Black Guy And Sexy Married Woman

Hello everybody my name is Jamal Ray I’m a 27 years old Black-Arab guy been living in Hyderabad India for 3 years now and leaving by the end of 2012. I like everything about India, the Culture,People,Food,Language,Music and alot more and I believe Indian woman are one of the Most beautiful women on earth as I am someone who enjoys reading erotic stories (I’m not a Fan of Porn but it’s cool sometimes.

I had different sexual experiences in india, with foreign girls (arab,Turkish,Latin) and some indian women this incident was one of them on a Monday Morning it was around 1:30 pm and casually dressed in red v-neck T-shit and blue Jeans and I’m 5’11, Muscular and I’m in a clean diet and I workout regularly I went to the Super market to get some brown bread wich I use always (as its a healthy slow digesting carb) and when I went to the food section.

I saw a beautiful girl standing and reading the label of an Item and she was gorgeous with Monica Bellucci body type (google her, she’s the most attractive hollywood actress, curvy and not anorexic) dressed with a black Jeans, a purple T- shirt and Soft sports Jacket on top, she had a Beautiful long hair drawn back and tied at the back of the head as a Ponytail and I thought she was like 25 something but later she told me she was 29 years old all of a sudden.

I wanted to talk to her and there was only me, her and 2 other customers in the supermarket, as an Excuse to start a conversation I picked up small Chicken Masala Powder and I said to her:

Me : Excuse me, I know you don’t work here but can I ask yu something?

she :Yes , what.

me: is this used for all soup or just chicken?

she: laughed and said you can use for any type of soup but it tastes good with chicken.

me: I said, oh ok I was making sure ( to take advantage of the moment I said) but there is something that I’m not making sure.

she: she said and what is that?

me: I’m sure that a pretty girl like you can’t be single.

she: laughed and she said, well that is true.

me: my name is Ray and you?

she: my name is Priya.

me: in a joking way I said no it can’t be.

she: why?

me: Priya is one of the 3 of my favourite Indian female names.

she: tell me the other two

me: Neha, Puja.

she: so they all end with A.

me: I laughed and said everything beautiful ends with even the delicious food

she: really? Ok, tell me one

me: I will tell you one food that you can’t stop craving for it when your on diet and its pizza.

she: laughed and she said that is true you guessed good.

me: ok Priya it was really nice meeting you before I leave I think your an Interesting girl and I would like to know u better as a friend.

she: ok friend but I’m married

me: I laughed and I said in a joke facial expression if you are married your not burried.

she: laughed and she said ok give me your phone number and I will call you.

me: I said I insist let me have yours.

she: She gave me her number but ( later I realized she changed the last 2 digits) because she did not wanted to give her number but as I was insisting she don’t wanted to refuse and again she said tell me your number and I gave her my real number.

me: I said it was great meeting you and looking forward talking to you soon Miss Pizza.

she: Ok Mr Joker I see you have some jokes you too bye and I left the Super market and after 2 days I wanted to call her but to my surprise the number was an airtel out of service number but at 3:00pm Friday it was almost 4 days after we met and she called and we have talked and I asked her why did she gave me the fake number?

She said you insisted but as a married woman I don’t give my main phone number to guys I asked again in a joke way so is this number for the strangers and she said no but i use it secretly and nobody knows it was true because most of the time when I tried to call her at that number it was switched off. I realized she used that sim card when she wants to call someone after talking for an hour about alot of general topics.

Getting to know each other and she told me she has 1 kid in a school now and her husband is a Doctor even though she was somehow shy and I asked her about her sexual life and she later opened up and told me, that she was having a very dull and a boring sexual life and she said that she is lucky if her husband have sex with her 2 times a week because he is much older than her and devoted to work and social life finally we decided to meet.

She said there is a friend of her wich is an air-hostess and has a flat in Banjara Hills ( those in Hyderabad know, its a cool area) and she comes to her flat twice for the whole month and she told me she had a key to that flat, she texted me the address of a famous building in Banjara Hills Road no.12 and I went there at 5 o’ clock.

She went there before I arrived and prepared a simple tasty juice drink for us ( I’m not a Fan of Alchahol) when she opened the door and she was dressed with a figure hugging white Top with a bra and casual gray Yoga Pants and she is not fat but curvy, nice big boobs and round pretty ass, (i love women with a nice shaped ass) she had tonned legs and small size 24 waist and I hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

I said it’s great to see you again you look absolutely stunning and she said thank you look great too, we drank the Juice and shared some jokes about india, men and women etc. adrenaline like substance was gushing through my veins while I was looking at her sexy body she said I know it’s first time we meeting alone but we have to be clear with each other. I like you as a friend and I want to have only Physical relationship with you with no strings attached if you are ready ok.

