Daughter’s friend

Hi Everyone!!! I am going to narrate to you my experience with my young daughter’s friend named Seema. My daughter is a very good looking girl studying in the 10th std in a reputed school in Bangalore. this incident happened about 2 months ago………..

My daughter’s mid-term exam was being held and Seema used to come to our home and study along with my daughter every evening, and also she used to stay in our house in the night and sleep along with my daughter. I used to drop them together in their school in the morning and after their school got over, they used to be picked up by Seema`s mother and go to Seema`s house. Towards evening they will come to our house and do combined studies. Seema`s parents were known to us as they stayed just a couple of blocks away. My wife used to take very good care of them and we were very happy to see our daughter in the company of such a beautiful and intelligent girl like Seema.

After about 5 days of their exam began, my wife got a message stating that her mother was seriously ill, and so my wife had to go to another town to visit her ailing mother. As our Daughter’s exams were in progress, I was forced to stay at home and look after my daughter.

But the very next day of my wife leaving for her home town, my daughter fell very sick and had high fever. But in spite of this her friend Seema, came and spent the nights in our home as usual.

One night at around 9.30 pm, my daughter felt very sleepy and went and slept in her bedroom. Within minutes, she was fast asleep.

Seema was also feeling a bit bored and she wanted to watch TV. I told her to watch any channel she liked. She tuned into the fashion TV channel. Since only the two of us were there, we both were watching the programmers on fashion TV. After some time there was the bikini show. Seeing this, Seema became a little embarrassed.

I encouraged Seema to observe everything, and asked her if she wanted to do a fashion show. She told she was not so beautiful, but I disagreed and told her she was indeed very beautiful. She blushed. I then told her to walk the length of the hall and I will tell her how exactly she looks. Seema immediately got up and swaying her tiny ass, she walked the length of the hall. I then told her to walk the hall with only her bra and panties, just like how the models were walking on the TV. Seema hesitated but on my prodding, she coolly removed her top clothes and walked the hall in only her innerwear.

Seeing her in these `clothes`, made my rod to stiffen and I just went near her and pretending to show her some finer points, I held her very close and she just melted in my arms!!!!

Without battling an eyelid, I just lifted Seema in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. I lay her on the bed and started kissing her all over her body. She was moaning in pleasure. I soon removed her tiny bra and panty and made her stark naked. She too torn at my clothes and made me fully naked. My rod was standing proudly and Seema soon noticed it and grabbed it in her hands. She then bent down and gave me a wonderful blow-job and when I cummed she drank all of it without dropping a single drop.

I started stroking her on the insides of her thighs, and soon She had cradled me and her hands were very busy in placing my rod near her inviting cunt. Very slowly I `entered` her and after a couple of jerks, my rod got fully imbedded into her sweet hole. Since she was a VIRGIN, she screamed in pain and delight, and her blood got spilled onto the clean white bed sheet. I have kept it as a souvenir.

We fucked at least 5 times that night, but always with a condom!!!!!

Finally, morning dawned, and we got up and washed ourselves.

Now it is almost 6 months and Seema looks like a queen. She will be getting married within a couple of months. She tells me that she has never felt happier in her life before, and thanked me for fucking her.

If any ladies or girls in Bangalore, feel like contacting me, then they can send me an e-mail at [email protected]

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