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I think that woman’s beauty should be respected and should be enjoyed decently, maintaining the limits. I got such a lady thru net chatting. I asked her what did she like the most. She told me the same that she liked the decency and the step by step enjoyment narrated. The lady called me up many times, but I did not have the courage to be forward. As I was married, I did not have the guts of speaking to a stranger woman. The lady called me often and we exchanged some of our basic personal life, likes and dislikes. I began to like her, as she was the first lady whom I was talking so freely, and she also talking to me so freely. She was from Chennai and I was also from Chennai. While talking to her she told me that her husband was working out of India and hence she told me that she needed someone with whom she could share her sexual fantasies and wanted to get fondled and pampered. Just like me, she was not interested to take the risk of sex. She asked me whether we could be friends. I said, “Yes”.

Two / Three days passed and we exchanged many views on our physical body structure and personal background. Then one day she told me that she wanted to meet me. I said to her that I could meet only on Sundays. She said fine. I asked her where we should meet. She told me that we could go for a movie and meet in a cinema hall. Nobody would doubt also, and we can do whatever we want in the darkness of the cinema hall that is fondling, touching and feeling. She said that we will share the expenses and any one should not spend money as the meeting was on the mutual understanding and satisfaction of both. That was really a good idea, which I liked and thought that she indeed is a decent lady who wants her desires to be fulfilled and not doing all such things for money. Further, she had told me earlier, that she had very big, round, soft and tight breasts and she want to get them squeezed, pressed, played, fondled and pampered. She also told me that she had very nice puffy brown nipples, which were exactly in the center of her boobs and she wanted to get them pinched and fiddled. She had fair and long soft, spongy, creamy belly with a beautiful round curved navel. I liked the idea of feeling a stranger woman and I thought there was no harm also in enjoying and helping others in getting enjoyed and satisfying their desires. I agreed to it, but I told her that she should come wearing a sari and an elastic velvet blouse. The reason being it is easy to pull up and also fast and easy to close.

In other dresses like salwar, shirt or T-shirt it is very difficult to put ones hand inside, and it is also difficult for the woman to open and close it suddenly in case of risk. Hence the velvety elastic blouse is the easiest one for safety. So she agreed and we planned for the Sunday 12.00 or 3.00 p.m show, any one the tickets, which might be available of the movie. I waited eagerly for Sunday to come. On Saturday itself I told my wife that I have some work and I have to go out on Sunday. She said fine. On Sunday, I woke up early and got ready for the show. I moved out of the house and after about two hours reached the cinema hall at around 11.00 a.m. I bought the tickets and waited for her. After sometime, she came. I was looking at her from distance. I recognized her from the color of her sari, which she had worn, which she had informed me in advance. She was a beautiful Bengali aunty. Her name was Sneha, 28 years and a sexy lady with a nice figure. As she was coming to me I saw that she was really gifted with an inviting and voluptuous body. In addition, her assets were pink lips, black wide-open eyes, black long soft & silky hair, a milky white physique, which are able to drive any perfect man crazy sexually. Everybody was looking at her. I felt myself lucky. She came near me and for the first time we introduced us in front of each other.

I saw that she was from a good house and a decent looking lady. She was wearing a sari beautifully and not revealing herself in public. She was wearing the elastic blouse as well. I noticed that the structure and curves of her body were indeed very beautiful and her body was tight and firm. She was not fat, but medium built. The size of her breasts were huge that would not fit in ones hand. They were neatly covered. She was not showing her tummy and the navel area. They were all decently covered. I understood that she just really only wants to be fondled and pampered, touched and pressed which was not wrong. She was missing her husband. Her husband also did not give her time for all this. So she satisfied it from others on mutual understandings, and also kept her limits and did not have sex with others. Only got fondled and fiddled which was enough for her. At least that was sufficient to satisfy ones sexual desires. I also think that, it is not necessary to have complete sex. Fore playing and fondling is one of the best parts to satisfy at least 75% of ones desires. Rest 25% is sex, which can be enjoyed individually after fondling, by masturbating. So enjoy and fondleeeeeeee. I love to feel the other female bodies, which I never got a chance.

