Bangalore aunty

Mother came to see me during dasara holidays on a Sunday morning. Raji aunty and I were not so happy because, mother presence interrupted our usual Sunday fucking program. In the evening, I, Aunty and Mother went to a movie. I was thrilled to take them out- both dressed beautifully, the sexy sizzling sisters. In the night, after dinner Aunty and Mom went to the master bedroom and me to my room.

Raji Aunty came in after a long wait. I hugged Aunty. Your mother is asleep; I couldn’t sleep without being fucked by you, my Young hubby. We undressed each other, Aunty lay down across the bed her feet on the floor, and I kneeled between her thunderous thighs and started licking her cunt, sucking, lapping slurping, unaware of the audience. Mother couldn’t sleep, she saw Aunty going out, Mother also got up to drink water, went to the kitchen, and didn’t see her sister Raji, but saw the light in her son’s (me) room. She walked towards the door, heard voices, the door was bolted inside, and she could listen Raji’s voice “Lick me, oh! Dear it’s heaven; you have become an expert in pussy eating, I am melting, suck my juices out”

Mother heard the voice… The words and its obvious meaning. She was curious to know who was the man eating her elder sister’s big fat juicy cunt, she went out of the main door, walked to the window of the room, the window was open, light passing through the curtain. Bharathi slowly lifted the curtain and saw…. Puzzled…couldn’t believe …it was her Son, Shiva, who was licking Raji’s cunt… She was surprised, yet excited to see her son licking. Her son’s long thick virile young monstrous cock was shining, its big pink knob so lovely, Bharathi just wanted to taste the knob. The Body chemistry worked, her body responded, breasts became heavy, nipples grew hard, as she watched her son’s cock. Oh! She thought, his cock is like Shiva lingam.

I asked Aunty to get up and bend. She bent, her hands holding the bed. I positioned myself at her back, Her legs spread wide, her ass up, I placed my rod at her cunt and then entered her cunt slowly steadily, like a knife Piercing a slab soft butter, opening her cunt muscles torching her bottom. I started fucking slowly rhythmically taking out my cock from her cunt up to knob and sending back in.. Gradually increasing the speed like a railway engine piston each time I forced my cock sound thup thup thup thup thup Fucking fucking with controlled movements in and out in and out in-out In out, I took hold of her long single plait; with one hand and with other hand holding on her midriff – fucking her – I was riding her. We could see our images in the mirror, so could mother.

Bhaarathi Devi watching her son’s big cock in and out of Raji’s cunt, his cock shining in the light coated with cunt juice. Bharathi’s juices oozed out of her cunt. She wished that she were there in her sister’s place. She couldn’t stop but compare. Her son’s cock was twice the size of her husband’s. Bharathi started fingering her cunt.. Watching the fucking scene in side the room, she inserted two fingers into her cunt and started fucking herself. She watched, listened.. Raji: “Fuck me ..Harder ..harder.. More fuck me my son my young stud.. Fuck me..oh! Rip off my cunt ….” “Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She came and came loudly, her whole body shaking.. Volcanic eruption. Shiva holding her ass pressed his cock deep inside raji’s cunt experiencing her cunt muscles gripping contracting expanding…. And I exploded … hot lava pumping into aunty’s cunt… White thick sperm dripping down from her cunt onto her thighs… Raji and I stood in the same position till the orgasms were complete.. I took the cock out of her cunt.. And we both walked out to the bathroom through the kitchen.. Washed each other, came back to the kitchen. Aunty took the bowl of gulabjamoons and we came back to the room. I ate gulab jamoons from aunty’s cunt. Aunty licked my cock dipped in gulab jamoon juice. We started fucking. This time I asked aunty to come up fuck. Mother was watching all these fucking games. We didn’t know that. Aunty went back to the master bedroom saw her sister deep in sleep. But Aunty didn’t know that her younger sister was awake and was acting as if she was in deep sleep.

After some time, Mother got up, ensured that Raji slept, and came to my room. I was asleep. Mom sat next to me on the bed, started fondling my cock and it was instantly hard and erect. I was awake and to my pleasant surprise and astonishment saw my mother holding my cock in her hands. I fucked my mother and impregnated her that night.

“Amma”, I said, looking into her eyes.

“Shiva, my son, I didn’t know that you have grown so big till now” I fondled mother, huge pendulous breasts dangling onto my face, and said “ Amma, I want your breast milk”

She sat upright, removed her blouse and bra, her heavy pendulous huge firm and succulent boobs sprang free. She guided me to lie in her lap, and placed one of her nipple into my mouth. I started sucking her big brown engorged hard nipple like a child sucking breast milk while fondling her other breast caressing the nipple. She was fondling my long thick erect cock. “Shiva”, she said, “ Your cock is like Shiva lingam, so big and beautiful, no wonder , and my sister is so crazy for your gigantic monstrous magnificent cock”

“Amma, I can’t get milk”

“Oh, darling, I will feed you from my cunt” said mother

She lay on the bed, spread her thunderous thighs, as I got down and positioned my self between her thighs.

