Bengali housewife

Hello everyone this is a story about a bengali housewife that I am going to narrate to you. I am sure u have read many stories related to them. And to be honest it is not a fault of the writers it is just that these women have a sex appeal that can melt even diamond. Before I start let me introduce myself. My name is Nitin im from Bangalore, im 29 year old man. Sex is not an obsession for me. But the whole idea of having sex and interacting intimately with another female makes me high. A female friend of mine very rightly said “having sex in the mind all the time”. I am not a call guy or anything, nor am I sex machine. I am a simple guy with clean habits, healthy body and great appetite for sex.

This is of course a true story it took place in Kolkata. When where and why I was there is immaterial. I was there for some duration. I am sure everyone has heard about Salt Lake in Kolkata. I had got a number of a Bengali house wife via chatting let’s call her Mrs. M. It’s not that she was desperate and gave out her number the very 1st day. We used to talk often and one day she handed out her number to me. I have delighted and excited at the same time. Dirty mind thinks always about sex can’t help it. Then we started talking over the phone but regular stuff. She never used to open up if I tried to initiate phone sex. Rather she would make some excuse and hang up.

I had a very busy lifestyle then. That’s the reason why I couldn’t meet her that’s the answer to your question. Finally it was late night by Kolkata standards I think it was close to 8.30 in the night. And if u have ever been to salt lake you would know by 8.30 the streets are deserted. Since she lived there she had some work in the neighborhood and asked me if I wanted to meet her for sometime maybe 20mins. And trust me I didn’t think twice, I rushed all out. If I am not wrong we decided to meet near AE block market. There is a huge market there all jewelers shops. We had never seen each other and I just got a vague description of what she was wearing and how she looked.

And guess what when I reached there – there were other females standing too. It was a auto stop and everyone was waiting for a auto. I took a educated guess and approached a lady and called out her name. Hearing that she started walking ahead of me where there were less number of people. Then finally she stopped after walking 20 steps and we formally got introduced. She was a perfect Bengali housewife as u can imagine. Since it was summer days she was wearing a sleeveless blouse – they look great in them. She was plumy, large breasts, well rounded bottoms, oval face and calm eyes. We decided it was not safe to talk on the road like this. So we moved to a small eatery nearby. The eatery had a upper sitting arrangement too and like I said it was vacant. We stand out opposite to each other and ordered something to eat.

I complemented her for her looks or something close to that. She smiled and returned the compliment. My hormones were jumping and my eyes fixed at her breasts I was looking forward to the 1st opportunity to grab them. She understood my intentions but remained calmed. It made me look sillier. We were talking about future opportunities to enhance the experience. I slowly moved my hand near her elbow and starting rubbing her elbow. Women react to small little things faster than hard pumping. She got a little red in her cheeks and her bosom expanded a few inches. There was pure lust in her eyes and breathing became heavy. Im not very fond of PDA, so we decided to walk out and go back home.

From there she took a auto towards Karunamoye and I returned back. I was looking forward to the next opportunity to meet her maybe in her apartment this time. This happened after 1 month – yes I know but patience pays. Her husband was out I don’t know where frankly I didn’t care. She gave me directions to reach her place and asked me how soon can I be there? I wanted to fly but … I finally reached her apartment complex and asked the gatekeeper for directions towards her block.

When I reached her apartment doors I had to take deep breaths cause I was already filled with anticipation. I rang the bell and waited. Someone was speaking in Bengali inside the flat. Then I heard the bolt opening and imagine who was standing infront of me. No yaar it was not her husband – I would have got a heart attack. It was not her mother-in-law too. It was her 11 year old maid. I asked her is aunty home. She looked like my aunty. I was guided to a living room. It was small and comfortable with everything in order and long couch. While getting comfortable on the couch I started getting ideas. After all I had watched enough porn movies by now.

A little later she came in the room wearing a nighty – Bengali housewives like wearing loose relaxing clothes in the afternoon, she had left her hair open they were long, the nighty was sleeveless too, I wanted to eat her underarms by now. She asked the maid to get water for me and also came sweets with water. Bengalis never offer only water serving a sweet is must. Then she asked the maid to go out, I guess to fetch her kid from Montessori I saw the maid going out and heard the door being locked. She came to the couch and sat next to me. I was looking in her eyes and asked her few sensual questions to set the mood.

I took her hands in my hand and started playing with her fingers. She was liking it, then I took her little finger and put it in my mouth and sucked at it. Started rolling my tongue on her other fingers too and she started making soft noises. Then I proceeded from her hands and kissing and licking and biting the softer parts of her hands. Then kissed her neck and stopped to look at her face. She wanted more so I started with her soft underarms again. My other hand was by now massaging her boobs they were really huge. My big palms were not able to hold them completely. I sucked at her boobs and chewed her nipples over her nighty for a while.

I wanted to kiss but I avoided it. I wanted to make her more desperate. Then I took her hand and placed it over my bulging cock over my jeans. This had a desired effect on her and completely got into the mood. She started to hold me tighter and closer and started kissing me and moving her hands in my hair. Now I decided to go on my knees and moved her nighty up, placing her feet on my cock and rubbing her thighs. She was not wearing anything inside, I could feel her pubic hair. I parted her legs and started my licking session on her thighs. I didn’t touch her pussy yet, I could see her pussy glistening with moisture – she was ready.

Her hand were directing my face to her pussy but a kept on delaying it. There is nothing more sexual then a female in heat. Then I rubbed my nose on her pussy, there was a loud moan from her mouth. Then slowly took a bite of her clit. It wanted more and wanted it soon. Then started my tongue massage reaching for each and every corner of her pussy walls, licking all the moisture, smelling all the juices. Her hand kept pushing my head deeper and deeper into her pussy as if it was endless, I placed my middle finger in her already wide space and started rubbing her. She was getting hysteric, doing all the oohhss and aaahhhss….then came in my second finger. It was twister inside her pussy.

I kept ramming her pussy for next 5 mins and she could control anymore and exploded with all her juices. I rubbed my face on her thighs and wiped my fingers on her nighty. She was loaded. Then I sat beside her and she looked fresh. There was sweat all over her face and smile on her lips. It was time for her to return the favor and go down on me. How did that go? Well not now folks. It’s time for me to wrap up this part of the story. For more installments keep reading and send in ur responses and requests..

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