inside. Rahul was sitting on the bed, she could see the sadness on his face. She sat near him and holding his hands she said, “My boy, it happens. I know Swati is not able to satisfy your needs due to her pregnancy, but that’s only for a few days. Soon she will give birth to a child and then both of you can again have sex.”

Rahul said, “No Mummy. It has been more than two months and even after the child is born, I wont be able to do sex with her for at least one month. After getting married to her I have never lived without sex. It’s the need of my body Mummy. I feel like dying without it. I do not know what to do.” Neena thoughtfully said to him, “Then why don’t you go to some paid prostitute for once and get yourself satisfied.” Rahul replied, “ Mummy those prostitutes always have a risk of some kind of disease so I will never go there.”

Neena felt pity at the poor boy and moreover she was liking his honesty, but talking so openly with him she herself was getting aroused. She said, “My son I really feel sorry about you but there is no other way I think.” Rahul, as if was looking for this opportunity. He immediately replied, “Mummy there is certainly one way.” Neena said, “tell me What.” Rahul said, “But Mummy first you will have to swear on Swati that you will not tell anyone about it because I don’t want to lose Swati at any cost.” Neena felt so happy that how much he cared for her daughter and said, “Ok I Swear, Now tell me.”

Rahul said, “Look Mummy, Can I talk with you openly, I mean as a Friend?” Neena said, “Yes Rahul I want you to talk to me as a friend, otherwise how will I be able to help you, and talk openly.” Neena was feeling so happy for becoming a Counsel that too to her own son in law who was in desperate need of her conselling. Rahul held her hand and started speaking, “You know Mummy, sex is just about the relationship of a man and a woman. Just the feeling of a woman’s touch can even satisfy a man and he can get relieved.” Neena said, “Yes my son I agree with you.” Rahul said, “Mummy, I dunno whether I should say this or not but…….but….” Neena said, “Comme on say my son there is no need of getting afraid. I have promised to help you and that too without telling about it to anyone.”

Rahul said, “Mummy…….. If…..is………is it possible that…that…is it possible that…that.” Neena said, “yes my son tell me…tell me what do you want.” Rahul said, “Mummy Is it possible that you jerk my cock with your hand please.” He said it all in just one go without a pause. “Rahullllll” She slowly shouted. Rahul again started weeping and said, “I am sorry mummy, I m sorry, I should not have said this.” He bent down and hiding his face In her lap started sobbing. Neena didn’t know what to do but the feeling of his manly face between her thighs was sending a shiver in her spine. He was sobbing and she was completely blank. “Its Unethical!!! Yes its Unethical…purely but but but…this poor boy. He has told her everything honestly. What if he goes to a prostitute and brings a disease. Who will be affected??? It would be Swati, My own daughter.. Shouldn’t I help him for being in a real trouble and asking for my help honestly.” All these thoughts kept on wavering in her mind but she was aroused now.

She took Rahul in her arms and started caressing her hairs and said, “Rahul, my son it would be unethical. I am your mother in law” Rahul said, “ Giving me relief is unethical?? Then why did you ask me. And who the hell will come to know about it. Its just a matter of a few minutes. Just as if you are a doctor and I am your patient. And if you cannot help me then please leave me.”
Neena felt pity and thought for a while, “Yes, he is right. Its just like a doctor treating his patient. Why do I take it as a matter of sex. I must take it as if I am treating him, so that he gets out of this pain.” Neena said to Rahul, “Ok Rahul if you want it that way then I am ready to help you. But you must be inside the blanket and I will put my hand inside and do it to you.” To this Rahul Agreed immediately and said to her, “Thankuuuu Mummy, You are so good. I knew that you will surely help me. Okkkk so you go out of the room and let me get naked inside the blanket and come after 5 minutes.” Neena got up and left the room. She went inside her room. There was something inside her which was tempting her. She resisted but failed. The force inside her dragged her feet towards her vanity mirror and she started applying lipstick on her lips and Kaajal in her eyes. She opened her hairs and combed them properly. “But Why am I doing all this” She thought but making up was giving her more pleasure than thinking about it.

