A Hot Assamese Aunty Kavita

Hey friends, its mayur das,from assam…and allow me to share the most sizzling experience i had with a hot assamese aunt,

We have rent house,and we offer them on rents to family…Once happened that a family approached us for house….They consisted of three members uncle,aunty and there girl child who was in 9th standard,uncle was also happy to find a rent house like this as he often had duty outstation…he said he will shift after 5days..we agreed and so on

Fifth day, Ding dong on the doorbell…I rushed and opened it,there was uncle and his family,mom called them inside…i was nt so interested,but my mom called me for introduction and man what i was not seeing is what people die to see for…a typical Assamese women at her late 30s a bit plump,round face,wearing a green saree,with matching blouse tight enough to squeeze her arms showing her wet arm pits,big sized boobs clinging out of her side of the blouse,hair tied in a big shiny bun…by seeing her bun one would easily recognize how long and thick her hair was….wow perfect combo cause m a boob as well as hair fetish..i just love long hair….all this thinking and seeing went on through me within seconds.I said

“Namaskar”(traditional way of saying hello in assam).I showed them the room as my mom insisted to do so,uncle went outside in order to see the goods carrier…so i asked aunty to follow me

Me:Follow me aunty.

Aunty: Lets go,(on the way)what’s your name beta?.

Me:Mayur,aunty i heard u too had a third family member don’t se her

Aunty:Ohh Avantika my 15year old baby(giggle),ya actually i kept her at her grandmas home for some days,as her holidays are continuing.
I slowly slowed my footstep and allowed her to move front…and kept watching her ass.Wow what a deadly move she keeps on giving man..by the time we reach there she kept on asking her question. I was just answering J-U-S-T A-N-S-W-E-R-I-N-G…My eyes were doing its job
So the day went by….

Next day,

I was brushing my teeth as i heard my aunt calling me for water,she was really looking beautiful at the morning sight,just a white silk saree,blue blouse very tightly clinging…hairs just hold by a clutch,

I showed her the pipe of the water pump,as she starts filling i started seeing her boobs that were massively hanging from the side of her saree….My mom came there and asked “Kavita how r adjustments going”..it was then i knew her name KAVITA….

Well days passed by and we were like geting to know each other family,till then there daughter also came back..her schools were re opening.SO and so..

One day I heard that uncle will be going outstation..so i was like geting a chance to explore her.before uncle left he asked me to help aunty with her doings…

It was evening time my mom,dad went shoping,Home alone bored

Suddenly aunty called me with a phone in hand She was were a yellow maxi,and had her hair tied in a long braid upto her ass ,she said its mom,I said ‘hello’ they said they will be returning home late as they were going to my uncles home. So i said ok and disconnected the call

I just said thanks to aunty, Aunty said what they said,i repeated..

Aunty: I hope u don’t mind if i call u to our home to have a cup tea,(she also doesn’t have anyone to accompany )

So,I went without objection with a simle(yes).

I enquired where’s Avantika,Aunty said she has been to her tuitions and will be returning late….Ouu i said. I asked her abut what uncle did, actually he’s a TT in railways, so he has to move on in duty train by train. Hmmm…So u r lonely it means said.

Ya,of coure previously where we stayed it was like fore then a lonely place, very boring

Suddenly i saw something in her hair,i said there something in your hair, she just rubbed her hair and asked “gone?”

I said ‘No’ and just with a gesture brought that thread out I said “white thread!!!”she smiles

Then suddenly I complimented “U really have beautiful long hair”..she blushed and asked ‘Really?’

Me:Hmmm….well maintained always love long hair, means “like” sorry!!!

Aunty: (giggled)Its ok,I see u r a long hair lover…

Suddenly she brought her hair front and kept untying her braids, while asking me abut my schooling. She caught her hair with two hands and gave a jerk,Ohh man as she jerked her boobs jiggled hard up down again up down. As soon as it happened i got a hard on,and damn i was not wearing a under wear it started pointing upwards then as she kept talking she tied her hair in a tight bun…

I couldn’t hold anymore and asked her that i will leave…

She also allowed me to go as she had other works now. I left, and directly went to the bathroom and jerked off ,i cum a lot thinking of those jiggling breast a her hair bun,i felt like pressing her boobs as well as hair bun(hair boob).

After 30 min or so aunty called me to enquire if I was free 2moro

I said yes,

She had to go to ganeshguri to buy some clothes and then fancy bazaar she need someone to accompany her…

I said its ok “I would love to accompany her “

She smiled and said thnx

Next day she got ready, she was looking really hot bomb, she wore black chiffon saree with a matching tight blouse, glossy red lipstick, red bindi and also her red chindur added a beauty, black silky hair tied in a tight hair bun wrapped by a hair black net…she was looking killer,damn hot in her black-red combo.

