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Hi everyone.I m Sahil Khan from mumbai, a regular reader of ISS. 1st let me give a short description about myself , i m a 6 feet guy with athletic body whitish color ,and with all that quality that a women always always wonders having in a guy they need.Actually i m a member of high profile club where i have to give pleasure to all unsatisfied girls n women for which i charge very cheap amount for it .Basically money is not the intension of mine i too get pleasure being part of it.And all the women are quite satisfied by me, for which they regularly call me, privacy & confidential is one of the major part of there satisfaction.Actually i m a call boy .The story goes like this ,it was my 1st time when i was going to break my virginity.I got a call from a lady where she told me to meet her. (she got my num from the club where i was the member).I was totally nervous cause it was my 1st time my heart beats were almost blushing.That day it was raining very heavy n i was almost wet, i reached at her house in Andheri(Mumbai) at 11.00 pm , she decided to have fun the full night.When i rang the doorbell my eyes were totally blocked on her, she was dam sexy & beautiful her age was around 29 yrs. Her figure was around 38-28-36.Her eyes were black,lips were so pink that she does n’t need to apply lipstick.She was wearing a 3/4 pyjama n a very short t-shirt from which her white milky navel was clearly visible.She was really an angle.I went inside the house , she made me sit on the sofa .She said that i m all wet n went to bring the towel for me ,while she was walking her ass was moveing in a very great manner ,i started having bulge in my pants .I was totally going crazy n needed to fuck her very badly.After bringing the towel she herself wiped my hair n my body.

On asking she told me that her husband is out of station n after a long time she had got this chance.She was really unsatisfied by her hubby, who every time kept himself involved in work.After a chat of about 15 min ,i slowly roll my finger on her navel,suddenly her breath increased high,she hold me tight in her arms n we both started lip kissing each other,our tounges were rolling in each other mouth .I still couldn’t forget the warmness of her breathing.She was lonely for a long period, for which i decided to satisfy her till the last stage.After a long kiss we both went to the bedroom,she was still kissing me like a horny woman while kissing she removed my t shirt n started to bite me on my chest meanwhile i also removed her clothes , n my angle was just in a lacy bra n panty in front of me.She was like milk from inside.She bit me every where on my neck,back,shoulder,chest.After that i told her that now it was my turn to bite n i did the same .But my main target was her boobs ,which were trying to get out of the bra.,so i made them free from the trap.Wow they were so nice round n perfectly shaped.She took my hands n placed them on her boobs ,my god they were so soft like cotton.I was fermly pressing her boobs n my tounge was busy rolling on her long neck. Which made her mad , she was moaning in a very tipical voice .After that i picked her in my arms n made her laid on the bed,n removed her panty,her pussy was perfectly shaved with pink lips.I sucked each n every part of her body her neck, her boobs,her navel,her waist leaving a love bite every where.N now it was the turn of the lovely pussy ,i only touched the tip of my tongue to her pussy she moaned loudly ‘come on sahil eat it come on.I sucked her pussy for 10 min n she started jerking . Her jerks made me more horny .She told me that now its my turn she took my undies out ,my cock was almost 7″long n hard as a rock ,she started giving me blowjob ,after a whild i told her i m about to cum on hearing this she increased the speed of sucking n gave all my load on her face , she licked all my cum with a great pleasure.She than got up n started kissing me ,she made me laid On the bed n she climbed upon me she inserted my cock which was still hard inside her pussy slowly my full length was inside her depth.It gave me a warm feeling her pussy was too hot much greater than fire from inside. She slowly started moving up n down making a sensational sound .Slowly slowly she increased her speed ,after 15 min she again started jering.After that i made her laid on bed aparted her legs n slowly started inserting my rock inside ,after a little struggle n little pain i got inside the target first i started moving slowly she was madly pulling my hair.Slowly slowly i increased the speed till now i was on fire moving very fast she was moaning very loudly,at the same time she was scratcing my back with her long sharp nails.It was my second time so i was not readytogive up.But after a fuck of about 25 min i gave up a big load again this time on her belly.After that we both were totally tired,we had a deep kiss n we went to sleep huging eachother.I wake up at 6.00 in the morning to leave the house but she wasnt in the mood to leave me,obiously not after such a good time .She paid me 5000 buks for the full night ,but the pleasure i got with her for that i should have paid her,seriously it was a dam good time for me ..Anyways after that night many times i have been with her to give pleasure to her n with the other women also to make there dreams turn into reality.So friends plz do reply me how u liked my real encounter on my mail Id [email protected] can also mail me for pleasure.

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