Accident Converted In To Incident

I and my doctor husband are living a normal life till I had this incident, we have 5-year-old kid and us three live in Pune. Our apartment is at the edge of the city, takes my husband long time to travel to his hospital, but as this place is quite and calm we are happy. Also, my kid goes to school near to us.


I am not very skinny, I have bit weight but not heavy, with 5.9 ft height, my shape makes things look very attractive, with ‎44-30-46 my body looks stunning with curves and my fair skin. My thighs are the main part which gets more attraction from all men, especially when I wear nicker my husband like me to wear. I am so much more attractive to women with curves than a beam pole kind of body shape. Breasts with the long and deep valley, a waist with deep naval and wide luxurious hips with no gap in between my thighs are so much sexier than any skinny woman who has nothing to offer. I like to wear western dress, but normally I wear sari with well-covered blows. My husband used to get me many modern dresses but now as our kid is of 5 he is busier with his work.


This story is about how I found new pleasure and got interested in new fantasies of life. One day my husband called me, he had an accident and was getting victim (patient) at home, he don’t want to get into police case and also he is a doctor so he can treat him at home.


This guy is bit muscular and of 6.2 feet, he was unconscious, my husband put bandage at his head and clean few of his wounds at palm and knees. After an hour patient came in sense and was talking to my husband, I think he agrees about his mistake in this accident and also my husband asked him to stay for few days. He called me, I was in dark blue sari, with my white skin shining from my clothes and my navel was visible as I tie sari down till panty line. He did look at my waist and to me as normal look. We got introduced by my husband and he said.


Hubby: dear he will stay for a week with us


I was okay with this, I asked him about his food habits and what he like to eat. He was a simple guy and he does eat a lot. That day we all had dinner together, he was praising my cooling and I was feeling very special with his words. Next morning my husband got ready and left by 8 am, by this time patient (Ramesh) was sleeping. I got my kid ready for school and left him at bus. It was 9 am when I came up, I passed his door and found him sleeping. I was feeling too hot, so I thought of taking a dip into swimming pool. I went to the ground floor, our house is at first floor, which is pool view apartment.


I removed my robe and I was in swimming custom, as it was a busy day, no one was near to the pool. After 5 min I noticed some activity at my apartment, but I ignored it. After another 5 min I try to look at our guest bedroom, there was he, that patient Ramesh was looking at me. I try to avoid him, but same time I was feeling very shy to bring my milky smooth curvy body out of the pool in front of his hungry eyes. After 20 mins I didn’t see him at the apartment, so I brought my sexy curvy body out of the pool, I tried to get my rob immediately. I came out of the water, water was dripping from my curved body.


To my surprise Ramesh was standing in front of me, holding my robe, I was stun with no smile on my face I went near to him. He was looking at my body I try to hide my cleavage and thighs, but it was useless, these curves can’t be covered, I started shivering with shyness, he was soo near and could see my wet and sexy body very clearly, I tried to look at his eyes, those were roaming on my body like he is kissing all my body parts with his eyes.. I want to make him understand his mistake by looking into his eyes, but when his eyes came to my eye contact, I was feeling getting drawn into his eyes. After 30 to 45 seconds I felt shy with a high heartbeat. I make the eye contact with heavy breath.


Ramesh: hi bhabhi


Me: ha..Ai


Ramesh: there are many beautiful ladies try to look like you


I was impressed with his words and smile, but waiting for him to give me my robe. I tried to take it from him, he suddenly opened it and invited me to put my hands in it.


Ramesh: let me help you.


First I felt comfortable, but them I realize, he want to see my bare back and curvy ass. Soon I entered my second hand he turned me towards him and tied robe with string too tight — ouch… Came out of my mouth. We started from there to our apartment. He was following me and looking to my curvy round moving hips.


We reached near to our apartment and suddenly it was very horrible experience when my robe was pulled, I never thought he will remove, but I felt he is holding it and trying to remove. I was thrilled till inside and was unable to turn back., my breath became too heavy. Suddenly I see him going inside our flat and I turned to see my robe. Oh my god, it was stuck in my kid’s bicycle. I was thrilled and my heartbeat was too high. I rushed towards my bathroom. I was dry by now, but my pussy was completely wet, I could feel my juice coming out. I was feeling very shy and couldn’t make eye contact with Ramesh.


We had lunch together and all the time he was praising me for my beautiful body. We were standing in balcony and he was still talking about my swimming style and beautiful body, especially my thighs,


Ramesh: your thighs are perfectly shaped, with little dark knee cream color of your smooth thighs can kill anyone.


Suddenly I said very wrong thing to him.