I was in my formals and then we went to the bus stop and waited for the ganeshguri bus first…we went in it was a really crowded bus and all were hanging somehow by each others support..as the bus started i stood at the back of my aunty,i saw some ppl looking lustfully at my aunt,and why not she was looking really a ‘sexy bitch’.by seeing them even i got turned on,as ppl were pushing me side to side my hard tool started touching her ass,i enjoyed and knowingly did it again and pretended to be sorry…she was in a its ok mood she didn’t react anything…our stoppage came we buyed from the shop..she took a pink netted saree that was looking very pretty on her after trail…

We went to fancy bazaar then where she took her cosmetics…then she went into a inner wear shop, it was big shop with various innerwear’s..she went in and i followed, she asked the saleswomen to show her a 36D size bra, it was then i realized her size…i was happy, suddenly my eyes went into a transparent nighty that was sleeveless and black in colour upto thighs the matching underwear would be easily seen..as it was worn by a dummy..

I kept seeing it then suddenly aunty touched my shoulders, she caught me seeing it with lust…she raised her chin as a gesture to ask what happened to me?, she asked “bhal lagise neki”(in English did u like it and smiled)..i blushed and went out to have pan(betel)..after around 10min she came,i wondered what took her so long…we left after having chat at JBs(the best place to have anything at our side)

We reached home by evening,well i was very tired,as i entered Mom asked me to freshen up and have something to eat…they were going to our uncles house as sm family rumours were going on..they would return the very next day,I said ok and just slept for a hour…

I was getting bored,I heard avantika saying gud bye to her mother,Kavita aunty said “be a gud girl there, don’t disturb uncle and aunty, call me when u reach”,I just stood up from my bed and saw outside of the window,avantika went with her uncle to there place…..”So aunty is alone too” my mind shouted

So i went backward to wash my face intentionally when aunty went there to take some water..I wished her Good evening,she said the same…
I knowing enquired where’s avantika she said she has been to her uncles house and she will be returning 2moro….I too said her m home alone today..i said ok then see you!!!

Suddenly she call me from backside and asked to come to her home at 8,we will have dinner together…and ya I have to show u something(wicked smile),i was happy and said ok.

At 8 sharp i put on my Bermudas and a t-shirt and went there..she welcomed me and asked me to sit in the TV room… she gave me a cup of coffee, she talked abut the whole day, suddenly she started talking abut the crowded bus and said that sm1 was touching her left side in the bus..initially she thought it was me but then she realized that it was sm stranger she gave a angry stare and he left….how can some stranger do that he touched my blouse(actually boobs i realized by the gesture she gave like showing her hand inside her pallu)for around 5-6min.

Me: then why didn’t u react initially???
Aunty: I thought it was……
Aunty:(blushed)”short of”

Me:”Would u react if it was me???”
Aunty:(mischievously)”Shut up U naughty”!!!

She takes the cup of coffee and went by!!!I enjoyed the T.V

Suddenly i remembered she said that she had something to show me. I asked “Aunty u told me that u have something to show me, what was it???”

She said “ohh yes, wait lets have our dinner first”

Then i watched her cooking, and kept staring at her cute face and her big hair bun,i don’t know what there in her silky hair bun it always give me a hard on. she suddenly says as she caught me seeing her for quite a while…

Aunty:So,Mr.hair lover, what kind of hair do u like
Me:(shocked)excuse me???
Aunty:”Hair” like straight,curly,long-straight…
Me:(with a quick reply)Long-straight…just like u..

Aunty:(giggles)braid or bun.
“Damn what she’s asking man???”
Me: Bun big shiny silky bun.
I smile

Aunty: Lets get ready now our dinner is ready(as she strikes the utensil twice with cooking spoon)…
i said k then lets go…I take on the aroma,,,hmmmm really she is really a good cook i complemented

Then we finished our dinner. I said her bye and wanted to go, she asked me to wait till she had a bath. then we will enjoy the dessert she said as she kept 2 bowl of molten Chocó in the freezer…

“Well i said to myself and sat there watching t.v”

After 15min she came back…and said

Aunty: I told i have to show u something na?
Me:Yes,whats it?(curiously)
Aunty: Its the new dress i brought want ur view abut it
Me:Oh that pink netted saree?
Aunty: Wait and watch!!!

She went in,And then after 30min of boring channels i thought “this women are so late in dressing up”……After 2min what i saw was just something i didn’t expect, without making eye contact she directly moves to the refrigerator….