Amma, your cunt is so beautiful. Yeah, my son, you like your amma’s cunt.

“Amma, I am so excited to see your cunt, the place from where I was born.”, I said, Palming mother’s bushy cunt Her thick curly pubic hair was also silky and long. Her cunt lips were fat and thick, her pink clitoris was big, , and I stroked her clitoris, and inserted my finger into her juicy wet cunt . Shiva, suck my cunt juice my son, all my love melted and oozing out for u drink my cunt milk.

I put my tongue to her cut licking her cleavage from bottom to top, lapping up her juice, flattened my tongue rubbing all over her cunt up and down, mother raised her ass and put her legs on my shoulders . I inhaled the aroma of her cunt, her ass and pu5t my mouth on her cunt lips, inserted my tongue into her cunt folds rubbed inside with my tongue, and sucked and sucked her cunt juice.

As I sucked on I could sense her cunt muscles expand and contract, and mother pressed my head on to her cunt, locking her legs behind me , she was experiencing an endless orgasm, a long drawn ecstatic orgasm. I pressed my mouth to mother’s cunt, sucking and sucking the juice, till her orgasms reduced slowly and her cunt muscles relaxed. We lay on the bed facing each other, my erect throbbing rigid cock in her hands, and my hands on her big buttocks, I took her lips into my mouth and started kissing.

My mother slowly started kissing the tip of my erect cock and shaft and balls, I was hot by seeing and feeling her sexy lips, mom started licking my cock with her tongue and then inch by inch she put her dear son’s cock in her mouth, it was full in her mouth, she gulped a bit, and removed it from her mouth, ‘son, your cock smells good and tastes fresh’ we both laughed. I lifted her, started fondling my mom’s big tits, and removed the blouse. I squeezed those big nipples and those big bare tits and started sucking my mom’s boobs. She was moaning with pleasure ‘oh, son suck hard. suck you motherfucker…. Ahhhhh, she lay on the bed and I removed her saree and petticoat and mom , as if she was shy, turned herself, and I could only see her back, my mom’s heavy buttocks, and her 48″ size buttocks. I kissed her ass cheeks and ran my tongue between the crack, my horny mom was trembling with pleasure’ oh son ..push your tongue into my asshole…I pushed my tongue into my mom’s asshole, and licked.

Son, do u like my figure?

Yes mom, I told her and turned her again, I saw the bush between her thunderous thighs, thick black growth of velvety pubic hair, I put my palm on her pubis, I can feel the warmness in my mom’s pussy, ‘ oh ..son.. Mom moaned in pleasure. I got crazy I mounted my horny bitchy mom and put my legs on both sides of her and pushed my cock into her mouth, after a few licks, I put my rod between her heavy tits, teased her nipples with the cock. Then my mom begged to push my cock into her ‘cunt’ I licked her clitoris. It’s like small rose bud. Then I spread her legs wide and pushed my cock into my own mother’s hot tight ‘chuth’, my cock slipped into my mom’s pussy slowly, it’s very thick and I pushed it full into my mom’s ‘cunt’. She closed her eyes in pleasure’oh. Shiva what a cock u have son. A filling one. now start..fuck your mom dear son..Fuck your mom.. haoo.. dear.. make me come.. ah.. make me happy… spray your semen into your mother’s ,chuth’..I want to feel its hotness…fuck me hard son.. Dear you have an elephant’s cock, and you will tare mom’s cunt. You bastard, mother fucker…fuck me hard ..hard. you rascal.. I fucked my mom hard, humped her ‘chuth’ very hard. She was going to burst ..I too was going to climax. We both humped hard and hard..oh son… u mother fucking screamed and scratched my ass ….she shot her orgasm violently.. I pushed am going to my semen. take ur son’s semen feel the hotness. my dear fucking mom. I pushed hard my cock into my mom’s cunt deep and shot a load of semen into my mom’s thirsty ‘cunt. Fucking my own mother from whose cunt I was born was very satisfying for both of us.

Gorgeous Grandmother

Aunty Rajeswari Devi was very happy to deliver a handsome healthy boy, our love child in a hospital. My mother Bharathi Devi and grand mother Parvathi Devi came to help. After few days Grandmother wanted to go to her home situated in a village. I accompanied her. We went to the Bus terminal, but the last bus going to the village was cancelled, and hence we boarded another bus which does not go to the village but to another village situated on the highway. It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining.