I laughed and I said that is ok and it reminds me the movie friends with benefits as I am a generous lover who always start pleasuring the woman first and I started kissing her and she had a beautiful full lips ( I did not saw a lot of indian women with those big full lips) and with my left hand I was squeezing and touching her boobs she had 32 D lovely big boobs.

I took off her bra and fondled and her boobs, caressed them lovingly and erotically while sucking and softly bitting them with my front teeth, she was breathing heavily and she said oh please do it again and she liked the teeth part I did it and teased her and I went down and removed her gray yoga pants she had a red underwear. I started kissing and licking from her toes before i removed her pants, she had a beautiful clean feet.

I licked and kissed them, she was looking at me and enjoying I kissed and licked her thighs and when I came close to her pussy. I kissed her pussy on top of her underwear and I could see she was getting wet down there and I removed her underwear with my front teeth while I was making the roaring funny sound and talking dirty to her saying I will eat you so bad girl and she was smiling and noding she had a very lovely pussy clean shaved with a perfectly shaped lips( labia majora and labia minora)

I kissed and licked (with changing the tempo and speed and the tongue style) I enjoy giving oral to a woman more than anything and it arouses me a lot. I started licking and sucking her clitors I inserted my middle finger inside her vagina while I was licking her clitor and blowing soft cool air on her clitor sometimes hot air from my mouth ( most women like it, note it down) she was moaning and breathing so hard then.

She had her first orgasm and she was shaking to give her sometime to resuscitate her dying strength. I went up to her face and started kissing her and she came on top of me and she removed my T-shit started kissing my chest and with the tip of her tounge she started playing with my nipples then she went down and removed my Jeans and by the time she saw my hard on she said wow! I guess he is ready (referring to my penis) she tried to remove my underwear with her teeth but she could not.

I laughed and I said try that next time and she removed and I was fully erect and she started stroking, my dick is 9.5 inch when fully erect ( as a black guy, we are blessed down there even though its not all of us) she put it in her mouth and man she was really good on blowjob even though I have seen some better woman she was great she was trying to deep throat but I guess she had a Gag-Reflex and my cock was long and big she was making sounds.

You know what a I mean I told her to come off the bed and I took her to the floor and told her to get on her knees. I was standing and I told her to suck me now and I love the moment when a beautiful woman on her knees sucking you while she was making eye-contact with you man, it’s beautiful as I always like to talk dirty I told her to say. I’m your bitch! She laughed and said I don’t talk dirty I never did and I said it’s ok you will like it try it will give you more pleasure and she said in slow voice.

I’m your bitch I said now say do you like me! She laughed and said it loud after that Iitook her to the bed and put her on the corner of the bed while I was standing on the floor and in a missionary style with both her legs on my shoulder I inserted my cock inside her pussy it was warm and juicy, she was loving it and I started pumping her so hard and fast, she was moaning and saying please don’t stop after 10 min of pumping it slowly.

I took it out and started teasing her and I said to her say please give it to me, she said please give me please fuck me fuck me deep and hard I need it it was good to hear while she was talking dirty after 20 minute. I had my first dry orgasm but I didn’t cum (dry orgasm means you will have the tension and muscle contraction as a normal orgasm but your not gonna cum) as from a young age I always was a Multi-orgasmic male ( you can master it if you try kegel exercises 4 men and women also can even though is gonna take long)

I was semi erect due to the dry orgasm, she put my penis into her mouth and brough it to full erect again. I told her to go on the lying rear entry postion (the woman lies on her stomach, lifting her ass slightly upwards so the man) its one of my favourite sex postions and alot of women love it and I come on top of her and I did not use a pillow to elevate her pelvic as my penis was long enough to hit her from back.

I fucked her so hard while I was holding her long hair sometimes whispering to her ear that she has a beautiful body and I’m loving it and some other dirty words, sometimes putting my tongue on her left ear, she was moaning and loving the words I was saying, she had her 2nd orgasm and I could feel the juices coming out of her pussy while i was still inside her pussy after 25 minutes of penetrating her and I was about to have my 2nd orgasm and still I can make it a dry orgasm and go on without a cum.

I did not wanted to come inside her and because I was not sure if she was protected or not as she was looking at her watch I realized she was in a hurry and wanted kind of get back to her house when I was about to cum and wanted to take out , she told me that she was on the pill and that I can came inside her ( I’m one of the guys who during ejaculation make a ton of semen) I shot a load of cum inside her and she breathed heavily and she looked at me saying oh, that was great and I never had 2 orgasms in a row.

