College Freshers Getting Intimate

Hey everyone!

So the story goes like this :

I moved onto college in chennai! I was very excited about my new life somewhere out of my hometown. It was a dream of mine to be away from home, be independent, learn new things and the foremost thing, meet new people and make new friends.

It was the first day of my college

The freshers were welcomed enthusiastically. From the decoration to the hospitality of the people and staff in the college, I knew that the next 4 years are gonna be amazing.

While I came out of a hall to attend a call, I saw this girl in a bit trouble with her sandal. I went up to her and asked if she needed any help? She was like “No no its fine. It’s just stuck somewhere and I ‘m not able to get it through.”

I said “Lemme help!”, and I bent down to her sandal.

Oh her body odor! I still can smell her fragrance whenever I remember her.

I fixed the problem within 2 minutes and she thanked me and said, “You also a fresher?” and the conversation went on something like this :

Me: yeah! You too?

She: yeah! Which branch?

Me: ece! You?

She: oh the same! Nice to meet you! My name is ayesha

Me: same here! I am arjun

She: lets go inside?

Me: yeah sure!

And we got along pretty well that night.

The next day, we met in our classes. She came and sat beside me and said hi!

I replied and was very happy that this time, even the destiny wants it to be!!

Our friendship grew within a month and we texted each other till late at night.And slowly we started sharing some personal details about our past relationships and stuff.

Soon we became best of friends!

We sat together during our lectures, we ate together, we did our class work together and had loads of fun!

One day, she challenged me to a basketball match.

I said, “What if I win?”

She said, “Whatever you want”

I said yes instantly

Who doesn’t want to play “Basketball” with a very pretty girl? ;)

That day, luckily the court was free and it was a half court game.

I shall admit, she plays really well. I had to struggle even to get the ball back from her.

Accidentally, once when I was trying to snatch the ball from her, my hand went on to her boobs.

I immediately apologized.

She was like, “It’s okay!! Chill! :d happens! :d ”

I was like, “She is one tough girl!”

We played and I won by 2 points.

I laughed hard and looked at her and whispered, “Now I get whatever I want” and winked her ;)

I guess she understood then only. But it went on the same way

I had asked for a complete day out together and said that everything is gonna be a surprise for her.

She was like, “What is it? A date or something? :d ”

I said, “Whatever you want to take it as :d ”

We went out in the morning and I took her to a movie first!

Since I knew her favorites, I took her for a movie which she wanted to see from long.She was very happy after watching that. Although trust me, I hated that movie! But the smile on her face took it all away.

What did you think of this story??


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