Ajay And Reader From Pune

Hello indian sex stories dot net friends, this is my new story about how I had sex with a married lady who didn’t have her husband at home and wanted action because she was starving and ended on a happy note.
Before going to story let me introduce myself, Ajay, a well educated and good looking guy.

So I was going through my mail and I got a message for my previous story ( which I posted almost 2 years back) from a lady called Rehana. So she mailed me that she loved my story.

So we exchanged messages, pictures almost for a year back and forth and I got to know that she’s from West Bengal, here in Pune with her husband and one daughter. Husband is busy travelling and she’s in her late thirties. When we exchanged photos and she told me I was very good looking and she was so good and busty.
So as we kept chatting this happened:
Rehana: Hey are you free sometime next week?
Me: Yes, I’m! Do you have any plans?

Rehana: I’m home alone next week and thought you could come over and we could do something (wink)
Me: What do you mean something?
Rehana: Just come over, will you?
Me: Ping me your address
Rehana: Okay

And she had pinged her address and we had exchanged mobiles nos too.
So the day had arrived and we both were all prepared. So I went to her place and it was this very popular apartment complex in Pune.
So I walked in and went to her block and knocked on the door. A girl who looked who about 25 opened and I was like damn, did I go to the wrong house? But she smiled and was like Ajay? Come on in! I was awestruck at what’s happening.. Basically, it was Rehana she’s aged so beautifully!
She was wearing a top and jeans.

Then we spoke for a while and I got to know that since her hubby was traveling she was missing the action and wanted it so badly. She told me she wants this to be discreet and I agreed.So as we were speaking she came and sat next to me and planted a kiss and I took it from there.The kiss got rough and she started unbuttoning me, my hands were all over her body and her breath started getting heavier and heavier.

So then she signalled me to take her to her room, so I carried her in my arms and laid her down on her bed and took off my shirt. Then I took off her top too and OMG this super hot lingerie she was wearing in purple, something really wicked her boobs were so perfect not even saggy. I was one step away from seeing them beauties. So without wasting time I went ahead and started kissing her all over and squeezing her boobs. She enjoyed it thoroughly and she had her hands all over my chest and abs and was like now I know what it feels like for your guy to have a six pack.

Then I took off her jeans and she was in her super hot panty. Perfectly shaped ass. She was not fat at all, very very fit for a 38-year-old. But trust me guys she looks like she is 25! So then she took off my pants and took off my underwear and started sucking on my cock and balls and she gave this mean blowjob which was heaven. Then I took off her lingerie and started sucking on her boobs which had these round brown nipples with perfect colour and she was screaming in pleasure…

Then I went down and she was wet with a clean pussy and I fingered it for some time and I started licking it and tongue fucked her pussy and licked all of the juices.. fingering it, felt very tight like she was a virgin. She was moaning and my erection was rock hard.

So then she wanted me in and so I took out a condom which I carried and she put it on for me. We got into action and I inserted it and the pleasure was insane her pussy was super fresh and tight like she was never fucked before and I started pumping her very hard and she loved it and so did I, then I came and it was our second round she wanted to do it without a condom but doggy style and wanted me to cum inside her butt..

So I started pounding her butt and it took me some time to cum but fucked her beautifully, she was like fuck me again and cum all over my butt and that’s like her biggest fantasy so I banged her again hard and showed no mercy and while I was about to cum I took my penis out and spread it all over her butt and she sucked my penis and drank some of it too and she loved it, then we got ourselves into 69 position and started licking her pussy and put my tongue deep it and she started to suck on my balls and oh boy the pleasure was immense and we both got an orgasm and we slept next to each other for sometime and she told me that her husband rarely had sex with her and she was never satisfied when they did it and hubby was just bothered about his work..

After talking we got into the shower to clean ourselves up and I fucked her there too.. So then we got dressed up and I was gonna leave. She told me she loved the sex and her husband never could perform this well and my body was amazing and she’s never seen a body like this, I also complimented her saying that she looks absolutely stunning and next time we should experiment various positions and she winked. We kissed and told bye for then. Post that we met a couple of times and did it again in various positions.
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