She went to Rahul’s room and slowly opened the door. Rahul was lying inside the blanket. She could see his bare broad shoulders and she knew that he was naked inside. Without looking into his eyes she sat on the edge of the bed and slowly pushed her right hand inside his blanket. Her fingers touched his naked thighs and she felt a shiver in her spine. She wasn’t able to look up, as if the woman inside her was dominating the self proclaimed doctor that she thought she was. Her hand climbed his thighs and she moved it forward. As her fingers touched his cock, her hand moved an inch back but controlling herself she rested it there for a couple of seconds and moved it forward again. Rahul had closed his eyes in pleasure and was breathing hard now. Neena moved her hand and slowly kept it on his cock and Rahul raised his chest throwing back his head in pleasure. A High Voltage Current ran all across her body. It had been so many years that he had touched a man’s organ. She was shivering, her lips quivering and she grabbed his cock and started moving her hand on it.

Rahul was moaning now, his teeth clenched and lips closed but he was breathing hard. He was getting the touch of a woman after so many days. Neena started stroking his cock slowly. She was regaining her skills after stroking it for a couple of times. Her hand started moving skillfully from the top of his cock to its base and massaging his scrotum she again climbed it up till its head. The swollen head was now wet with his precum and had become slippery. Rahul was moaning harder, murmering softly, “Ohhhh Yesss………..Yesssss I needed that touch so badly, ufffffffff……… My Godddd…yesss yesss.” Neena also was on fire now but she was stroking his cock faster now. Her hands moved all over his cock and she didn’t know when but her left had also entered the blanket and started massaging his balls. Rahul was moving his head left and right, his eyes closed in pleasure. Neena was massaging his balls with her left hand and her right hand was stroking his cock faster and faster now. Neena felt that her cunt was wetttt now…juices were dripping from her cunt and her panties was drenched. She was of fire, trying to control herself but her breasts were rapidly going up and down. She wanted to see that monster now. Her womanhood was on its peak now, on the verge of her becoming a Slutttttt now.

Suddenly Rahul turned out the blanket. He was lying naked in front of her. His 8 inches monster, around 2.5 inches in diameter stood like an invincible fighter now, ready to tear off any cunt that came in front of him now. Neena closed her eyes and she was trembling now, her body was burning, she was not able to control herself and just at that time she heard Rahul ordering her in a Commanding voice, “Ohhhhhh Neena……suck me Babyyyy… Suck it with your Mouth Doll, Comme on Put your mouth on it My Doll, comme on……..dooooooooooooo it” and as if Neena had become his slave. Her body was willing to obey his command she bent her face and her lips engulfed the head of his Monster. “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” A high Shreak emerged from Rahul’s lips and he threw his head back. His cock head was inside her mouth now and she was sucking it like a well mastered slutttt. Her lips were moving up and down and her tongue slipped like a serpent all over his cock head. Her hands were moving wonderfully all over his cock stroking it and lifting her balls and her mouth slurped on his cock sucking it harder and harder. “Ummmmmmmmm. Ohhhh Yesssss Neena my Sweet Sluttttt……Ohhhhh fuck…what a wonderful cocksucker you are my Babyyyy………ouuuuushhhhhhhhhhh. Yesss babeeee yesss.. Suckkk it harder Dolll. Ohhhh Fuckkkk you are sooo gudddddd ahhhhhhhhh………suckkk me harder babyyy…make me explode today……ohhhhhh…fuckkk you Sluttttt……..aaaaaashhhhhhhhh. Ahhhh.” Rahul was literally shouting with pleasure and Neena was getting more and more aroused. She was hissing like a serpent, her breasts moving up and down, her mouth sucking Rahul’s cock as if she wanted to eat it up today. His cock was all wettt with her saliva. She was spitting on his cock and as the spit rolled down she moved her tongue to collect it from his cock and then opened her mouth wide to take his entire length inside it and then sucked it moving her head in circle and rahul was getting mad now.

Rahul’s hands had clenched the bed sheet and he was literally banging his head on the pillow. Neena was stroking his cock now, his lips very close to his cock. She wanted to see that white juice desperately now which she felt she had not seen since ages. Her hand moved faster and faster and suddenly Rahul shouted hard, “ohhhhh….fuckkkkkkkkkk I am m cummmin cummmminggggggggggggggggg.. Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy. aggghhhhhhhhhhhh………ouuuuuuushhhhhhh” and shots of his thick white sperm gushed out of his cock and falling on his belly. Neena kept on stroking it till she milked out the last drop watching the precious milk resting on Rahul’s belly. Rahul was breathing hard now.