I was standing behind grandma, the aroma of jasmine flowers from grandma’s hair knot was romantic and exciting. Grandma was 58yrs young, gracefully matured beauty. She was 5’6″ tall, sexy, voluptuous, heavyset, 75kg woman, with 44-38-48 figure and long smooth silky hair reaching her knees. Her hair grey at temples but the streaks of silvery hair added glamour and attraction to her woman ness. She normally wears her hair as a knot skillfully and beautifully arranged. I couldn’t control touching her protruding soft round half spherical ass cheeks which were like inverted pots . My perpetually erect and hard cock was pressing against her arse . Grandma instead of moving away from me though there was enough space in front of her she leaned back against me pressing her buttocks against my hardness. The road was not smooth and the jerks of the bus helped me to press at her. Grandma was almost leaning against me, turned her head back towards me and smiled. I placed my left hand on her fat midriff and then moved towards her navel, holding her tight pressing myself against her, my cock’s hardness pressing her arse in circular motion. There was a slight drizzle, which gradually turned to heavy rain, the early monsoon rain, the earth absorbing the rain water and giving out typical aroma, which was romantic, invigorating and symbolic.

The bus stopped, the lights were on, and we moved apart slightly so that no one could suspect. Some people got down and the bus started again, and the lights were off. Grandma instantly was back to the earlier position, leaning against me, I looked around, as no one was watching, my hand exploring the fat layers on her midriff, feeling smoothness of her skin. Grandma placed her hand on mine, and directed towards her huge breasts. I stroked her nipple between my fingers, caressed and fondled her big breasts, kissed her on the neck and between her shoulder blades, licking her neck and behind her ears, took her earlobes into my mouth and sucking. I leaned against the vertical rod to balance myself and hugged her with both hands, as she covered my hands with her saree pallu. We stood like that feeling each other, almost for half an hour till the bus came to halt at our stop. We got down from the bus and by the time we entered the Bus shelter we got wet and drenched in the rain.

Grandma’s thin Venkatagiri saree got wet and she took off the pallu to squeeze water. I could see her heavy breasts through her wet blouse and bra, her engorged nipples straining out. Grandma untied her hair knot and squeezed the remaining water out.

I said “Grandma, Your saree and petticoat are wet too, why don’t you take off your saree, squeeze out the water and dry”

She smiled, took off her saree and handed over it to me and said, “You are good at squeezing, Shiva”

I wrung the water out of the saree and tied the ends of the saree to the wooden poles to dry.

She was standing there in front of me, only with wet petticoat and blouse, her wet hair spread across her back down to the knees. The rain stopped, the sky was clear and bright.

I was looking at her, and she felt shy, like a virgin girl, she buried her face on my chest. I hugged her tightly, encircling her, then taking her face into my hands I kissed her on the lips, her mouth slowly opened as my tongue entered her moth exploring, our tongues caressing each other, I was sucking on her lower lip, and she sucking my tongue. It was long drawn Kiss drinking each other.

“Grandma, You are sexy and exciting”, I said.

“Shiva, I think You have mastered the art of seducing women, Now I know why both my daughters became your lovers and impregnated.

“So You know our secret, Grandma” I said.

I knew (it) for a long time.

I unhooked, removed her blouse and bra as she raised her hands to facilitate. Her huge, voluminous breasts sprang free, slightly sagged, heavy and pendulous; her nipples were brown, big, hard and jutting out of her big breasts resembling the nipples big breastfeeding mother. I took one of her nipple into my mouth and started sucking, as a breastfed child sucks at her mother’s breasts. Grandma (Ammamma) said “Shiva, However you suck my breasts you don’t get milk, I know you have been sucking milk from Raji’s breasts ever since your baby was born”

I said” Grandma (Ammamma), But I want to drink you, I kneeled down untied her petticoat’s knot, removed her petticoat, as she spread her thighs wide. I could see her juice drenched cunt, engorged hardened stiff clitoris (in telugu, it’s called ‘golli’), her cunt juice oozing out onto her thighs. I licked, lapped her cunt juice, slurped up juice pressing my lips against her cunt slurping up, my hands pressing and squeezing her ass cheeks, like one squeezes and slurps up ripe mango fruit. The more I slurp, the more cunt juice oozing out of her cunt like a never ending natural well. It was like, all of her stored kama and fat melting and oozing out of her cunt, stored for so many years and waiting for the right moment. I sucked and sucked. She grabbed me up by hair, and said ” Shiva, I can’t wait, don’t torture me, I want you in me, I want all of your big long thick cock inside me, You bastard, fuck me,”.

I got up; she lifted one of her thigh as I managed to enter her, my engorged, stiff, hard, long, thick, virile cock into her juice drenched pussy. I was holding her, encircling my hands around her, and then as I put my hands cupping her arse cheeks, she raised her self, her both legs encircling my waist, my hands under her arse, literally carrying her 75kg body weight on my hands so that she could manipulate her fucking movements. Grandma tried to move her ass forward and backward but it was a difficult position to fuck. I said, Parvathi, let me fuck You,” disentangled myself and asked her to bend.

