Bored Housewife

I got married 5 months back. I was not so good at studies, but am very beautiful and everyone wants to flirt with me. Even in collage, my lecturers, classmates and neighbors every one. I like their attention and used to flirt with some of them for the fun and kick. Before I completed my graduation, my parents got me married off to this duffer at Bhopal. My husband works in a pvt firm. Not so smart looking, earns good money – but basically he is always buttering his bosses and he has no individuality at all.

He tries to please his boss and is always with him from 8 in the morning till 10-11pm in the night, as if he is an obedient servant etc. He thinks that is life. If his boss is touring, he also goes with him to take care of him. He is least bothered about me – only he is very proud to have a beautiful and sexy wife like me. I was all alone and standing in the balcony – it was slightly drizzling and suddenly I saw two dogs mating – like mad.

They ended in a lock and another dog was trying to fuck this locked female dog. Then suddenly they started barking wildly and started fighting – the male dog somehow got unlocked and was withering in pain and licking itself. This villain dog now grabbed the female dog and forcedly started fucking the female dog – which submitted and was now enjoying another tremendous fuck. The scene was like a Bollywood rape scene and made me very hot n horny.

That night – my hubby came at 11 PM and said he has to go out on tour with his boss and their train is at 12.30 mid night. He hurriedly packed, ate his dinner, gave me Rs.2000 and said he will be back in 4 days. I was so angry and upset. Infact after the dogs scene I was very horny and planned a hot session with him – but he was in his own world – buttering his boss.

Nest Day, I got up late and after breakfast, feeling bored went to the top floor(terrace). There was a cool breeze and I watched the surrounding for some time. It started to drizzle again – i went and sat on the stair case, so that I dont get drenched and was watching the rain. Suddenly two boys who are students and staying in the 4th floor came up the stairs to take their cloths which were drying there. They asked me –

Bhabi – what are you doing here?

I said – I am watching the rain as I am feeling bored sitting here on steps.

” Bored? come on – newly married and bored?

Yeah – He is always busy and on tours. I am always lonely. I cannot go to movies – now that I am married. I cannot wear jeans or skirts only sarees and it is like a jail. so what else to do but sit here and pass time

The two guys sat on the steps with me

Bhabi – don’t worry. Become our friend and you will never be bored. We have enough time after college and will keep you company.

He will kill me if he knows.

Bhabi – he will not know. we will never come to your house or talk to you in the street. But, you can come to our room and no one will know or suspect. You can watch movies on our DVD, chat on Internet on my laptop, do anything you like and have as much fun.


Yes and now why not have some fun in the rain. We want to dance in the rain and enjoy – saying this both of them held my hands and dragged me into the rain. We had lots of fun getting drenched in the rain.

The rain stopped after 5 Min and we went to their room. One brought a towel and started drying my hairs – I was enjoying this attention. They were making me feel Important.The other fellow also got a towel and started wiping my wet body. So there were 2 persons who were attracted to me and I was feeling like a queen.

While wiping my body, he put the towel on my neck, slowly moved down the navel and squeezed my boobs. I said” what are you doing” Notthing bhabi – actually your clothes are also wet. saying this – he removed my pallu and started removing the saree from my petticoat also. Suddenly the other fellow who was drying my hairs with towel started opening the hooks of my blouse.

He was standing in the back and slowly started kissing my earlobes and neck. I started enjoying this and suddenly remembered the two dogs yesterday. I became very horny – now the other fellow was kneeling in front of me and lifted my petticoat and put his head near my panties and started to kiss my panties. Oh this was real heaven – I never imagined in my dreams that I will get to enjoy two dicks at the same time.

In a short while, they completely disrobed me and both of them were also naked. I was standing and one fellow was licking my pussy from front and other fellow was kissing my butt. I was in a totally different world. Then they asked me to suck their dicks – I refused as I have never done that.

They did not say anything and one fellow started kissing my boobs and the other fellow was finger fucking me. then I was wildly fucked by these two fellows one after another. I was enjoying the whole things and after several rounds of fucking – we were tired and slept of nakedly. When I got up –

I was shocked at my own behavior, I dressed hurriedly and left their room. Both were still asleep after the hard fucking session. I reached my floor and rushed into my house – I had not even locked it. I went into the bathroom – had a refreshing bath and came out and saw – the time was 11 PM I was away from my home for 12 Hours straight. I did not even know the time. But – I had a memorable day.

What did you think of this story??


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