Me: you, all men are same, my hubby also like it.. (and I realized my mistake .. Kept quite)


Ramesh was looking right into my eyes. I couldn’t remove eye contact for a min, I didn’t realized when his lips touched my rosy lips. But I was finding my tongue inside his mouth, he pressed my ass and I suddenly realized his grip on my body. I pushed him and left to my room, I was breathing heavily, still having a feeling of his mouth on my lips. I thought of speaking with my husband on this but he was too tired and late tonight. We had dinner and slept just after.


Again another day, my husband left at 8 am and kid went at 9 am. I came in and again I checked guest room, to see if Ramesh woke up. I could see the tent at his pajama, which shows how thick his dick would be without underwear. Today I thought of not going to the swimming pool and went to take bath. I came out and again looked for Ramesh, he was sleeping and shivering as well. I just took bath and was in my gown with wet hairs. I checked he was having a fever. I took a bowl with water and some cotton to put on his forehead.


Soon I bent over him to keep cotton on his head, he opened his eyes and suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I got shocked and couldn’t understand for 10 seconds, which was enough for him to grab me and pull on himself. I tried to resist, he rolled over me, now he was on top of my body.


I tried to struggle, nooe Ramesh aaahh what are you doing hhhmm. He kept his muscular body reaming crushing my body under him. I was asking him to stop but he got me both hands tied on upper road of bed. I said you had a fever, then he point out me to the onion, he used onion to show me his fever. Bastard made me lie under him.


I was saying no, but my pussy was throwing aroma of my juice in air, in no time I and he could smell my virginal juice. After tying my hands, he started kissing me at my upper body and started working on my breast.


Noooo rrrrameshhhh no stoooop, he opened all 3 hooks of my gown and enjoying my big and milky breasts. He was sucking, crushing and biting them, my struggle was very week, unknowingly I spread my thighs wider and my hips are in the air. He understood and pulled my gown up to my waist and started crushing and kissing my heavy silky smooth thighs. He tore my clothes and removed my gown, he removed my panty and pulled out my bra. I was saying noo.. Rameeesh.. But didn’t want to stop him. Finally, he made me naked, untie my hands and gave me the long and hard kiss of my lifetime. He went out of the room, my condition was very different, I was shivering with shyness and fear, same time I was too horny, I didn’t even move out of his bed during his absence, my body just waiting or him to come back and crush me like hell. He came with liquid chocolate and few fruits.


Me; rameeshhh please don’t do thissss aah .. Mmh pleeassssee.. I m married….


Ramesh: I love married women


He kissed my lips very heard and bite them too. I didn’t entertain this kiss of him but also opened my mouth to give access to his tongue , I let him drink all juice of my rosy round lips. He started pouring liquid chocolate on my body, then he pours some in my mouth and lips. I was dying to get his lips suck chocolate from every inch of my body, but I was still asking him to stop and saying no to him, but now chocolate in my mouth I was waiting for him to get it empty. He started kissing my lips too hard, my tongue got sucked into his mouth. He is a very good kisser, I never got that long and hard kiss from my hubby, after 5 mins of kissing I was holding his body with my legs. He broke the kiss and my grip, he removed all his clothes and I can see 8 inches long and almost 2 inches thick red hot road standing between his legs. I got thrilled with size and thickness. He opened my hands as well and started liking my body. Now he started crushing, licking, biting, sucking my complete body, after 30 mins he left me with no chocolate on the body. But it was completely red with his sucking and kissing.


Juice was dripping from my vagina, he started sucking it and fingering me. I can’t stop and I came the first time, I hold his head so tight between my thighs. He started kissing me again, I got up and ran to my bedroom. He followed me and grabbed me before I close the door and threw me on my bed. Both of us were without any clothes, he started crushing my body and again made me hot.


I was full of erotica and want him to insert his dick very badly. He started with a little push, it and with one inch in I was more excited and lifting my hips to thrust my pussy bit more. He slides little it and in one shot he was inside me, I was in terrible pain as this was the first time I had large like a donkey.


Me: Aaah raaaameshhh slow aaah aaaahhh


My breath was loud too. He was reaming his dick fast inside me and finally after 30 mins he unloaded all his thick heavy cum inside my pussy.


He left me there and went to my bathroom to take bath. After bath we had lunch, he again grabbed me after lunch and took me to his bedroom to have another session. This time I was on top and enjoying his long dick. After this we slept together until 3 pm, he asks me not to wear bra and panty till he is at our home. I obeyed him like a cow.


Next day after I dropped my kid and enter into my home he grabbed me again, first, he checked my panty by putting his hand under my sari, oooh Ramesh.


Ramesh: good , I like you without panty


Then we again started our honeymoon.

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