She obeyed my orders, and bent placing her hands on the cement bench, her arse high up, legs wide spread, her juice drenched cunt wide, legs spread as wide as possible.

I entered her cunt slowly, filling her cunt completely to the base, and the started fucking rhythmically, holding on to her ass cheeks, taking out my cock to the knob and sending back into her cunt fully touching the bottom of her cunt. Grandma’s hair spread allover her back and touching the floor, It was an exciting view; I increased the speed, gradually, fucking her n doggy style. The fucking experiences with my aunty and mother, made me an expert to fuck a woman to her satisfaction, by controlling my own rhythm, I could go on for at least for an half to an hour with out reaching climax, and could delay my ejaculation and climax. Grandma was reaching her orgasm, I could feel her cunt muscles,

As she said, “fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fuck me, You bastard, fuck me you, son of a bitch, fuck me hard more harder and harder faster and faster, fuck me You mother fucker, fuck your grandma, fuck me my lover fuck me my young stud, rip my cunt, rupture my cunt, my manumadaa (meaning grandson, in telugu), I could feel her cunt muscles contract and expand, her whole body shivering, her cunt muscles gripping my cock, and then loosening, in frenzied motion, as if is my cock was rubber horn one squeezes on yesteryear automobiles, and she came, orgasm, a long drawn multiple orgasm, slowly increasing and reaching it’s peak staying at it’s peak for a long time and the intensity decreasing, slowly, It was at that moment I reached my climax as she gripped my cock with her cunt muscles hard and squeezing, I came, erupted like a volcano, hot lava pouring out into her cunt, we came in unison, together, my hot sperm filling her cunt, loads and loads filling her cunt.

We didn’t move, my cock still in her cunt, till our orgasmic spasms subsided gradually, and then I took my cock out of grandma’s cunt, she hugged me and said, ” Shiva, thank You, it was the best experience I ever had. Are you happy and satisfied, now that you have had your Grandma (ammamma) too.” I said, Yes, Grandma (Ammamma), I am very happy, It was my dream come true.”

We dressed up walked hand in hand to our house. The servant maid opened the door, grandfather was asleep. Grandmother, changed into a fresh saree, came to the bed room And lay on the bed besides me, took my erect cock into her hands and said “Shiva, Your cock very beautiful and magnificent, like Shiva lingam.” I will worship your lingam. She took my cock into her mouth and started licking, I understood that she didn’t know how to give head, and I guided her, to lick my balls, lick my cock from the base to the shaft, and then beautiful pink big round knob.

I asked Parvathi, “Do you have any sweets in the house?

“No, except some honey”

“Perfect, Bring some”

She walked naked to the kitchen and brought the bottle of honey to the bedroom.

I asked her to lie on the bed, spread her thighs, poured honey into her cunt hole and started licking her cunt; inserted my tongue into her cunt, put my lips against her cunt lips and slurped cunt juice mixed with honey, licked her ass cheeks and she got aroused beyond her control.

“Oh Shiva, you are killing me I can’t wait, Give it to me, fill me, fill my cunt,”

I positioned my self between her thunderous thighs, entered her cunt, lifted and placed her legs on both sides of my shoulders, and started fucking, till she climaxed again, her typical long drawn orgasm.

We lay in each other’s arms enjoying the aftermath. We went to the bathroom washed each other, and fucked again, this time I asked her to come on to top and ride me, again a first experience for her, she fucked, riding me, her huge breasts swinging on my face, she fucked me as I sucked her breasts while fingering her ass hole. My cock in her cunt my finger in her ass-double fucking. She came violently, got exhausted so much she couldn’t get up even to wash, the 58 yr old Parvathi thus became my mistress. I was just 18, but I became her Lord, her God. I, even as boy I got aroused by gracefully matured beautiful women with long hair. I knew that once a woman was fucked thoroughly and lovingly by a man, he owns her body and soul. Parvathi, became my own sweet sexy mistress. She smuggled up in my arms and we slept naked in each other’s arms till morning.

For me, Black is beautiful. Old is Gold (Glamorous old lovely dames) Older the Better

Matured women are Magnificent. Big is Beautiful, Bigger the Better. Plump is Pleasure,

Fat women are fantastic. Grey haired women are glamorous. Women and wine the more matured, taste better. Parvathi, was at 58, gracefully matured, admirable, black, beautiful, exciting, erotic, earthy, fantastic, glamorous, gorgeous, horny, lovely, loving, magnificent, opulent, pious looking, ravanceous, pulchitondrous, picturesque, sweet, sexy, sonorous, sculpturous, tantalizing, voluptuous, willowy and yearning woman.

