Bangalore missile 4

HI to all the readers, i think u all read my 3 missile stories before, and after a very long time i am narrating this 4th missile story.

As i was not been in bangalore for more than 4 months (went to hybd on official and personal work for 4 months), again i returned to bangalore and daily i used to check my emails when i was hybd also, and i got alot of emails from married aunties and gals and asked about the details of mines whether its true r not, so i told that presently i am not in bangalore and be visiting bangalore and as soon as i reach bangalore i will reply to them, and once i had reached bangalore i had replied to more than 20 emails stating and mentioning about me and my contact no. and after 1 week of reaching bangalore i got a call from a lady and asked that ” Is it santosh ?, i said “yes” may i know who is that side, for that she said that her name is PRIYA, and she has read my stories, and sended the email also and she was waiting that when i was reaching bangalore, and she said about her self that she is married and her age is 39 years, and she said that her hubby is having own firm of some comapny and he is always busy in tours and travellings and meetings, and she is having 2 years old kid and she is staying in posh locality ( i dont wanna to mention the locality due to some reasons) and she asked me about myself and i told about myself and she said first she wanna to chat with me for some days and after that she will decide whether to meet me r not, and she gave me her Yahoo id and asked my id also and she said that she will be online in the afternoon after 1.30pm after having her lunch and when her daughter is sleepy and she kept the phone, and i look over the watch it was still 10am, and i had took my bath and went outside to have my BF and went to kormangala for some official work and finished it by 1pm and went to hotel and had my lunch and went to the cafe which is full covered with cabin, and it was still 1.15pm and i was just logg into my yahoo id and was listening to songs, and exactly @1.35pm priya came online and she said sorry as it was late as her daughter has not slept early, so just now itself her daugther has slept and she finished her lunch and came to chat, and v were been talking about each other for more than 2 hours, and i asked about her cam and photo, for that she asked me first 2 show my cam and pic, i said that present cam is not available in the cafe and i can send my snap to her and sended my snap to her, after seeing my snap, she said that i am looking good and physical good, and she switch on the cam and showed her face to me, ‘Wow” what a beauty, she is not looking like 39 years, i said the same thing, i thought that she might be still 29 years after seeing her, and the topic came about her and she told basically she is from hybd and now settled inb angalore with her hubby and her hubby is running own company and he is always busy with tours and meeting and he will come to home at 1am and again he leaves the house at 8am and she is always lonenly with her only daughter and she couldnt make timepass always , and for that she bought the system and had the internet connection and she used to read all the sex stories and other websites and she said that she is suffering lack of sex by her hubby, and after readign my stories in this website, she thought to have relations with me when her hubby goes abroad , and she said that her hubby is going to germany next week on sunday night and she told me to meet her on monday afternoon and she told that she will call me on monday morning and tell the address, and when i watched the time it was already 5pm and she also said that her daughter has been wake up and she said tomorrow is sunday its not possible to come online for chatting as her hubby will be in home and make arrangements for abroad trip, and she said me that she will call me on monday morning , and i said bye and logg off , and in the night i couldnt sleep properly thinking about PRIYA and anyhow i couldnt make timepass for till sunday night and on monday morning i wake up early and had my bath and waiting 4 PRIYA call, and atlast the cell phone ranged at 9.15am that side Priya HI dear, i am sorry, i thought to call u yesterday (sunday) but my hubby was in the house and he catch the flight at 9pm and it was too late when i reached the home with the kid, and she said to come to …………….. and just give a call and from their she will guide me, and i got ready and went outside and had my Break fast and the time was still 10am and i went one round and i reached the place where she had told me earlier at 12.45pm and she said me to come to 2nd cross and right side 3rd building and she will be standing in front of the gate, and it was near only and when i reached the place she was standing in front of the gate and as soon she saw me, she gave a smile and open the gate and i looked at her, she was wearing Jeans white shirt and blue pant, in the shirt i can look over her big boobs and bra easily, while seeing her, she said stop looking now as v r standing outside the house and lock the gate and v both went inside the house and she locked the main door of the house and she said me to sit on the sofa, and it was a very very posh locality might be built in 80 x 100 site, and she went inside the kitchen and bought the orange juice and v both dranked the juice and she asked me whether i had my lunch r not, i said no, for that she said she will prepare the lunch after that v both can have the lunch, and she said that her kid is sleeping as she has given the milk to the kid she has slept, and she went inside the kitchen switching on the tv and i was watching the TV for 45 min, and after that she came from the kitchen and said sorry for making me to wait for long time and she was preparing special lunch 4 me, and she asked me whether v can have the lunch now itself r after wards, i said its just now 1.15pm and just now itself v had the juice let us have the lunch at 2.45pm or 3pm and for that she agreed and took me to the upstair to show her house it was duplex house which consists of 5 bedrooms, in ground floor it was 2 bedrooms and