A housewife fucked by neighbor

This is roshni aged 31. I got married to gentlemen named anil. He was the man to handle me and my whole body. But i didn’t expect that somebody might seduce me.. Let me say about myself. I am 5.3 ft weights around 60 with good body stats 31 28 36. I always wear saree and sometimes in chudidar while at home. My husband is a business man he will work hard. He has so many targets like monthly turnover. So he was not at all interested towards house. Sometimes he comes in the night 11 or 12… Comes and makes love to me. So days passed…

One day on september, a couple had landed opposite to our house. Their names are sanjay and priya. Sanjay is 35 years old and priya is 31 years. Sanjay is good handsome with. He is also a business man. He has so many skills better than my husband. He can deal better than my husband in making profits. So based on business he and my husband became friends.. So he used to come to my house on behalf of business. I noticed him that he stares at me with great intention. He sees me at my eyes and i also noticed he is crazy for my boobs. Whenever i walk around he used to stare at my back and he will make his legs move tightly. I saw huge bulge in his trouser. Slowly i started to take interest in him. I use to seduce him. When ever he come comes to my home i intentionally show him my boobs from various angles. Some times i slid my pallu intentionally when serving tea or coffee. And i noticed he was staring on open parts of my boobs. I enjoyed his situation. I was teasing him. So one day my husband had gone to a trip for bangalore for two weeks. So i was alone in my house. After my husband left to bangalore it was one day after, sanjay came to my house asking whether my husband is there are not. I knew that he knows my husband is not there. He came inside and asked where your husband is. I said he is on tour for business for two weeks to bangalore. When i said that, i noticed that he was smiling. I know he is looking for an opportunity to have something with me. As i was thinking about that, suddenly i was disturbed with his voice saying that can’t you give coffee? I said oh… I am sorry and said him to sit on the sofa and walked towards the kitchen.

I was in a red saree with black border and with red blouse with black bra and black petticoat. He can easily see my bra color. When i went into the kitchen to make coffee, i saw him to follow me into the kitchen. I didn’t said anything.. He followed me & stood behind me staring at my whole body. Suddenly my waist was touched by his hand and he wrapped his hands around my waist and told roshni, i want to make love to you.. Can you please cooperate.. He opened his mouth and bitten my ears … I got afraid and pushed him away… He hold my hand and asked, ‘see roshni, what is wrong in this… Please let me taste your choot. I was feeling shy by his words. I told him… See my mangla sutra and my toe rings.. I am married. Please don’t do it’s a sin….

All of a sudden he told is this the problem? Then its okay and told ‘bent your neck’.. As i did, he came forward and kissed me on my cheeks and said.. Bent your neck and he placed his hand back of my neck and in a swift move, he removed my mangla sutra and kept it in his packet… I was surprised that what he has done to me…. He laughed & said.. Don’t worry roshni.. You don’t have to feel guilty with this mangalsutra tied by your husband.. Please can you come to my house tomorrow.. My wife is going to his mother’s place. She will not return for one month. He kissed and said come in the evening 7 o clock to my house wear white saree…white bra and petticoat..and i will tie you a new mangalsutra and i will become your husband and he left… I was really shocked because i was cheating my husband .. So in the night i thought that sanjay will fuck me tommorow if i go to his house.. I was not getting sleep so i went and swichted on the tv. In the local channel murder film was running. I watched the film how mallika sherawat decieves her husband. By seeing that a little bit sex feeling aroused. I saw mallika sherawat hairless .. So i thought to apply fem all over my body and made the skin very softly. So i strongly decided to have sex with sanjay. Even i have heard few stories in my locality about how housewives getting fucked by neighbour. So finally i thought to be get fucked.

So the day passed. The next day it was 6.30 pm. I got a call from sanjay … He said hello darling come to my house it’s time for us to get going. So i took the bath wore red reshmee saree and blouse with black bra and petticoat and locked my house and went to his house. As i entered into his house he welcomed me inside and locked the door.

