Bhabho Willingly Fucked By Bhaisur

By : Ms.Chandra51

I am writing on behalf of my eldest brother who fucked the wife of my just next elder brother:

My eldest brother said “I had a deep-rooted lust to practically have a fully nude sexual intercourse with the extremely beautiful and sexy wife of my own younger brother (Bhabho). My Bhabho possesses and ever maintains an outstanding figure, curves, postures and ready-to-fuck personality.

I internally ever wished during the last over 27 years (ever since she was married to my younger brother) to brutally fuck her whole nude voluptuous body, with extra-large, fully blown, hard, heavy, and strong boobs bearing very conspicuous and well-focused healthy and meaty nipples, intoxicating ass plump, muscular shoulder, arms and shining thighs together with inviting dense hairy vagina and prominently raised meaty vaginal opening (which I often saw through bathroom holes).

I many times directly looked upon my Bhabho’s sharp-cut black and bright big eyes and penetratingly gazed at her blasting boobs, while pressing my erected penis portion from over the trouser and sucking my lips, thus clearly expressing my hardcore sexy intentions and deep-rooted innate desire to wildly hard-fuck her lively nude sexiest body in my full lap for 24 hours. From her eyes too she ever appeared to have endorsed my views and looked to be inviting me in this regard.

Though due to social enigma she could not yet directly express about her love for my ready-to-fuck cock, as I happened to be the own elder brother of her husband. The time passed rapidly and now she is 48 and I am 58. Some times I feel so week to get my Bhabho’s cloath-less sex that I repeatedly masturbate before her photograph or while directly seeing her voluptuous nude body through bathroom holes.

My Bhabho is still a distinctly voluptuous, extremely beautiful milky white complexioned & fully developed item-figured tall youthful lady (now 48) filled with exceptionally unparalleled sexual appeal and intoxicating attraction, with even now maintained fleshy and juicy shoulder and arms, extremely huge, mega-shaped, condensed milk filled, welcoming pyramidal tits under a tight exploding bomb size brassier and highly ravishing exorbitant ass plump with wealthy white silicon thighs.

Even an eighty year old person can simply get auto-ejaculated while constantly looking at her inviting huge boobs and ass plump, such dynamically attractive and instantly molestable & fuckable she is.

Incidentally today, my Bhabho happened to read the all India sex stories frequently written by me, which made her extremely horny, where after she whispered in my ears this morning in a lonely corner on my way to the breakfast table, requesting to get hard-fucked by me towards fulfilling our long-cherished mutual lust and mutely consented immensely forceful sex desire for each other.

I too assured her that soon after the breakfast (at 10:00 am) we shall wildly fuck each other for at least a couple of hours to our utter satisfaction in my private study room upstairs. Accordingly, no sooner my Bhabho entered my room after the breakfast she embraced me tightly with a feeling of complete surrender of her internal thirst.

I too completely arrested her whole molestable and fuckable body in my arms for over 15 minutes and both of us exchanged our saliva through deep kisses. Without asking to me, my Bhabho zip opened my trouser and caught hold of my freshly excited 9.5” x 2.5” stony hard penis by taking it out of my panty and started badly sucking the penile sap like a desperately thirsty woman. I instantaneously put of my shirt, trouser and half opened panty.

My bhabho started fingering my dense pubic hairs and took my right hand upon one of her two bulky heavy weight breasts. This encouraged me to take out her saree, blouse, petticoat and panty to make her fully naked, and she almost negligibly resisted to it. The smell of my Bhabho’s taken out panty was too sexy and intoxicating. I tastefully chewed the place in the panty where the slimy drops of her viscous vaginal nectar were vigorously collected.

The colloidal vaginal exudates present in midst of my Bhabho’s panty was, thus, fully sucked and swallowed by me. While smelling, chewing and engulfing the fully tasted Bhabho’s vaginal exudates on her taken out panty, I was constantly gazing at her unusually over developed hard shining breasts. These were packed such tight under the large bi-conical bra that I had to exert much in taking the large tits out. My Bhabho cooperated in this effort and no sooner

I successfully hook-opened her incessantly tight mega-cup size brassier, her two giant boobs blasted out and bombed over my nude chest. I was overwhelmed at this unique and incessant boob pleasure.

I failed to understand whether my Bhabho’s boobs are smashing my chest or my chest is smashing my Bhabho’s duo mega boobs. I came upward turning her down and put my face in between the two outstanding hard and tough mega balloons to start enjoying the depth of Bhabho’s prominent bust obviously, the balloons weren’t gas-filled but solid enough to practically pierce my nude chest.

My entire body was thrilled and mesmerized, feeling like intense vibration with a high voltage electric current and deriving magical pleasure out of my Bhabho’s intensely enjoyable fresh, fleshy, juicy and saucy organ curves Her nude marble body was pushing me to smashingly fuck her body proliferates from top to bottom.

I was hypnotically craving to molest her whole nude fuckable body. My Bhabho too became crazy enough to start sucking my rather much-more erected & enlarged iron-rod like penis for 10-15 minutes, engulfing the complete cock in between her two well-arranged and illuminating upper and lower teeth set, with the penis bulb extended up to her throat and dropping the pre-sex excited sap.

Immediately thereafter my Bhabho jumped over me, put her mega weight pair of bright, tight, extremely strong and solid balloons over my chest and pressed me to suck her big meaty nipples beautifully raised over her heavy breasts.

