Aunty In Bus

Hi, first of all I would like to thank for this site for giving me an opportunity
to submit my story. I am abhay 23 year old, 5.8 feet tall, wheatish in colour,
60kg in weight living in Bangalore. I started to read sex stories before 4 years
now I am going to explain how I had romance with an aunty in bus and with my
cousin sis. This incident happened in June 2011. Please give feed back to my
email [email protected]

My native is Kushalnagar. Now I am working in Bangalore, ill
get a salary of 10000 pm. Once I had 4 days leave in my office, so I decided to
go to my native. I booked the ticket at 10.30 pm, at 10.00 I reached majestic,
I sat in my seat. I requested god to send a beautiful lady to my seat.
Surprisingly god heard my request and sent a beautiful aunty. May be her age is
30 plus she is bit fat but had sexy structure, her boobs 36. She sat next to me
and we introduced ourselves. Her name is Deepa, going to meet her parents as
they were not feeling well.

Bus left at 10.45. She was sleepy I think. After leaving
Bangalore I started to play my games, I removed my shoes and kept aside. To my
luck she already removed her slipper aside as I was virgin I was getting very
hot and I touched her hand and I started to rub my hands to her hands, her eyes
are closed, then I moved my leg towards her leg and kept my leg above hers. She
still didn’t open her eye, but I sensed her breathing variations then I stared
to rub her legs up to her knee.

She was wearing saree that helped me a lot. Then I stretched
my elbow towards her left boob as she was sitting right to me. I touched her
left boob, then I kept my left hand on my right hand elbow and started to rub
her boob from my fingers, at that time my cock (thunne 6 inch) started to
produce precums. Her boobs are very tight and hard, suddenly she opened her
eyes. Then I did not remove my hand but I looked towards window side. She
turned my face towards her and started to speak

Deepa- what you doing?

Abhay-nothing aunty

D- then why your hands are on my body
A-by miss aunty
D- are you virgin
(I don’t know what to reply by her question) tell are you virgin?

A-yes aunty

D-do you like me?
A-s aunty
D-you want to press my boobs
A-s aunty(i don’t knw wat to speak, so i was replying to her that’s all)
D-wait ill open my blouse hooks
A- Thank you aunty then I started to put my fingers inside her blouse, I lifted
her bra upwards.

First time I was touching female breast, I felt it was very
soft (like benne mudde) then she put her hands towards my pant and unzipped and
inserted her hands inside my underwear, all was first time for me. She asked me
oh your tool was already wet, I simply gave her a smile and I was busy in
pressing as soft boobs. Then started to suck her left boob like a baby, she
started moaning and she was pressing my cock hardly, as we are in bus it was
very difficult to sit down and

Suck her pussy, but some how she pulled saree upto her Thais,
den she spread her legs, I was hungry to see female pussy but I can’t see in
dark, but I bend towards her pussy, adjusted and started to lick her pussy, she
was pressing my head inside her pussy, it was very taste(that time I decided to
eat pussy only) she hold my head hardly and leaked her love juice to my mouth,
I drank all the juices and again sucked her pussy for 15 min. then she made me
to sit and she put

My cock in her mouth and started to suck that time I came
know that why all men likes to get sucked, it was really heaven for me then I
cum in her mouth only, she drank all my juice. We both get down in mysore and washed our face and had little food and came
back again to our seats. Then again after 15 min she told she don’t want to
miss the chance and started to suck my cock, this time she sucked differently
and drank all my juice.

She get down in piriyapatna giving a nice smile, we both
forget to take contacts as we were busy in romance till her place then I went
to home and slept upto 10 o’clock. My cousin sister Kavya s staying in
Mangalore and came to her home with her two children’s, her home is 5 km from
my home. She came to my home at 11 am, her age s 35, at the time of her marriage
she was very hot and sexy and very beautiful, but after marriage she lost her

But this time she regained everything and she s looking very
hot and sweet. She came to me and spoke for a while, then she started speak
with my mom. My mind s full of bus aunty only I was standing outside and msging
to my friend, suddenly sister came to me started to ask about mobile as she
don’t know much about mobile that time her boob s pressing my elbow but she was
not bothered about her boob, she was speaking to me.

That time I got erection in my pants, I don’t like incest
but that time my cock become very hard. I think then she noticed that and went
inside to speak with my mom. I was sleeping on diwan and started watch tv, she
also came and slept beside me and started speak with me that time I decided to
touch her belly, and put my hand on her belly and started to rub belly telling
that your body regained everything, she was very happy by my sayings and then
she went to her home telling me to go to her home.

Next day I went to her home when she saw me she was very
happy and hugged me tightly and touched her lips to my lips, suddenly she went
inside thinking that many people are there. I was confused by her kiss, but I don’t
want to continue as she was my sister, then I left from her home and came back
to my home. I don’t know how to write stories, this is my first story. Please
give me feedback and suggestions to improve writing stories. I am 23year old now;
still I am a virgin guy. For feed back you can mail me.

What did you think of this story??


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