She was in that same black transparent night dress i saw in the shop, “she had buyed it!!!” my mind shouted Man it was all visible inside wow it was actually made of very thin material with her boobs covering by a opaque material bt her black matching panty was clearly visible…and ya now i realized why she asked me abut hairs….actually she tied her hair in a bun beautiful big tight bun..red glossy lipstick,and a red bindi adding to her beauty,big milky thighs…

She was just looking like a slut/sexy bitch/everything…
She takes out the bowl and comes near me with a direct contact in eyes, she had a sparkle of lust in her eyes
Aunty: So do u like it???(with 2 chocolate bowl in her hands)

I kept seeing her with a gulp of spit,that hardly passed my food pipe.

She offers me 1 of the bowl..
Me: Can i have a spoon?
She takes the bowl and pours all the liquid chocolate on her body….near her neck flowing through her boobs out and in of the garment…
Aunty:R u sure?

I would clearly see the chocolate flowing inside the black nighty through her body..as its traced path started clinging to the nighty….slowly it went to her navel and continued down…as soon as it passed the thin rim of her panty and reached her pussy and leg area the perineal area she suddenly put her head back looking upwards a lets out a “Hissssss”…….I couldn’t stop any more my lion was shouting inside me

I just jumped on her and vigorously licked that area where the chocolate left its trace….kept licking it clean
then i saw her eyes!!!
Aunty:Dont stop plz don’t stop

I pulled her to me took her to her bed room and made her stand…I brought the next chocolate bowl. I begin kissing her glossy lips hard i sucked the lips hard so hard that it naturally turned red

I skipped her nighty down by pulling the two threads from her shoulders down….And wow what a booobs….the nipples were already erect i sucked and sucked them till 10min….i went down and saw that her navel had that chocolate stored at that hole…i inserted my tongue in she moaned “Äahnnnnnnnnnnnn lick it yes ahnnn lick mhffff yes”….I came down and released the panty in one go…her pussy was clean shaved..i just went mad…It was already wet,i couldn’t control my lust i stood there and took some liquid chocolate in my hand actually the whole bowl…I stood up and kept looking at her eyes with hers at mine….

She was also seeing me with a question in her eyes “Whats next?”…Suddenly I slowly but hardly slapped my chocolate filled hand in her pussy making a thap like sound and squeezed it hard…she stood up on her toe and opened her mouth to say ahnnnnnnn but no voice came out.she wrapped her hand around me and looked at me with her head tilted,i again pressed it and she made a sound “Hisssssssss” and closed her eyes, the expression was so intoxicating that i pulled her near me, and pressed her again she again sounded ahnnnnnnn and jerked, as i pressed her pussy with one hand and started pressing her big hair bun with my other as i pressed it harder it rolled down as black waterfall….

I pushed her onto the bed and licked her pussy chocolate with hunger, she shouted “don’t stop plz don’t stop ahnnnnnn ohhh ahhhhh yes keep going suck my clit”….I kept her licking, and man nothing can be as good as Chocó-vaginal juice combo….I took her pussy clit in between my lips and sucked it hard till a sound like “sprupttt”…she immediately arched her body with a jerk her boobs jiggled and she made a hisssssssssss sound….I just tongue fucked her and gave few finger strokes and she cummed there her cum was chocolate in colour an as it flowed down i sucked it she kept jerking….

I took out my tool that was hard,harder,hardest by now, she stood up and said “Allow me” and gulped some Chocó from the bowl and took it in her mouth and spited it in my tool. she sucked so perfectly that it took me hardly few minutes to cum in her mouth……

I didn’t wait anymore and put my tool in her already wet pussy,she made a sound ahnnnnnn and hugged me tight, she turned me around and sat upon me with my tool still inside her, she made some circular motions twisting my tool, then she kept jumping and jumping, her hair came in front and covered my face i felt very hot by the smell of her silky long hair, then suddenly she jerks and in one jerk she sends all her hair backwards, and moves her body slowly with her face looking upwards and moaning ahnnn ahnnn

She kept on moaning and moaning and blasted hot-cum on my penis..i could clearly feel it…..seeing her cum i cummed in her too…..
we slept on each other for the whole night Morning all messed up chocolates everywhere we were all messed we took bath and cleaned every thing the best part was we didn’t wear any clothes….

After that I asked her sorry that i didn’t use condoms..she smiled and said that she had sex with her husband a few days ago but hes not good at bed….i gave a wicked smile and kissed her we again had a sex session that day
Afterwards whenever we found chance we didn’t miss 1….

Today she has shifted to bongaigaon way too far from here so its impossible to enjoy her

After they moved there she was pregnant as uncle phoned us in over joy it was her 3rd month running…I doubt!!!!!:)

Don’t forget to comment on my lustful story guys….any aunty who wants to have sex talks can e mail me!!!Complete privacy maintained 256bit encrypted

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