We went inside the cinema hall and took our seats, which was a corner side street in the fourth last row of the hall. I told her to sit on the corner side on my right, so that no one else can see what we were doing. We waited for the lights to be put off. After sometime it was dark in the hall and the movie got started. My hands were trembling and shivering with the feeling of things I was going to feel and get. She had brought an extra duppatta with her to cover up her body. . She had done a sensible job. She carefully put the duppatta on her body in such way that they covered her breasts and as if that she was wearing it. One little end portion of duppatta she gave it to me. Now I understood that why she brought it. So that no one can understand what was going on inside the covered area and I can also do my job very finely. Slowly she adjusted herself and put her hands inside the duppatta and did something. She was doing all this very slowly so that the other movie watchers did not get disturbed and suspected. She was ready now. She came close to me and sat in such a way that I could feel her left soft breasts on my right elbow. I pressed the left boob hard with my right elbow and kept it there for few minutes. They were indeed really huge and like a soft pillow.

In between I circled my right elbow to give the left boob a good massage. She was getting excited now and enjoying. Slowly she took my left hand and put inside the duppatta and the sari, which was moved a little on top. I was also careful and moved my hands slowly so that my side person should not doubt. She placed my hand on her left booba, which were still covered. She was not wearing a bra, which was again an intelligent thinking. I cupped them and began squeezing them first softly and then slowly I increased the speed and pressed them harder. My erection was at its full enjoyment. She had closed her eyes and enjoying the feeling of her booba crushed. The boobs were so big that they were not coming in my palm. I pressed them for few minutes. Then I moved my hand and got hold of the right booba and also squeezed and pinched them, pressed them in circles and gave it a good massage for few minutes. I whispered to her “you really possess a pair of luxurious, fleshy and spongy boobs” She just smiled seductively and uttered “oh you naughty person” She silently crept her hands on my cock that had become hard in excitement by that time. She was caressing my stiff cock with her soft hands from over my pant. I had taken her both the boobs in my hands and was busy in fondling and pressing her protruding boobs arrested in the blouse.

That was heaven for both of us and that was what only, we both needed i.e. mutual satisfaction. The velvety touch of the blouse added to the excitement. After around twenty minutes she asked me to remove my hands, which I did. She adjusted the duppatta again and did something inside the duppatta. She again came close to me and again my right elbow was on left her boobies. But this time, oh my god, they were uncovered from the blouse and only the soft duppatta was covering them. I pressed my right elbow on her boobies and I could feel the touch of her nipples. It was really puffy and big. I put the elbow on the nipple and began to press the boobies. She gave out a low moan. Slowly I began to circle the pressed elbow again and went on circling for few minutes. She was enjoying it and also myself. My erection was getting out of control. After sometime she took my left hand and put it inside the duppatta. Oh God, my erection. She placed my hand on her left booby. I felt the huge naked left booby. My hands slowly caressed her boobs. Ohh, the touch of her boobs on my palms was simply marvelous. I was moving my palms over the roundness of her shapely boobs. She remained unmoved, and kept her eyes closed. Rather she sighed sexily like “Uuuffff… sssshhhhh” I felt the softness of her boobs; at the same time I also nibbled her nipples with my fingers. Her pointed nipples had become hard in excitement.

They were soft and were slipping out of my hand. I was trying to hold them in my palm, but they slipped, slipped and slipped. They were huge, fleshy and sexy. I began to circle the boobs. I pinched her nipples and circled the areola for about 10 minutes. In between I stretched the nipple like a rubber. It was a long one and the pointed part was really big and soft. She was enjoying the feelings. I took hold of the nipples in my palm and pressed my palm and crushed them to her body and began to circle the left boob. Oh wow, that was great. The boobs were so tight and spongy that they bounced back on pressing them. After enjoying the left boob I did the same with the right boob. Lastly I tried to hold them both in my left hand. But they did not fit. They were very heavy. The movie was going on the screen, but we were not watching it. It was time for interval. So we alerted ourselves and took our correct position. She covered everything and we sat decently. After sometime we went out for interval. We bought some snacks. She and I then went to the washroom and came back on our seat. After sometime the hall was again dark. She came close to me and took my left hand inside the duppatta. She put my hand on her long belly, which was very smooth, soft, creamy, fleshy and voluptuous. She had lowered her sari below the navel when she had gone to the washroom.

I moved my left hand all over her tummy. I circled her deep navel and kept on rubbing my hand over there for 10 minutes. She was feeling good. She told me that I was a great fondler and an expert in caressing. She liked it very much. In between I kept on squeezing her breasts and sometimes even put my hand inside her elastic blouse. My hand slipped inside very easily. That was the reason I had told her to wear it. There is no problem of unhooking the buttons, etc. and it is totally safe also to avoid any risks. I kept on playing with her tummy and boobies until the movie got finished. It was three hours of complete fun and satisfaction of being felt and pampered. Now it became a habit for us and in one month at least we watched one movie and satisfied each other like this. There was no harm and risk involved. And we could satisfy our desires as well. Rush your mails with your valuable comments to me.

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