Sanjay kissed me and said darling takeoff the toe ring which was worn by your husband. Saying that he himself bent and took off the toe ring and weared the new one he made it with gold one. He also made the chain for my legs. As i was seeing towards down.. He showed me the new manglasutra and said.. See this is the new mangalsutra.. You have to wear this for two weeks since you are my wife.. Saying that he pulled me and tied the knot and bent forward and kissed on my navel and said see you are my wife now. I was feeling like that he is my real husband. He weared everything to me and said come darling let’s have dinner. He welcomed me to the dinning table. The dinning table was with full of fruits and with good food. He made me to sit on the chair and brought the camera and clicked some photos. It was an automatic camera he set the camera and came forward and told me to have the grape in my lips as i did he came close and locked my mouth and the camera clicked. Sanjay did with apple and also kissing scenes.. He told see darling i want you as my permanent wife. Please accept me as your husband.. The photos which we have taken are for our photo album. Finally it was ten o’ clock he told i will be in bedroom come with milk. So i went into the kitchen and brought the milk. As i entered, sanjay took me into his hands and said ..darling from today onwards you are going to be in this house. This is your house and what ever the clothes are here will be your’s. Saying that he took me infront of the mirror, leaned his head on my shoulder, kissing my shoulder entirely at the same time he was caressing my waist perfectly. Really it was the best touch of a male person. I never experienced such a touch. I was moaning like hmmmmmmm…..standing behind me he pulled my pallu and started caressing my breast on the blouse….. Caressing he said roshni dear.. The first time i saw you i was in love with you. I wanted to marry and want to love you… I kept silent. Then he lowered my saree frills and started massaging on my waist.. With one hand he was playing with my navel ..circling with finger and pressing the navel region. Slowly he moved his hand towards down. Finally he gave a massage at my choot region on saree. I was moaning and started curling… He bent down and made me to turn towards him he was licking my navel and pressing my butts on saree. Then he looked straight into my eyes and said roshni.. Shall i pull the saree frills. Really he was making me so romantic. Really it was like in the film. When i heard that i turned my head right side to face off him. He told feeling shy.. Kissed on my navel and pulled the saree frills and thrown it away on floor.

Then he told me to sit on knees. I was in my blouse and petticoat. Sanjay removed his lungi and took off the underwear. Oh my god it was like a huge one. Real it’s hard blackish in colour, nearly 8 inches. It is like blackzilla. I never expected so big lund. I was in fear about my tiny choot. He told take my lund into your mouth..i said it’s too long…he told don’t worry first take my tip and he himself inserted it into my mouth. His tip was black reddish. It was like a black violet colour pinkish shade knob. He pushed his tip inside my mouth… I started to suck it. He told darling take a whole thing by saying he pushed half of his lund.. I was coughing. There he hold my head and kept it for two minutes slowly pushing in …this time the entire thing went in. He hold my nose and started moving to and fro…he fucked in my mouth for five minutes and cummed in my mouth… I felt little bit smell. As i started to spit it out he told no..no… Swallow the gulp it will be healthy. I slowly swallowed it. The entire cum went in to my stomach.

Then he said me to clean his lund with my lips..i cleaned it. As i was cleaning he unhooked my blouse and through away the blouse on floor and made me to lay on the bed. He also slept beside me.. He started playing with my boobs… Pressing and making me so wet. He kissed on my whole body and said darling i want to fuck you and removed my petticoat. He said cluck nice pink flesh. He licked my choot i was moaning..please fuck me….fuck me…. After two minutes. He said ..roshni your choot is really like a 20 years girl. You are looking like first time… It is because it’s being a long time my husband fucked me.. Normally my husband fucks me once or twice in two weeks. So my choot seems like virgin..then sanjay said shall i use yours …saying that he gently stroked with his lund on my choot. It was like shock.. I jumped. Then he pushed his tip in but it didn’t go in. He told really you are a virgin. Then he brought the oil and massaged it on my choot and he inserted the tip. This time it went in. I was like ah….ah… .ah… Sanjay…slowly. He is expert he knows how to fuck…..he started slowly but it was paining …i said it’s paining. He kissed on my lips not to say pain. And pushed the whole lund in.. I shouted. He kept the lund in for five minutes not moving..then he asked how is it is it paining. I told no now it’s okay. Then he started fucking slowly. After pain really it was so nice. He started heavily…he fucked in angles and cummed in and said this is the first day i have cummed in. I want fill your choot with my cum. Now its oozing u r juice… Soon it will be over flown by my sperm…..the whole night sanjay didn’t make me to sleep it was really like first night. He did it for me five times….and each time i got heavy waterfall… The bed sheet was wet under my gaand.

Early in the morning i got up and started to wear my dress. He told let it be go and wear nighty..it is in cupboard.. Really i become wife to him for two weeks and returned to my house…i didn’t fear about my husband…. Now its regular routine.. He made my choot habitual of his heavy strokes and my boobs and nipple get erected when ever he comes to my home.

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