Neena got up and ran towards her room. She banged the door of her room and took off her nightie and fell on the bed. She was on fire and controlling herself was impossible for her now. She spread her legs and pushed her fingers inside her cunt and started moving them in and out. The smell of male orgasm had made her mad. She was squeazing her breasts with one hand and was masturbating with the other. Suddenly she realized that some one else was also present inside the room. She opened her eyes and saw Rahul was standing naked in front of her. Her mouth got opened in surprise and she tried to get up to cover her body but till then Rahul was on top of her. He brought his face near her and whispered, “Mummy……… I know you need me…….. You have a beautiful body Mummy… Please let me have it.” All That Neena could say was, “Please Rahul…. Its Badddddd……..” but till that time Rahul had put his lips on hers and had pushed his tongie inside her mouth. His hot tongue took away all the senses that were left with Neena and all that was left now was a Slutttt lying under a naked man.

Rahul’s tongue was exploring Neena’s mouth, collecting her saliva with his tongue. Neena was moaning hard now. Her hand was caressing his hairs and was pulling his face towards her as if she wanted him to insert his tongue deeper inside her mouth. She was moving her head and her tongue was now playing with his tongue, willfully placing her saliva on his tongue as if she wanted to obey her master and her man.

They kissed for long when Rahul left her mouth and his lips now moved all over her face. He had taken his tongue out and was licking her cheeks, her eyelids, her chin and her entire face like a dog. She was enjoying the warmth of his spit and the roughness of his tongue all over her face and was murmering, “ohhhhh. Rahulll My Boy……. Yes yes yes. Do it my Babbbyyyyy….. Make me your woman today my Boy… ohhhhhhhhh I m sooo thirsty …… offfffffffffffffffffff.. My Godddddddddddd.” Rahul licked all over her face and kissed her neck and shoulders. Neena was trembling with pleasure now. He brought his lips near her right nipple and blowed hot air from his mouth on it. Neena shivered with the feeling but till the time the feeling would end she realized that her right nipple was inside her hottt mouth and he was sucking it like a baby. “ohhhhhh……yessss. Rahul………. Suckkkk it my Boyyyy yeaghhhhh. Ughhhhhh. Yessss..drink my milk my boy. Ahhhhhhhhh drink my milk. Ufffffffffff. Suckkk it Rahulll uffffffffffffff.” Neena had squeazed her right breast and was pushing it inside his mouth now. She wanted him to gulp her whole breast inside it. Rahoul had taken nearly half of it in his mouth and was pressing it with his lips and his teeth as if he wanted her milk out of it.

“ohhhhhhhh my Boyyyy Rahullll yesssssss pull those bloody nipples and suck them ufffffffffffffffffffffffff Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yessss rahulllllllllll yessssssssssss plssssssssssss. Uuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffoooo.” Rahul was oving his head between her right and left nipple and was sucking them one by one. His teeth and lips pulled her nipples up and his tongue moved on the nipple round and round. Her nipples were sore now but she was screaming with pleasure, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Chooooooooooosooo Rahul…….. Suckkkk them my Boyyy.Mera doodh pee lo..ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh… haaan aur zor se chooso meri Jaaan….. Doodh nikaalo mera aur us ko apne lund par daaalo Rahul………..ahhhhhhhhh awash…….piyo piyo aur piyo……..aaaaaaaauuffffffff… le lo meri in choochiyon ko… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Rahul’s Monster was touching between her thighs. Her cunt was drenched, her juices had made her thighs wet and were continuously dripping from her pussy. His cock was also leaking and the bed sheet under them was wet with their pre cum and juices. Suddenly Rahul left Neena and took a pillow from the bed. He lifted her waist above and placed the pillow below her waist. He could see her beautiful mound raised high as her waist rested on the pillow. Her pussy was covered with jet black hairs which she had never trimmed. Rahul brought nis face near her cunt and smelled the fresh nectar oozing out of her Pinky. He hissed and that released a load of hot air from his nostrils hitting her Flabia. Neena was trembling with heat. She said, “Pleaseeeee Rahul, I cant wait now. Fuck me Pleaseeeee.”

At this Rahul got up and came between her thighs. He planted the head of his monster on her Vaginal Opening and without giving any signal of warning gave a heavy jerk. The thick head of his cock teared her opening apart and got fixed inside her Pinky. Neena felt as if a Hot Iron Rod had entered her cunt. Heer eyes popped out with pain but till then there was another Jerk and the Barbarian was more than half Inside her Pussy. Neena was almost a Virgin, not being fucked since last 24 years. It was as if she was being de-flowered. She started banging her thighs with pain and shouted, “Ohhhh My Godddd……You Bastard……..It Pains. Oushhhhhh…. Dard ho raha hai Mujhe….Please Rahul Leave Me………..Its Paining…Ufffffff. Mar Jaungi Main Please Chhor do Mujhe Please.” She tried to get up but he placed his strong hands on her arms and pinned her down. His thighs were strong enough to fix her bottom on the bed and let her not move. She wriggled like a fish, trying to get out of his grip, but he held her harddddd and before she could react more he gave two more jerks and his Monster was fully inside her. Her eyes were out, tears were flowing from them, she clenched her teeth hard, wriggled desperately to get her body out of his control but she was fully under his control.

