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Hey, I am a good looking guy of 24 years of age.i am from Ananthapur a small place in Andhra pradesh.My sex experience is about my friend`s mother Padma.she is 39yrsold and very gorgeous.she has very big breasts,tight ass,and a beautiful face.her husband is too old may be around 50yrs of age and he is a rich person and is always away from home on business work. They have a son suresh who is my brother`s classmate studying in 10th class. I used to teach him and my brother maths but he was too poor in,one day his mother called me and requested me to come home and teach his son maths.I agreed and when i went to their house i was self shocked to find such a beautiful lady.she was wearing a blue saree and her breasts were pumping out through her saree and her waist was slim and her saree was below her navel and her navel was as white as milk and when i introduced myself she smiled and allowed me in her house and when she turned back her saree was holding her ass and my it was too big and round ass. While teaching her son maths she was sitting in front of me and my cock was bursting out.i watched her mouth which was so small and i fantasized of putting my 8inches cock in her mouth and filing her mouth with my cum.she observed my view and asked what i was seeing i told her that she was the most beautiful woman i have ever seen,she flushed with my compliment. I gave her son some problems to work out and her mom told him to go inside and work out the problem. We both were sitting in the room and i asked her about her husband,she told about his negligence and i asked whether she is sexually satisfied or not,she replied with a no.I stood up and went beside her and took hold of her face,she was innocently looking at me and i asked her whether her husband had atleast once in her life satisfied her to which she replied no.

I told her to obey me and do what i order her to do then i will show her paradise to which she agreed.I took her hand and guided it to my cock and she started to feel my cock on my pants.i pushed her head and made her to kiss my member from outside the pant.suddenly her son came out.he saw this and asked what was happening,and her mother got terrified and i told him that his mom was gong to faint and i caught her.he smiled and went away,he was a innocent boy. I took my cock out and shoved it into her mouth and she just kept in her mouth,and i slowly started to move to and fro and she was beginning to move her mouth and i was now getting aroused by seeing her mouth wrapped around my cock and i began to fuck her mouth faster and she was trying to release her mouth but i caught hold of her head and did not leave i was pumping hard and coming to an climax and i filed her mouth with my cum and saw to it that she swallowed each drop of it,and then i released her head from my grip and she ran into the bathroom.she came out and started to scold me by saying that she did not like what i did and i got angry and slapped her and made her to kneel in front of me and made her to suck and lick my balls to which she agreed and started to lick my balls and i made her to lick my asshole and she hesitated a bit and when i raised my hand to hit her she agreed and started to lick my asshole. I asked her whether she would become my bitch and she agreed.i lifted her and took to her bedroom and began to undress her and i saw her cunt was cleanly shaved and shoved my cock into her cont and lifted her legs and put it on my shoulders and she was shouting with each of my thrust.i fucked her for 20 min and all the time she was shouting and was begging me to stop and this made me aroused a little and i began to shove deep into her and started pumping her cunt with faster movements and i climaxed in her. She got up and i went and dressed myself and went to teach her son. This the end of part-1 of my story.if ur I

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