Bengali Boudi From Kolkata

I have a neighbor living next to my house who was bengali. She was great looking with great boobs and big ass. Anyone who sees her will definitely see her again. She wont speak with anyone. But whenever I ask her for some thing she will reply because I was her neighbor. She used to smile at me when ever she saw me. I got my sexual appetite on her once when I saw her breasts. On that day she was wearing nighty which was loose. I could clearly see that she didn’t wear a bra inside. She came out to pick some article but when she bent down, her boobs were visible. I could not see her nipples that are all. Other than that I saw her swinging boobs. That was a great scene. After seeing that I was not in my sense. I was always thinking of her boobs and masturbating myself. Her hubby will be on tour on most of the time she will be free in her house. One day she asked me to come to her house to help her in keeping things in the upper shelf. On that day no one was there in my house. I thought that she really had work and went to her house. There when I viewed her dress I was dumbstruck. She was wearing nighty and was not wearing any bra but was wearing panty. Her boobs were swinging freely and I could not control my hard on my dick. Her ass were shaking and dancing according to the tunes of her walk. I was drowned in these things that I was just watching her moving behind her. When I went to her house I saw few heavy things down and she said that I have to help her keeping those things up. I said ok and also said that she had to help me out in lifting things. She said ok and bent down to pick the things. When she bent down I could see her breasts. I was looking at her breasts and due to this my cock was becoming even more hard and big. I didn’t help her pick the things up. So she suddenly looked me and I was staring at her boobs only after her look, I came to my consciousness.

But before that she had seen me seeing her. Then she asked me whether I am ok and want a tea. I said no. But she said that she wanted it and went to the kitchen. When she returned back after having tea, I saw that the top button of her nighty was open. I knew that she had made that deliberately to reveal her boobs and make me hot. Already I was hot and after seeing this I was even more hot. My cock was stiff and hard. It was in a position that if allowed it will tear my pants. It was having a tent on my pants. She saw it and saw my eyes. I could not see her eyes. So I acted to take the things. She also bent much to reveal her boobs. I had to adjust my dick. So I took my hands to adjust my dick properly. When we kept the suitcase first nothing happened. But when we lifted another heavy bag, she lost control and fell on me. Fortunately the bag fell aside but she fell on me. Her boobs were pressing my chest and her face was on my face. Her lips were on my cheeks and while falling down her hands were touching my dick and she could not take it aside. She was feeling my dick. We were in that position for few seconds enjoying ourselves. But after recognizing our position we released ourselves. She was giving me a sexy smile. Then she asked me whether we can enjoy something which I had not enjoyed till now. I saw her as if I didn’t understand anything. But she bluntly asked me whether we can have sex and started crying. She told me that she was not having good sex life with her hubby. He was not satisfying her needs. I tried to console her by keeping my hands on her back. Then she hugged me and kissed me on my lips. That was a great feeling. She started to kiss me wildly all over me and I too started responding her. She pressed my dick from outside my pants. Since that was the first time I had felt a lady’s hand on my dick I was in heaven. Then unzipped me and took my pants down. Then she took my underwear and I was half nude showing my dick to her. Then I myself removed my t-shirt and was fully nude. She just bent down

And started to take my dick in her mouth. But my dick was bit big for her. But she wont leave it. She fully took my dick and started to give me blowjob by her to and fro motion. Soon I got my cum in my dick and said her that I am going to cum. She said ok and took the whole of the cum in her hands and massaged my dick with it. Then she lifted her nighty and removed her panty to apply my cum on her pussy for lubricancy. But I stopped her. Now it was my turn to remove her dresses. I removed her nighty first to see her boobs. It was great and big. That was the first time I had seen her boobs too close. Her nipples were brown and her areoles were big too. I started to take her boobs in my mouth and bit her nipples. She moaned. Then I started to massage one of her boobs with my hand and was biting another boobs with my mouth. Her moans started increasing. Also her nipples started to become hard. I continued this for few minutes till she asked me to move to her pussy. So I left her boobs and came to her below area. I removed her panty and saw her pussy. It was a fully shaved. It seems she had shaved it a day or two back. It was pinkish in color and her clit was red. I just gave it a kiss imagining it to be her pussy lips. She just had a shiver in her whole body. Then I put my figures into her pussy. It was wet with her precum. So my finger went inside easily. Then I left two other figures to finger fuck her with three figures. She started to moan and also started to press her boobs by herself out of sexual instinct. Then I removed my hands and started to suck her pussy. I was tickling her colt with my mouth. She could not control herself. The acts of mine had aroused her more and more that she started to beg me to fuck her. So I took my dick to enter it into her pussy. But my dick was bit big for her pussy. She started to wail in pain. I just inserted my kerchief into her mouth so that her wails will not be heard outside. But after few tries, I inserted my dick inside her fully. But I was conscious to have a condom to my dick before inserting my dick. At first I was slow.

But as time passed I increased the speed of fucking. While fucking her she would have felt some pain in her. So she lifted her hips and spread her legs to make my job easier and also for relieving her from pain. I was also playing with her boobs by squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I was describing her assets to her and also explained how I wanted her from the beginning. At last when we both were in the verge of releasing our cum, we separated ourselves. We ejected our cum by masturbating ourselves. We were tired and lied in the same position for few minutes. Then we came to 69 position (where my dick was in her mouth and her pussy was in my mouth). We both gave blowjobs simultaneously and released our cum again. Then I said her that I like her ass very much because they were big and I need to play with it. She understood my intention and said that she doesn’t want to be fucked from her ass but I can enjoy her ass by pressing it. So she started to kiss me again in my lips and left her tongue into my mouth. She was operating in full speed and was also playing with my dick with one hand. But on the other hand I started to feel her fleshy ass and pressed it hard and pushed it towards me. At last we again were hot and my dick was again hard and thick. She started to keep my dick in her mouth. But I said no and got another condom and started to play with her pussy. I made her hot and wet. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy. This time it was not as hard as it was before. She lifted her ass to let my dick enter into her pussy easily. I caught her big ass to fuck her fastly and easily.

After completing the job she started to dress herself and even I. She thanked me for the wonderful experience and requested me to have many more experiences with her. I promised her to do so and we had it few times. U r interested to have sex with me please mail me with ur details. I promise to keep ur identities as a secret. After receiving ur mails, I will send many more experiences like this. Till my next mail, its bye and sexy dreams and sexy life are to u people. All u sexy and horny girls / bhabi can mail me and I will reply u all, but only serious girl who want sex and excitement in their life can mail me. Hope next time some new sexy girl will be there in my story. It should be a secret relationship, nobody other than you and me should know about us, ok. Your e-mail address will be kept strictly confidential. My email: [email protected]

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