I did that with ardent devotion while forcefully smashing her two muscular breasts one by one using both my hands. Either of the two boobs was such large, illuminating, fleshy, weighty and brightly shining that even both my hands could not take hold of it completely.

Ultimately, with a view to possessing at least one complete breast at a time I put my open mouth above the nipple and started engulfing it using my tongue, teeth and throat.

My Bhabho didn’t mind, rather appreciated chewing her hard rubber type nipples by my teeth while sucking the over-excited viscous milky fluid oozing out of the two nipples. She often shouted “Aaahhh” in the process but still wished that I should continue even more wildly while pressing my back with her nails.

I fully satisfied my Bhabho by absorbing her nipple exudates at length. After having a high degree of physical and mental satisfaction at her end over the brilliantly raised nipples fully sucked, rubbed and tooth-chewed by me, my Bhabho invited me to fuck in between the two tough & large boob mountains.

I was too excited and could see my cock that had enlarged further and got harder and harder.

I started boob fucking in a manner that my penis bulb entered her mouth in each stroke. Though both of us stop the ejaculation mid-way and my Bhabho advised me to start bull-type vaginal fuck in-hesitantly without wasting the time any more.

I looked at my Bhabho’s vagina that was covered with truly black thick, dense, curly and pre-dominantly developed strong pubic hairs to show the crystal-clear sign of an up-to-the-mark vigorous fucking maturity, emitting concentrated sexy odour.

I excellently finger opened my Bhabho’s tight pussy after side tracking the heavy hairy jungle. The interiors of the inviting vagina were blood red and vibrating in want of a hard mega-cock. I fingered the watery vagina for nearly 15 minutes (one finger, two fingers and then three fingers) and sucked my tasty poured fingers after taking these out of the fully matured meaty pussy of my own Bhabho.

I, thus, had an oral sex for 20 minutes with my Bhabho’s private organ and during this time span I mercilessly chewed her exceptionally fleshy vaginal flaps and brownish clitoral plump. My Bhabho’s vaginal sap tried by me through in-depth tongue-insertion appeared to be as fragrant and tasty as I could have imagined with respect to its typical sweet-sour flavour. Indeed, I drank her dense, viscous and truly colloidal vaginal fluid like the rare butter-curry of a delicious non-vegetarian dish.

My Bhabho became too horny and over excited to get an instant vaginal fuck by my large leaking cock. At the same time I saw my Bhabho’s big bra lying at one end of the bed. Under the intoxicating effect of vaginal curry, I wrapped my Bhabho’s pyramidal big-cup brassier around my neck and started the demanded virgin penetration of my unusually enlarged thick and tough penis rod inside my own Bhabho’s vagina.

The penis bulb, of course, had to struggle a little bit at the first maiden vaginal entrance; where after the whole of the badly erected cock got a smooth insert deep into Bhabho’s vagina. Spontaneously, I started the fast penis in-out (penetration-exit) activity which is the real fucking activity. My Bhabho was found to be expert enough to speedily loosen her vaginal hole at every penile insertion and tighten the hole at every penile exit.

She advised me for full cock penetration and full cock exit in each stroke of speedy hard fucking. She was in fact so fast in instant vaginal loosening-tightening activity that I was just amazed and had no option except to wholeheartedly concentrate as a nude copulating partner, continuing with the hardcore fuck with an automatic speed enhancement and absorbing the firing sex pleasure with a single-minded devotion.

My Bhabho’s vaginal track was such great and supremely tight that my doubly erected penis was thoroughly rubbed rock-hard with the release of at least 200 ml hot and thick semen drops deep into my Bhabho’s vagina which catalyzed the creation of a rare paradise sex pleasure and provided three times of intense orgasm to both of us in one course of fucking.

This was a perfectly satisfying original sexual intercourse and that also completely nude in a dog-style high speed lasting for nearly 90 minutes which gave me an exceptional category of profound satisfaction.

During the course of this frank and mutually devoted sex phenomenon between me and my Bhabho, we had a break twice or thrice to enhance the sex pleasure manifold through voluntarily exchanging our tongue to tongue saliva, tongue to vaginal saliva, tongue to cock saliva and tongue to nipple exudates with full taste,

Follow by resumption of the actual penile-vaginal fucking again and again till both of us jointly reach the peak orgasm.

Afterwards we separated while deciding the schedule and commitment for our next full nude copulation and animal type fucking. I was in fact overwhelmed at my Bhabho’s voluntary pure nude offer and fully active fucking cooperation.

I was rather spell-bound to see my Bhabho’s frank and informal wild sex with husband’s own elder brother of 58.

I was bound to believe that fucking a lady at least 10 year younger to a man is in fact necessary for a godly and heavenly sexual satisfaction. And particularly if the lady is your own Bhabho you are facilitated with frequent fully naked indoor copulation without the knowledge of society and family. Thus, we are continuing with brutal nude sex once or twice every day and/or night uninterrupted till date.

She has taken word from me to continue such perfectly nude gratifying fuck again and again at every opportune moment, and admitted that she never had such fucking pleasure with her husband (my younger brother) and that it is only today in her life that she could feel what a fucking pleasure actually is, right from the sucking/ tooth chewing of each other’s private organ to: brutal animal type deep push-pull vaginal fucking with hard-rod cock.

We have decided to wholeheartedly continue such frank nude processes of pre-fuck and penile-vaginal fuck preferably everyday once or twice whenever we find opportunity for this. I, thus, once again advocate the importance of within family sweet sex act. For feedback please send me an email at [email protected]

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