He brought his lips near hers and whispered softly, “Hold On Doll…….you know well that soon you will enjoy it. Comme on gimme your tongue. Comme onnn” All Neena could do was to obey him as if he was her master. She opened her mouth and offered him her tongue and he took it between his lips and started sucking it like a sweet Lollypop. His tongue was moving all over her tongue and his lips were pulling it out of her mouth. At the same time he wrapped one of his hand below her waist and pulled her body towards him and with the other hand started fondling her breasts. Slowwwly Neena started enjoying it. Her pain was gone and now she was getting pleasure. She was like a Doll in his hands, being used by him.

As his hands fondled her breasts and his fingers turned her nipples and his mouth sucked her wettt tongue Neena started enjoying. Her waist started moving slowwwly up and down, trying to take his monster inside her. She was moaning softly now, “Ummmmmmmm…. Uuuhhmmmmm …… mmmmmmuuuuu” . Rahul realized it and he slowly lifted his waist and gave another jerk and then started moving his cock in and out of her cunt slowly. He had now left her mouth and was licking her earlobe as he moved his waist to and fro. Neena’s cunt had started dripping and her juices were flowing out. As Rahul’s cock moved in and out it gave a slurrrrping sound. Neena had wrapped her legs around his waist and was murmering, “Ohhh Yesssss My Boy……. Yesssss Babyyy… fuck my cunt. Ufff Yessss…… Kitne dino se pyaasi thhi main. Please Jee Bhar ke Chodo mujhe Rahul…ahhhhhhhhhhh……… Myyyy Godddd. Kitna Masssst Lund hai rahul Tumhaara…. Uffffffffffff Mar gayeee Maaa….. Haaan Chod Mujhe Rahul……… aaaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee….. Fuck me Hard my Boy…..fuck your Mummy….. Ahhhhhhhhh.. Yes Rahul”

Rahul kissed on her lips and said, “Neena Meri Jaan…..tum bhi to Kitna massst maal ho.. Ufffff…….. Kya mast cheez ho meri Jaan…… today I am going to make you my beautiful Slutttt babyyyy. Aaj ke baad tu meri Bitc hogi………… I will make u my bitch and my slave babyyyy…….. Yesss I will fuck u soooo hard today that you will remember it forever….ahhhhhhhhh meri Doll” and lifting her legs high in the air and spreading them apart he gave a few hard jerks. With each jerk his cock went inside till its root and she screamed like a whore, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkk Yessssss Yesss… My Goshhhhhhhhhhh. Fuckkkkkkk. Chod Mujhe Saale……… Ahhhhhhhhhh Fuck me like a whore aghhhhhhhhh. Aaaaiiiiii. Yesss.” Rahul bent down and pushed his tongue deep inside her belly button and kissed it deep. While doing this his cock had come out of her cunt and again with full thrust he penetrated it fully inside her pussy and started fucking her like an engine. His cock was slurrrrrping in and out of her cunt and he was shouting with pleasure, “leeeeee Saaali….. Take it You Bitchhhhhh….. Leeee leee Saaali Kutiya…. AAJ Raat tu Meri Randeee hai………. Jee Bhar ke Chodunga tujhe ufffffffffff le le le……….Fuckkkk U babyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhh.” and suddenly he held her waist and pushed his cock deep inside her and shouted, “ Ohhhhhh mummy I am Cummmmingggggggggg… aaaaaaaahhhhhhh……..oooooooooshhhhhhhhhh.” Neena spread her arms and holding his strong arms with her hands shouted, “Yessssssssssssss. Eahhhhhhhhhhh I am also Cumming My Boyyyyyyyyyy. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.. Aahhhhhhhhh………… ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ummmmmmmmm. Ammmmaaaaaaaaaa……… amr gayeeeeeeee…….” Her body was jerking with pleasure as if a Volcano which was extinct since ages has errupted today. Rahul had already fallen down on her and with his face on her breasts he was taking heavy breath. Neena’s whole body was also drenched in sweat and her hands were caressing Rahul’s naked back……as if she had found her man today……….as if she had realized that how lonely was she till now………as if She was owned today by Him and as if she had accepted him as her MAN today…

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