American Defloration

I can still remember that hot day when I missed my classes in college. My parents were out visiting my grannies in another town, so I could do whatever I wanted. It was really hot, like in Africa, I guess.

I suddenly heard knocking on my door. I didn’t want to open it. I was too lazy to get up from the couch they knocked again. Ok, I’m coming and I grumbled, going to the door. I was almost naked.

Can I help you? I asked her and I’m Katie, remember me?

I had never had such a girlfriend and I could be sure about it. I decided to find out what she wanted from me. I opened the door slightly. I remembered who she was! She was my friend’s girlfriend! Once she came over to my place with him.

Hi! Is Dan here?

No, he’s gone somewhere, but you can wait for him here. Hey, you must be tired. You live in the other part of the town, right? No, it’s ok, I’d better go come on, it’s ok, come in, my parent’s out, I’m going to give something cold to drink.

I opened the door, and she saw me, wearing just my tight pants. She looked down. I made her come in, promising to put something on. I told her to wait for me. I put on my jeans, it was too hot, and that’s the reason why I didn’t put on a T-shirt or a shirt when I got back to the room

She was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. She was wearing a very short dress that could hardly reach her knees. I was looking at her round boobs. I suddenly noticed her hard pink nipples through the dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra! It turned me on.

I went to the kitchen to bring us some cola. I brought two bottles, and glasses. We were talking. I noticed she was shy. The girl needs to relax, I thought. I turned my back at her and poured some whisky in her glass.

I need to relax too and I thought, and poured some whisky in mine too. I couldn’t stop looking at her nipples. It’s pretty cosy here and she said slowly after drinking my special cola. She stood up to look round the place where’s your bedroom?

Can I see it? She asked and went upstairs. It’s so soft and she said lying on my bed. She bent her leg and moved it across the other leg, as if caressing it. I got even hotter just looking at her. Her body was perfect and I couldn’t think rationally.

I saw some semitransparent colour circles before my eyes. She smiled, as if noticing my full-of-desire look. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I sat down on the bed too and kissed her on the lips. It was like another world lacking such notions like space, time. The whole world shrunk to two of us.

We two were the only living creatures in the Universe. Guess, it’d been awhile when we finally stopped kissing. She opened her wonderful eyes, I was drowning in them.

What do you think and she said languishingly, whispering am I beautiful? Yes, was all I could say any guy could be dreaming of having such a girl. What about you? She asked, pressing her gorgeous breasts against my body.

I was like dreaming, caressing her through her dress, which was almost no noticeable, the fabric was so light. I was unbuttoning her dress, never stopping to kiss her. I pulled it off then. She was sighing, with her eyes half closed; she was getting hotter and hotter.

She stood up from the bed making me see her marvellous body.

She looked terrific! Her waist was very thin and she had round hips, firm big breasts. She was seducing me! My animal instincts were awoken by her beauty, I wanted to take her and I was ready to kiss every inch of her body, every birthmark, especially the one looking under her panties

It was very close to her hot cave and she wanted me too, it was obvious. She was driving me mad, and it was no less obvious for her too. I’m naked, what about you? She asked fretfully, as if being ashamed of her nudity. I want you to undress me.


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