Bengali sexy boudi

Hi… I am Gautam. I am Bengali. I am 30 years of age. I am from Durgapur, West Bengal. Its an industrial area. So I am telling this story about my real experiences after fucking some Boudi (Bhabi) in Durgapur A-Zone areas. I am an LIC Agent for 7 years with huge customer base. So I used to various places to get my clients. This story is related to my profession. On 18th June, 2001, I visited one place of my customer at the of 2.30 PM. I think that customer will be there and taking rest. His name is Anil Basu. He was 52 years. I called him Anil da and called his wife Boudi (Bhabi). But his wife is not more than 32 years. He is working in Steel Plant as Sr. Executive. When I reached there and rang the bell his wife opened the door. I saw her and shocked by her marvelous beauty in her red maxi. Her BOOBS want to comes out from there. She told me come in as I was previously known to her. I entered and told me sit.

After some times she called me inside her bedroom. I hope she might be sick so can’t come. I go there and see she is lying in bed. Then told Gautam I have a pain in my neck. Could you please help me? I said yes please tell me what I can do for you? She told me come and sit beside her and rub in her shoulder and turned down. Her ass was showing high. My eyes goes there. Then moved there and follow her what she said me. After some time she told me to come down towards her waist. I follows. But as long as I was coming down my cock under my pant growing up. After some time I could not resist myself. I lay down on her and started to pinch her ass with my two hands. She was astonished and told me to open the cloths. and told me to suck her ass. I started sucking and biting into her 40 inch Buttock. It was so nice. Then I make her naked. And started to kiss her entire body. When she was in a complete mode at that time I told her Boudi I have to go now. She told me why ? I said I have to make LIC Policy from other place. Then she said if you can satisfy me I will make policy of 2Lac Annual Premium and also I will give you at least more than 500 clients. Is it true? I said how you will give me more than 500 policy? She told me that every day I will take you to some of my friends with whom I play Kitty Party. But they need this pleasure from you. Because their husband also same Bharua as mine. So they are eager to get satisfied. And I will give some people who used to come to my bed or I reach to their bed.

I was stunned. I thought that Boudi will be complete house wife. But yeh to completely Raandi se bhi age nikla. I said Ok I am ready to fuck you. Then I have started to insert my Hard 10” cock in her great hole. I have started to pump her. I hold her long hair, biting in her ass and started to give stroke after stroke for at least 40 minutes. She was groaning moaning… Plz. “aro jore dao” “aro jore karo” “fatiye dao amar maang” “Jato ichch a karo”. Uhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ouchhh.Aro Dao .. Jore dao.. Khub karo. After 40 minutes I was going to release my cream. She told don’t fell it inside I will swallow it. And she opened her mouth. I kept my locg inside her mouth. She sucked it for 10 minutes. And she was happy. Then she told me to give her the policy form and she signed on that and given me cheque of Rs.2000000/- for LIC Policy. And also said that she will take me to the kitty party to her friend’s house next day. And I moved from there. Next day I called her and met her near Durgapur Women’s college. And take her in my bike and go to the Shibaji in A Zone. There I got fucked 4 Boudi at the same time for more than 4 hours. In this now I have achieved a great position and name in Insurance company. I am not a story writer. I have just shared my experiences with guys. If you are satisfied then you give me rate. I will share my other story also with you. Thank you very much for sharing your precious time with me. Thanks a lot. Choda Chudir Jai.

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