Grandmother Parvathi, was the wife of a landlord, belonging to a respectable family of upper caste. They have lot of wealth, lands, huge mansion like house, and several servants to look after the farming, cattle, and cows. She was regarded and respected by every one in the village, as a pativrata (pious woman). The villagers consider her as living goddess, who helps them in need of the hour. She was the mother of three daughters and a son and a grandmother of six children. But, she became my mistress. No one could suspect our illicit incestuous relationship, including her husband, who of course was always busy in local politics. Parvathi, started coming to Guntur as often as she could, to get fucked by me. Of course my aunty Raji knew and encouraged. We had threesome fucking sessions. Raji Aunty being aware of my taste, prompted Parvathi to dress up in thin my sore silk sarees attenuating her beautiful curves, her hair arranged into a long plait reaching her knees, jasmine lengths decorating her hair, of course in the house only.

Having a young stud, a stallion, as lover was not enough for Parvathi, though her physical desire was satiated , the psychological desire was still there, she wanted to share her newfound happiness with some one else- the secret, that she was attractive, desirable and fuckable even at the age of 58. She confessed our secret love affair to her neighbor and close friend Subhadra. Subhadra was a skilled dressmaker (tailor), she, stitches blouses as a hobby to her friends. Parvathi, asked Subhadra to make new blouses for her in latest fashion of the day- wide and deep V neck in the front and low and wide U cut at the back. Naturally, Subhadra asked Parvathi about her new taste. The discussion between them finally prompted Parvathi to reveal her secret love affair with me, her grand son and lover, a young man of 18, 40yrs younger to her.

During one of my visit to Parvathi, I was introduced to Subhadra. The moment I saw Subhadra I knew that she was sexually interested in me, and she was available, if the right opportunity arises and circumstances permit. Subhadra was a short, plump, wide, hefty, woman of 55, a black beauty with fat round arms, large soft breasts, thick layered fat midriff, very wide enormously large bottom, bigger than that of Parvathi’s, curly thick well oiled salt and pepper lustrous hair that reaches just beyond her arse. I knew that her desire for me was prompted by the stories and experiences of fucking Parvathi narrated to her in minutest detail. It was mid morning, and it was apparent that subhadra had shampooed and washed her hair before coming, her curly hair still wet, parted in the middle, and arranged into loose knot resting on her the small of her neck between shoulder blades. She brought the newly stitched blouses for Parvathi.

Parvathi said, “Subhadra, your hair is still wet, why don’t you dry”

“ I should do it, you know it takes a long time for me to comb my curly hair”

“Yeah, I know, subhadra,” and then turning towards me, Parvathi said “Shiva, why don’t you help subhadra to dry and comb her hair”

I got up from the chair, and asked subhadra, smilingly, “ how do you like me to do it, while you are sitting or standing”

Subhadra, understood the inner sexual meaning of ‘doing it’ and said, smiling mischievously, ‘I know, You are an expert in doing it in various positions, Parvathi told me, so do it whichever way you want to do it to me”

I took the comb, led her opposite to the full-length mirror, untied her hair knot, and started combing her hair carefully. Parvathi, took the blouses and went to the bedroom to try, saying, “ Sudha is an expert in many things, and hair dressing is only one of them”

Subhadra asked, ”What are the other things you are expert, Shivaa”

I lovingly disentangled her hair, and said “ I am sure parvathi must have told you, subhadra” I said, hugging her from behind, my hard cock pressing into her soft mounds of ass cheeks, “ that I find women like you irresistible,”

“Women like me?, She teased.

I ran my fingers through her hair, Yes , women like you, I said,

“Is it so, but I am old” she said

“ Old is gold, I like old gracefully matured women like you” I said, added ‘you are sexy”

“I am, fat,” she teased

“I love big women, fat women are fantastic, to hug. I don’t like skinny women” I said hugging her

“I am black” she smiled

“Black is beautiful, Lord Krishna is black, Lord Rama is black, Draupadi is black, and Draupadi was adored by five husbands”

“So you like me” she said looking into my eyes, invitingly.

“You want to see the proof?” I retorted placing my hands on my hips thrusting out my pelvis towards her.

“Yeah. Shiva, can you prove it?”

I removed my lungi, and showed off my big beautiful long thick pulsating turgid magnificent, monstrous, 8in cock.

She looked at my magnificent maleness, licked her lips, taking it into her hands and said “I didn’t imagine that yours is so big, when parvathi told me, I didn’t believe that an young man of your age could have such a big cock” She was feeling my cock with both her hands, pulled back the foreskin, only to reveal my even bigger pink knob. I knew the effect of seeing my cock by any woman. She couldn’t resist but to admire the beauty of my maleness. She arranged her hair into a loose knot bent down , kneeled in front of me, and kissed on the knob, ran her tongue along the shaft to the base, and she took my cock into her mouth, as much as possible down to the throat. She gagged, and took off her mouth, salvia dripping out of her mouth.

