Aunty Sells Her Milk For Her Husband

Hai i am Rajesh and this is about a couple named sandhya & rajesh,she comes from an educated and tradional family,she is very beautiful and cute,she studied law and she is a lawyer but not started practice,her husbands name is rajesh who works in a bank as a debt recovery officer.Recently she has given birth to a child.Sandya is in good shape even after giving birth to a child.

Her husband comes to house regularly at 7:00 clock and 1:00 clock some times,and at the time he comes late to house bring the recovered money with him and deposits in the bank early in the morning of next day.He had some disputes with the senior officials in the bank.One morning he found that the recovered money which he brought to home gone missing and he informed it to the bank officials and a police complaint was booked.The seniors officials who are angry on rajesh took this as an opportunity to take revenge on him and made the situation like he had stolen the money and he is removed form job,and he was taken into police custody for interrogation.

The police are making him accept the crime by using third degree,and since sandya is a lawyer she knows the only way bring him out is by paying the 20 lakh back.But she did not find the way how to gather that money,even by selling the house they get only 10 lakhs, and started going on thinking and she dont know when she fell asleep and she was woke up early in the morning by the sound of calling bell.

She went and opened the door it was the milkman and she brought the vessel and milkman poured the milk in vessel and she found him starring at her breasts and she asked him with anger what was he doing and he said he was feeling bad for her husband and he said madam you need 20 lakh to save your husband.She said yes exactly and also said she is not knowing how to get 20 lakhs,then he said i have an idea but..,

Then she said please tell me the idea she will be thankful to you.Then the milk man said you should not feel bad after hearing this,in this city there are rich mothers who dont like to breast feed their children,so they buy breast milk from us,we take girls on rental basis and extract their milk and sell it to rich mothers,madam if you accept i am ready to give you 20 laksh and all your breast milk for 20 days will be ours,he said no force madam think well madam if you accept our deal starts from tomorrow and continues for 20 days and give your money on the twenty erth day and the milkman left.

Ignoring the idea sandhya has met several people for debt and all her attempts lost in vain and she is very exhausted and came to house and slept and it was morning and sandhya is sleeping suddenly the bell rang and this made her woke up,she opened the door and found it was the milk man and he asked her are you accepting the deal madam,if you accept this is the agreement sign here,sandhya has no other option than accepting this deal to save her husband,she took the documents and signed,and the milkman said every drop of your milk is ours for 20 days madam, and said our deal will start form 10 am today and left.

Sandhya mean while took her bath and had her tiffin,and milkman came as soon as the clock tick 10:00 pm,the milk man came to her and said 20days from today i will be with you because he will be milking her several times,and if he come and go that many her neighbours may think bad about her, and milkman asked her for the first bottle of sandhya’s milk,sandya moved to go inside the bedroom and fill the bottle with her milk but the milk man said sorry madam to make us feel confident that the milk is only your breast milk,we will be watching you when you are filling the bottle, if any thing goes wrong on all our reputation will be gone and no rich mothers will come to us,so we give very importance to the quality,the milkman forced sandya to fill the bottle in front of her,and the milkman turned aside acting like he is not watching her,


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