upstairs it was 3 bedrooms, and finally she took me to her bedroom, it was master bedroom which is builded by 25 x 20, with 48″ plazma tv and it was decorated very very good, and she said to sit on the bed, and she said that she will change her dress and come, and went inside to other room and within 10 min she came to the room and now she was wearing blue colour nighty and came and sat beside me, and i was looking at her boobs, she asked me what i am looking, i said that she is looking very good like mallu actress for that she laughed and said that she is not mallu and she is telugaite and she said me that make a promise that not to tell any1 and leak this secret which ihad met her , and i promised her that i wont releive this secret to any1 till my end of life and she said that she is straving for sex since from a long time and after reading my stories in the website she thought to have discret relationship with me and i holded her hads and kissed her right hands and she closed her both eyes and slowly i kissed her eyes and cheeks and in the left hand i was pressing slowly her boobs for that she was moaning ohhhhhhhh ah ahhhhhhhhh and she also pressed her hands on my left hands and asked me to do it slowly and not to make hurry, as there is alot of time, and kissed her lips and tongue slowly and she was pressing her body to my body and moaning and i incresed pressure of pressing her boobs, and i came to know that she was not wearing bra and i asked her to remove her nighty, she said me to remove her night and i removed her night and now she was only with white panty and i started pressing her boobs, and now she saw my huge bulge on the pant, she pressed that missile in the right hand and she said that its bigger than her hubby and she said me to remove the dress, and i said her 2 remove my dress, she opened my shirt and banian first and kissed my bare body and after that she removed my pant and now v both were been in only in underwear, and now i took her to the bed and started kissing the boobs, and i asked whether the milk is available in the boobs, she said yes, and i started sucking her boobs, her boobs was bigger like mallu sex actress reshma, and at the same moment she was pressing my missile in her right hand and she removed my underwear and she said that her hubby size is just 1/4 size of my missile and started sucking it and by the mean time iwas sucking her right boob and drinking the milk from her boobs and i put my right hand into her panty and i came to know that their is hairs in her pussy and removed her panty and now she was having 2 inches hairs in her pussy, and asked y she has not shaved, she said that she was not interested in shaving the hairs as she has not had sex with her hubby for a long time and she told that she will shave her pussy hairs today night and i left the right boob and starting sucking the milk in the left milk and she was eating my missile like lolypop and after 30 min of drinking and sucking her both boobs and now she told that she wanna my missile into her hole, and already my missile was grown upto 8 inches, and she slept straightly and i started pushing my missile into her hole slowly, she was mouning “Darling pls do it slowly, i think u will tear my cunt” and starting pushing my misisle into her cunt slowly and after few min i started stroking my missile hardly, “Fuck me darling fuck me fuck my cunt i wanna ur missile to enter into my whole cunt” ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ayyooooooooooo push it fast and harder ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ayyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and after 5 min i entered my missile into her G spot and she was shouting u r tearing my cunt plssssssssssssssssssssss plssssssssssss leave it plssssssssssssssss and i was stroking my missile into her cunt for 25 min and i told that i am coming, and she told to cum on her mouth and she wanna to eat it as her hubby wont do that and wont like it and she wanna to have the taste of it, and i took my missile from her cunt and started cumming on her mouth and she was sucking and licking my cum and after that i started to lick her hairy pussy and she said that she was feeling happy coz its the first time in her life that some1 is touching her pussy and i licked her pussy for hardly 20 min and again i started sucking her boobs for other 15 min and she said that today she is very very happy after her marriage and she got a new experience in the sex after 15yrs of her marriage life and she said that she wanna to continue it whenever her hubby is going abroad coz she doesnt know when does her hubby comes to home when he is in blore, so its not so safe to have sex when her hubby is in blore and i asked again when her hubby comes from abroad she said that he will come by saturday night or sunday morning, and v both got up and had bath in the same shower and v both went to the kitchen in naked and had our lunch and put the clothes, and i looked at the watch it was showing 4.45pm and she said that her kid will wake up now and she said that to come home at 10pm in the night as in that area there will be no one will look , and i kissed on her lips and said bye and i said that iw ill be coming sharply at 10pm tonight and went outside, and on that day night i had sex with her till morning 4am and fucked her more than 6 times in that night and after that daily i went to her house and fucked her more than 25 times in that week till her hubby came and after that her hubby came on sunday morning, and v used to keep in touch daily in the afternoon through phone and now i am waiting for other opportunity to fuck her when her hubby is going abroad, any married alone ladies, sex straving ladies and other gals r welcome to have this Bangalore missile. This service is available only in BANGALORE, so i request only Bangaloreans to send the email and their details and their contact no. after that i will give my contact no. or else if they wanna, i will give my contact no. first and let them call me. Mail me to meet this BANGALORE MISSILE.

my email add: [email protected]

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