I led her to the bed room walking naked, Parvathi was there in front of the mirror, without blouse, her pendulous voluminous large breasts naked, and saw my hard erect cock, and said “Oh! You didn’t comb her hair?”

“No, even before I comb and arrange her hair into a beautiful plait, she wanted to know what other skills I have. So I decided to show her my other skills . She didn’t believe the extraordinary size of my cock, when you told her. So I have to show her to believe that whatever you said about me was true.”

I removed subhadra’s clothes, and laid her down on the bed, took the bottle of honey kept on the bed side table by parvathi, the previous night, poured generously onto her breasts and all over her body, started licking, as subhadra moaned and cooed with sensations of ecstasy and pleasure. Parvathi undressed her self and started sucking and licking my cock flicking her tongue at my scrotum. Subhadra lying on the bed, her hair spread on the bed, her thighs wide open, I put my tongue at her cunt lips sucked the her juice mixed with honey, slurping sucking licking lapping up.

“Fuck her, sudha, fuck her, she needs it, Give it to her, Fill her and fuck her” grandmother said standing next to the bed, and caressing Subhadra’s big hard nipples, as I entered subhadra’s juicy cunt, with all my strength and energy, I was surprised, to feel that subhadra’s cunt was tight, I could feel her cunt opening up as I entered, widening her, I was surprised to find that a fat big woman of 55 yrs age having such a tight cunt, in spite of the fact that her cunt was wet and juicy. The only plausible reason could be that she has not been fucked for a long time and her cunt has not been regularly serviced.

I fucked and fucked with frenzied rhythmic motion, Subhadra didn’t take much time to reach her orgasm, unlike Parvathi’s multiple orgasms, Subhadra ‘s orgasm was more intense, reaching its peak, as her cunt muscles gripped my cock tightly for a long time, and released the grip and started crying as she orgasm, crying aloud. It was a new experience for me, a woman crying as her orgasms intensely, her finger scratching my back almost drew blood, making visible red marks. But My cock was still hard and erect, I waited till subhadras’s orgasmic spasms subsided, her body relaxed, her cunt muscles relaxed, I looked into her eyes, she actually blushed, pulling me down, and kissing me all over my face, all my weight resting on her, she was shy, the unexplainable, shyness, as she buried her face on my chest, saying “sudha, sudha, sudha, several times”

I knew the why she felt so much shyness, it was the feeling a woman experiences when she was fucked, thoroughly, and got satisfied by the man, all of a sudden she feels shy, that the man entered and explored her inner self, her body and soul, her woman ness. It was a beautiful experience, irrespective of age, the woman, subhadra of 55 yrs age, submitted herself willingly, to a man much younger to her self, but she feels that I was her Lord and Master.

I withdrew my cock from her cunt, and my grandmother Parvathi was ready, My cock still erect and hard, I entered Parvathi’s cunt, from behind doggy style, as she placed her hands on the bed, and started fucking her. Parvathi and I came together, after fucking her for a long time, thanks to the training my aunty Raji and my mother gave me to fuck both of them one after another and control myself without ejaculating till both of them orgasm. Subhadra also became my mistress. I was only 18 then.

Raji, my aunty could guess that I fucked her mother too, but accepted the fact. Raji aunty knew my desire for grandma earlier, because I told her many a time that I wanted to fuck Parvathi, my grandmother.

It was one of those nights during the fucking threesome sessions with aunty and grandmother; I came to know the secret of my birth. The secret was that I was actually the son of my paternal grandfather. My paternal grandfather fucked my mother, Bharathi Devi, and impregnated her and I was born. So by birth I became my mother’s brother-in-law, and my father’s half brother.

My name is Sudha and I am going to narrate to you events in my life that happened nearly a decade ago that transformed my life and my attitude towards sex, fidelity and morality.

I was a teacher and my husband, Rakesh was a businessman who found success pretty early in life. He was a risk taker and lived life dangerously, both personal and business. Though he was a loving husband and father, he had a roving eye. I eventually came to tolerate and accept that. While I found myself attracted to other men and would often flirt to get even with my husband, I never crossed the line.

Rakesh’s love for life on the edge had another dimension – motorcycle drag racing. It was and is illegal, but continues to this day right under the nose of the Bangalore cops.

On that fateful night, my husband and a couple of his mates were drag racing when he found himself at an intersection slamming against a speeding car. He went flying out of his motor cycle and hit the pavement headfirst. The doctors told us that the end was spontaneous.

