Bhai Ke Saath Suhagdin

Hi and my name is Kamini and I live in Delhi since childhood and I have two brothers both are younger to me and one of them is handicapped and cannot move his hands so my mother take care of him in absence of her and I take care of him.

My age is 29 years but not married yet as we belong to a poor family and our family do not have much money to get me married and we are waiting for something happen luckily, but as I am getting older also have increased my appetite for sex but as I could not do anything but fingering twice a day.

It was summer days when my father went to village with my brother and mother so I and my handicapped brother spars’ were only at home in the morning. I wake him up make him ready he is 18 years old when I give him bath.

I felt something weird that I could realize that something and I was hard under his underwear it took no time to understand me the situation I just asked him to let me remove your clothes to put new one but he was so shy and could not even make eye contact with me but I realised the matter and say it’s ok.

It happens with everyone you are not doing any crime it’s a natural but it was only me whose intentions were actually to see a virgin penis first time because if was sure that he have not experienced sex till now. I was little excited when I remove the underwear.

I got surprised he got a hot and sexy dick about 7 inch long and very sexy banana shape it just make my heart beat high but I was not daring to touch it i just pretend that I ignored and put up the clothes after that it was just as usual day but in the night.

I was so horny and thinking about morning so I plan something. I told him to sleep in same room to save electricity as well as fear of dark. He was not aware of anything he just nodded his head as a good boy and I even did not show any kind of attitude in the night when we both were sleeping I took about one hour to think what to do and how to do?

After all I just got up and change my clothes to small knickers and short t shirt which could reveal my body more to him as he was sleeping in knickers also and I just tried to start closer to him and pretend that I am sleeping after touching his body it seems that he has wake up and what and I feel that a iron rod is on my legs trying to move.

I understand the situation I just got so excited that i down my knickers down little that cleavage of my ass could be shown after ten to fifteen minutes and I feel that he must be so horny but could not do anything because he could not move his hands so I plan to complete the job.

I just turn around and put hand on his penis and I feel so good that it was exactly what I think so hot and like an iron rod. I just put my hands in his knickers and hold it tightly I just wanted to take in my mouth but that time feel i should first hold and ask him to do the job or not.

I asked how long you are feeling you need sex and how long you have not do anything he said I am feeling sex for more than three years but have not done yet but sometimes it got nightfall. Now the time to get a blast and I just said.

I want to feel you real sex but promise me you will not tell anybody in the world he promised me so I just start to give him hand job but I wonder after a minute he got discharged with a blast and pool of sperms in my hands. I felt.

I lost a chance to have sex but I was happy to give a hand job to a virgin guy after 20 minutes his iron rod was in 90 degree i make him clean with a wet cloth and remove his clothes completely he was naked now and I also removed my clothes.

He was seeing my body as he never seen a naked woman even he might have seen but not big boobs and mirror type body ever and he was staring at my vagina may be he seen first time and I sucked his penis lick his balls and make him cum after 5-6 minutes but after that I wanted to have one time in my vagina.

After an hour he got ready again and I just hold with hand he was kissing my body and boobs with his teeth and when I inserted his penis into my vagina this was first time and I felt sex so high and told him to push hard he was so hard that I could not resist to reach an orgasm

And after that day and I give him a hand or blow job every day and he feels so happy about his life and I think I have not done anything incest if I will not get married I have no regret about my marriage as my life gives happiness to someone else.

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