Bath Tub Advantage

Hi all, I have been regular reader of ISS since long and I wanted share my first introduction to sex. I have always been concerned that those people who would read it might recognize me and have been afraid. But today I am taking that risk sharing it. First I will tell something about me, I am Darshan staying in Ahmadabad, married and 28 yrs old. This story is when I was in 9th standard and have started getting erection. I was yet to get my public hair and had not even seen nude pictures of any woman.

We used to see magazines where glam girls were in bikini or backless or exposed thighs and used to get aroused. We had our own home in a small town in Punjab – Hoshiarpur. It was a double story house where my room was on the first floor. Our house was small but nicely constructed by my father. My room had separate TV, AC and a bath tub in my bathroom. I used to spend maximum of my time there in my room whenever in house. Since my father got a posting in the nearby town we decided to keep a tenant for the spare room on the first floor. This room had separate Toilet-Bathroom and a kitchen.

Papa decided that they will keep a tenant shall not keep a male tenant. Soon we got our tenant. She was a Kashmir lady with her daughter. Lady must be around 27 or 28 and her daughter was in 5th standard in my school itself. The lady had shifted because she had seek a transfer from Kashmir as situations in Kashmir were very tense. I used to call her Aunty. Aunty was working with the post office and used to get free by afternoon. Aunty was very tall around 5-11and her built was also very heavy. I don’t the size of her assets but they were surely huge.

Very soon she became a part of our family. One thing was very strange, she never wore a bra, in fact she never had a bra as I never saw her bra drying and she could not dry her clothes anywhere except on the terrace. She was very jolly and very fun filled. Her daughter was very cute to her age and also very naughty. She was a very cute kid. We became so close that sometimes when my family had to go out of station then we used to give the entire house keys to them. The incident happened on one such occasion. Mon & Dad both had to go Delhi to attend the engagement of my cousin sister and I stayed back because

I had my cricket matches going on (I used to play cricket in my school team). It was evening time in winters and I was studying in my room with room heater on. Aunty and her daughter came with the dinner in my room. Since the room was warm, she suggested her daughter to come with her books and study there itself and she also brought her magazine. Things were ok, till she (the daughter, her name was kittu) went to the bathroom for the loo and saw that I have a bath tub in my bathroom. Immediately she asked aunty to see it.

They both were excited and three of us planned to bath together in the tub next day after me coming back from the match. Next day when I came back it was around 3 in the afternoon. Aunty said that she would prepare maggi for us and by the time we should take bath. Aunty was in nightgown and kittu was in her frock. I started the taps, added the soap solution and removed my track and was in my underwear only. Probably because of low temperature I was in semi-erect position. Aunty removed kittu’s frock and panty and made her move in the tub. I also moved in the tub with only my underwear on. Kittu’s nudity never excited me as

I had seen her nude quite many times and she was a kid. Aunty was out of tub only and was playing with us by splashing water on me and kittu. Same way we were also splashing water on each other and aunty. Aunty’s night gown became totally wet and her big boobs became traceable. I got an immediate hard-on and wanted to see more. I wanted to piss so I came out of the tub and started pissing in the western style seat in the same bathroom with my back towards both of them. When I was getting back in to the tub, aunty saw my erection in my white, almost transparent underwear.

She asked me to remove it as kittu is also without any clothes.  When I hesitated. She said she will also remove her clothes and join, anyways people take bath without clothes only. I was happy as hell. First aunty removed her gown, god she was totally naked inside. First time I saw public hair and such big nipples. When I removed my underwear, kittu started laughing as she had first time seen an erect penis.

Aunty to kittu: “why you laughing?”

Kittu: Mamma, bhaiya ko dekho susu ki jagah pe kya hai.

Aunty: bhaiya ka aisa hi hota hai.

I: kittu mummy ki susu ki jagah par dekh kitne baal hai ?

Kittu: bade logo ke hote hi hai.

I was stunned, it meant that she had seen aunty naked earlier also. Now aunty gradually started applying soap on my dick and I was feeling heaven. Aunty told me to rub soap on her boobs, when I started rubbing soap on her I realized that her boobs were very soft and can be squeezed. I immediately released my cum. Since I was sitting in the tub with foam kittu did not realized. I looked in aunty’s eyes with sorry because I felt that I have pissed in the tub. Aunty give me an ‘its ok’ signal from her eyes. Now Aunty made both of us stand and started the shower to remove the soap.

She asked me and kittu to clean each other. Though I had cum but I was still hard and kittu started playing with my dick and also started enjoying it. Now aunty said that we can enjoy more but then all these things have to be between three of us only. Kittu agreed. I understood that something related to sex will happen and agreed. Aunty told kittu that the big thing(my dick) which kittu was playing with is like a lollipop and kittu can suck it. Kittu started sucking it and was in heaven. Aunty grabbed my hand and placed it on her boobs and started pressing it hard.  Meanwhile she moved my other hand on her hairy pussy and asked me to rub it.

I was unbelievably happy and soon realized that the cum is again building in. I told aunty that I think I will piss again. Aunty understood and asked kittu to allow aunty to taste the lollipop. Kittu reluctantly moved. Aunty made me sit on the side of the tub and entered the tub, got on her knees and started sucking me. Meanwhile she asked kittu to rub aunty’s pussy. Soon I released my cum in aunty’s mouth and my dick started pain. Now aunty sat on the edge of the tub spread her legs and my all 4 fingers inserted in her and told me to move in & out. I sat on my all knees and started doing finger fist fucking her, and kittu again started to suck my cock.

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