I was initially devastated. I had a 6-year-old daughter and had to pick up the pieces and start all over for his sake. As mine is a small family, I could not expect much emotional support and comfort. Fortunately for me, a room mate of mine in college, Anandi and another friend Bhama were very supportive emotionally

Anandi’s husband was in the Gulf and she stayed back with her two children as she felt that their education needs would be better served in India. Therefore, we would also go out shopping sometimes. We were at my house one weekend afternoon when we decided to go shopping.

My husband’s business was now mine to run, but since I had a full time job, I decided to sell a one-third share to my hubby’s friend, Vinayak and have him run it. I also used the proceeds to purchase the house next to mine. I converted the ground floor into the new office for my business and the top two floors as service apartments.

Soon I realized that I had to devote more time to the business, so I moved to a new school nearer home as a part time teacher. Vinayak and I shared the same office room and started working closely. We would meet thrice a week in the afternoons to pour over the books and discuss business plans. He would leave around 7:30 PM.

I always wore a cotton sari. Sometimes, I the sari would be starched and hence a little stiff. It would partially expose the side of my boobs, but I was always careful not to expose too much. On such days, Vinayak would pay very close attention and make it a point to stand or sit really close to me. He would pay even more attention if I wore a low cut blouse. He would either flirt or be playful but that was it. He would not cross the limits or misbehave, but it was obvious that he lusted for me. I was initially put off, but later came to accept it and was even flattered.

I was surprised to find that I had a rich quality of life now. The business was growing, I could spend more time with my daughter and I was also getting socially active. I would visit Anandi often. I had no inhibitions in her house and we would discuss anything under the sun. I confided to her my inner most feelings and she would listen patiently. I mentioned to her that Vinayak had a thing for me and was trying to make a move on me. I thought that Anandi would disapprove. However, her reaction surprised me.

The interrogation proceeded something like this.

Anandi: “Does he brush against you accidentally or otherwise?”

Me: “No”

Anandi: “Does he touch you inappropriately or in inappropriate places?”

Me: “No”

Anandi: “Do you want him to?”

I did not reply

“Oh, so you too want it; anyway you too have needs you know!” she said.

I confessed to her that I started missing regular sex.

“Are you sure that he really wants to sleep with you or is it just some harmless flirting?” she asked me.

We agreed that I should first be sure that he wanted me before I went ahead and did something embarrassing, especially as we have business interests.

“Do you find him attractive?” she asked me

“Oh yes, definitely. He is very sexy.”

“Why don’t you flirt with him and see how far it goes?”

I thought it was an appealing idea.

I was curious to know what she did for sex. I did not ask, but was determined to find out. I would soon find out. It was in this state of mind that I went shopping with her that afternoon. It was a mixed feeling. I felt that had my hubby lived on, this conversation would not have taken place at all. On the other hand, I was getting an opportunity to explore new horizons and was turned on by it.

Our shopping trip was very eventful. We first went to a beauty parlor. I got myself a sexy new hairdo. It was actually Anandi’s recommendation. It was one of the few unisex salons. My hairstylist, who called himself Manu, was a young muscular guy in his late 20s. He must have sensed my mood for he kept complimenting me on how I maintained my hair and how my new look was going add luster to the already ravishing looks.

After completing the work, he set about examining his piece of art as he chose to call it. I was wondering what he was going to do when he held a segment of hair and ran his fingers up and down all the while brushing them against my back. I clearly enjoyed the touch and the to and fro motion and the tingling sensation. He was observing me through the mirror and was encouraged to act even more boldly. As I was wearing a low cut blouse, he had plenty of room to play with. He was now moving his fingers up and down and left and right.

His fingers now reached my shoulders. His pace picked up a bit and he was rubbing the fingers furiously. He reached into my blouse and started playing with my bra strap. I started rubbing my face against his hands and at one point started licking them.

In all the action, my sari had been disturbed and cleavage fully exposed. Manu was conveniently placed and moved both his hands and started to massage my boobs. I had lost control of myself completely and would have done anything when I heard Anandi’s voice. “We can leave whenever you are ready”

I was rudely jolted back to reality. I quickly went to the washroom and cooled myself with some cold water. I adjusted my sari and came out. Anandi examined me and exclaimed loudly, “Wow that is sexy”.

I paid up at the counter, then walked up to Manu and tipped him handsomely and said in a husky voice, “Thanks Manu, i’ll be back next month for more”.

After we came out of the shop, Anandi asked me if I had a good time. She was smiling. She knew what was going on and wanted to know if I enjoyed it. Of course, I enjoyed it immensely, but felt like a teenager being patronized by someone slightly older. I was not sure what was in store for me going forward.

We went to a boutique to do some clothes shopping. Anandi took over completely. She picked a dozen salwar-kameez and churidar-kurtas for me. I have to agree that they were all exquisite and sexy. Some were sleeveless or short sleeved. Some had a V in front and a couple were revealing.