I leaned and kissed her at the lips and I said thanks you were great, she went to the toilet and cleaned her self and I went to the toilet too and kissed her in a while there, she said she has to go and I dressed and kissed her good bye, she asked can I call you anytime I need you? I smiled and said yes, since you gave me a fake number and I guess your the only one who can call now she laughed and she kissed me and said I’m sorry sexy.

I did not know you and I did not know what to expect and I smiled and said it’s Ok priya and I know your married and you have to be careful with guys before I leave she asked if I would like to have the juice drink before I go and I said of course but from your mouth, she grabbed a cup of juice she took it in her mouth and drank the juice from her mouth while kissing it was lovely and I kissed her goodbye and left.

I drove my bike and she drives a blue Maruti car at 10:20 pm, on same day, she called me and she said that she can’t forget the glorious time she had with me today and she thanked me, Iisaid no thanks, we are friends remember and we just helped each other for 3 months we were Meeting on that flat and used to have a wild, magnificent good times. not only that, we become good friends too.

She used to talk to me about her relatives and family problems and I used to give her honest opinions and advices there was some days I used to bring her small gifts before I come to the flat which she loved I knew her body measurements and I bought her a sexy lengerie one day, she really loved and told me that her husband never bought her a lengerie with her sexy body she looked drop-dead-gorgeous with the lengerie.

I took pictures of her with my Nokia N8 phone but later deleted it as I did not wanted anybody to see them or being leaked ( as some dumb friends do and upload it on the internet, without you knowing it) she used to color her feet and one day I brought a shining pink south beach nail color and i told her to sit on the sofa and while she was watching a Tv and I painted her feet. I was doing it for fun and making her feel good about herself but when I finished colouring and I looked at her face and I saw she was emotional with a teary eyes.

I asked are you ok Sweetness? She said yes nobody ever did this for me, no man ever cared me this much even my husband. I looked at her and I said I’m glad you like it and to change her emotional mood I started tickling her and she laughed so hard that day we tried all kind of sex postions and I even taught her the Kinky playful sex stuff like ( Blind-folding, Dominance and submission and a lot other stuff which most of women enjoy).

All these good times was coming to an end and to get into that she called me one sturday morning and she said today we have 5 hours together and we can do everything as her husband went out of hyderbad. I was excited and when I met her at the flat hugged and kissed her and she said today I’m all yours, you can do whatever you want to me in my mind I was like is this the last day am going to see her (wich actually was)

I did not asked her and when your about to have something for the last time, there is a feeling coming with it and I had that feeling so I fucked her passionately with all my heart, she was on her knees sucking me and I gag her and fucked her face like a pussy, she had rough-sex-fantasy as she told me several times and she was enjoying it while I was gagging and fucking her mouth so hard we fucked and done different sexual postions and when I was about to come she said do you want to come in my mouth?

I was surprised cos she never done that with me (she did not like the taste of semen at all as she told me) so while I was holding her hair in one hand and the other hand stroking my penis and looking into her eyes. I shot my warm cum into her mouth and she swallowed it and I gave her a full facial shower all over her pretty face and she kind of loved and when i was done she went to the toilet and washed her face and got cleaned.

We sat on the sofa and she told me to just listen and not to interrupt her and she told me that she had the most amazing sexual moments of her life with me, and thanked me for fulfilling alot of her fantasies and desires and she said that she developed strong feelings towards me and for her it’s not just physical relationship anymore (I was not sure if it’s true or if she was bull shitting, but I believed her) she told me that she thinks alot about me even while she is in bed with her husband.

She told me that she couldn’t balance her life and our relationship ( which I can understand) because she was kind of emotional for the final day of our relationship as she was calling more on her phone, she told me alot of things that she never shared with anybody, so finally she said that she don’t want this relationship to continue as it was turning to love/lust/and obsession from her side.

I had this kind of relationship previously and may be it was new to her and that is why she couldn’t go on. I was kind of sad loosing such a lovely friend like her and but it wasn’t my fault and in some way not her fault either and I understood that women are emotional but as the line of friendship was crossed and the friends with benifits deal was broken, we had to terminate our relationship. I never saw her again but it was a great experience with a smoking hot indian girl.

I have some other sexual experiences with Indian women and I will post a new different one again soon a threesome with a couple experience. I would like making new friends and let me know what you think of my story you can get intouch with me at. [email protected] cheers. live, love and laugh.

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