Anjana From Kerala

Hi, I am Raju, I have been ISS fan for long time & have read almost all erotic letters in it, I am a young slim cute Indian youth, I’m 26yrs old, I live in Bahrain, I work here in an private est. Here’s my experience to all Desi fans. I share my flat with a young couple, the Hus works for the ship yard (ASRY) and the wife Anjana is a homemaker.

She is 2 yrs elder to me, she is a malayali from Kerala, beautiful, with a sexy body shape, her looks are seductive and boobs very nice to see them even when hidden under her dresses, she is the owner of a fabulous shaped ass, in short she is a sexy beauty and dream girl of my world. We have been sharing the flat for almost a year, she is very shy and more of a village type lady, she is very friendly to me, I am always seduced by her charmed smiles.

Two months after they moved to the flat with me, whenever her husband is on day shift duty (he works in shifts) she takes bath in my bathroom and she leaves her nighty, bra, and panties on the hooks after bath, and she takes it back only after she is sure that I have been to the bathroom and I have seen them, everyday she leaves different colors of bra and undies, often I smell them and masturbate thinking of fucking her, mostly I inject sperm inside the V shaped cups of her bra, she is aware of this as its wet when she takes them back in a hurry before her husband comes from work, I used to wonder why she did this, but for sure she needed me badly, but I was very afraid to break in as I thought it may cause trouble though I was very hot and my cock needed her vaginal hole very badly, I was looking for an opportunity to get her.

One fine night this luck opened up on me. One night her husband was on night shift around 10.30pm, I heard a knock on my room door and I knew for sure that it was my Anjana chechi, I opened the door to see her in a night gown, I could read from her eyes that she needed me badly, but there was a communication gap, with stammering words she told me “ Raju ender vcr work cheyunnella, cassette kudungi enu thonnunu.” My vcr is not working, a cassette is stuck inside. I immediately responded and followed her to the bedroom, she slipped away and went out, on examining the vcr I found that it was OK and had no problem my cock was saying to me now has your time come on you make use of it.

After few seconds I saw her entering the room and I was also shy to look at her she came very close to me I could feel the heat of her body and whispered in my ears “vcr alla ennika repairing vendiyathu, enne sahayikenam” its not the vcr its me that needs the repairing, on hearing this I was stunned and tensed and gaining all the courage I had, I turned myself towards her and held her head and pressed her face towards mine.

I began to mouth kiss her and suck her lips and tongue, she was exited and pressed her hard V shaped boobs to my chest. My cock was begging to be released though he knew it was a short release but didn’t mind, still sucking her lips they were as sweet as honey, I moved my mouth towards her neck and she moaned “enniku ninne weenam” I need you badly, I said “Chechi I love you, I also need you.” Now my hands could not stop it was massaging her breasts,

she cried Oooooh Aahhh! her hands were browsing to find my hard rock 7” Cock,

I asked her to undress her nighty but she was shy and refused to, I realised that she was without panties, she slowly pulled open my lungi and managed to catch hold of my 7” cock and began to pump it up and down, I pulled her nighty up to her ass and slid my hand towards her pussy I was surprised to find it clean with no hair on it, It was wet with her white discharge, I rubbed them hard, she cried Aaaahhh! AHHHHH! Nalla sugam Nalla sugam keep doing it! keep doing it! Now I began to finger her with one finger then went on with two, I was still trying to get her undressed but it was vain as she was shy.

I pushed her on the bed, I sucked her lower lips and she my upper lips, then, lifting her gown I pressed my face towards her pussy, she jumped up and lifted away my face saying ‘I don’t like it’ I really wanted to suck her, not wanting to force her for something she dislikes as it will be difficult to please her lust if I do so, I left her for her wishes as it was my first chance, I undid the buttons in her gown and held her V shaped breasts and massaged them slowly & began to suck them one by one slowly and gently her tits shot up and her breasts became more harder and harder as I licked them, she was moaning this made me more horny, my cock was spitting with juices.

I got on top of her and she slid apart her legs giving way for me to pierce my 7” cock in her cunt, steadily I thrust my penis in and it went deep in but with some exertion b’cos her hole was small and tight, she was crying out of pain + pleasure, the more she moaned the harder my cock went in and out she cried Aayyoo, Aaaahhh NALLA SUGAM etc, I whispered in her ears ‘I love you Anju, I love you,’ as I kept ramming her cunt she held me tight towards her by grasping my buttocks with her legs wrapped around my back, all of a sudden I felt a jolt fly all over her body as if a bombshell exploded in her.

I knew that she was cumming and you know her cunt was sprouting with her fluids, I kept on ramming her and she loved it, she bit my lips and neck and here came the living waters rocketing inside her, was a taste of sex it was I just can’t explain it, she was shivering as though a surface to surface missile was fire in through her vaginal hole, you know she bit me so hard that it left a mark on my neck.

Since then I had five great chances to fuck my dearest anjana chechi, but I feel sad to say that, I have not been successful to either get her fully naked nor have oral (sucking and licking) sex with her, and its my dream to get her for oral acts, she says its not healthy to suck each others organs, now I am trying my last source.

I have managed to get a few printouts of sex stories and a porn cassette which I hope will turn on her to have oral sex and have more fantasies. She recently hinted that she was more satisfied sexually with me than with her hus, I advised her not to turn him down, she also remarked “ yende chettande sathanam cherutha, adu kondu nalla sugam kittunella.” Any girls/chechis/aunts reading this story from Bahrain/elsewhere please mail your fantasies on [email protected] urs raju

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