I was still very hot from the events of the day and spent a restless, but eventful and interesting night. After putting my daughter to bed, I took a cold shower hoping to douse my inner fire. However, it was to no avail. I looked at myself in the mirror and started examining the cleavage. I played to myself the scene at the parlor and was once again hot. I examined my erect tits. I grabbed my boobs with both my hands and started massaging them. I shook them violently against each other. It just was not enough. I started to rub my boobs and cheeks against the mirror. I was completely wet and my pussy started aching. I grabbed the headboard of my bed and started to rub my pussy against the edge. I was drooling by now and the saliva found its way to my boobs. I removed my nightie and panties and was standing there naked. I started to massage my inner thighs and squeeze them hard. I now inserted my index finger into my pussy and pinched my clit really hard.

I played with myself to exhaustion and fell asleep after a while and went into a deep slumber. The next day, when I woke up, I was horrified to find myself with nothing on. My bedroom door was open and I was worried that my daughter would have seen me. I quickly put on my clothes and went to my daughter’s room. She was still sleeping. Relieved, I started to get on with the day’s work. It was a Sunday and so I could relax a bit.

But I did not. I recalled the events of the previous day and was a little down. A bit of remorse and worry about my daughter’s future were the things that occupied my mind. Not to mention the guilt. Just then, telephone rang. It was Anandi who called me for tea that afternoon.

I went to her place around 4:00 PM. She was wearing a thin loose caftan and had let her hair down. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra. She was in the kitchen preparing tea and some light snacks. I could see the outline of her boobs and tits against the sunrays that penetrated her caftan. Her bikini panties were also clearly visible.

As I looked out the window, I realized that what I could see, others too could see. There was particularly one person who was interested in the show. He was a young man in his 20s and he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Anandi then lifted a teacup and gestured to him to join us for tea. I was somehow turned on by this and was once again hot. My guilt had evaporated at this point.

Vinayak usually did not come on Mondays. So I thought, I could be a bit daring and check out the new dress without embarrassment. I chose one of the new dresses, a blue salwar and a matching sleeveless kameez. It had a slightly low neck with a zipper at the back. The black bra was clearly visible through the material. I knew I was stunning and even sexy in my new hairstyle and dress.

Within minutes of reaching my office, I saw a blue Maruti Zen entering the building. It was Vinayak. He had dropped in unannounced. As the quarter end was nearing, we had to do a whole lot of paper work for advance tax, PF deposits, excise etc. I knew it was a lot of work as I used to help my hubby do it all. So we were going to one of our factories.

It took us about 20 minutes to reach the factory. Vinayak did not choose to comment or do anything then. Even at the factory, where we spent nearly an hour together, he did not try to make any move. I thought his behavior was exemplary, but I did not count on his low cunning.

He had to deposit some checks and so had to leave. He told me he would be back in an hour. He came back just after lunch. We worked for about an hour and then decided to leave. Vinayak said we should have some coffee at the coffee shop near by before leaving.

At the coffee shop, Vinayak finally picked up the courage to compliment me on my new looks and said I looked stunning in my new looks.

“Really? Thanks very much”, I said

“Where did you buy this dress?” he asked me.

He added, “Why don’t you dress like this every day?”

“Well, there wont be any novelty left”, I said. For a good measure, I added “You won’t be drooling like this if I wore it everyday”

He was stunned by this statement and could not answer me.

Vinayak asked me to wait there while he got his vehicle. I waited and in a couple of minutes, a motor cycle stopped near me. Vinayak lifted the helmet and said come, let us go. I asked him what happened to the car and he said there was a problem with the car and so had to get the bike.

For a moment, I was in two minds. Should I take a taxi or ask one of the factory people to find me a transport? Eventually, I decided that I should take the bike ride. My heart was racing. I was terribly excited.

The ride turned out to be a great one. The road was uneven with a lot dirt tracks and potholes. Plus, Vinayak chose a longer route saying the regular route would be congested at that time. I initially held on to the handle behind the seat. Then we hit a pothole and I nearly lost my balance and fell down. So I decided to use latch on to Vinayak’s shoulder for balance. Then the fun began.

At the next traffic intersection, Vinayak applied the breaks so suddenly that I was pushed forward and had to hold him tightly. My chin was on his shoulder and my cheek was grazing his neck. When the vehicle started, he was even faster and I gripped him tightly. My hands were wrapped around him and my boobs started to graze his back.

We reached home soon and I had no choice but to invite him in. Vinayak readily agreed and followed me in. On the way, he was smiling and asked me if I had a good trip. We went in. I invited him to take a seat while I made some tea. Instead, he followed me to the kitchen and offered to help me.

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