A Hot Assamese Aunty Kavita

Hey friends, its mayur das,from assam…and allow me to share the most sizzling experience i had with a hot assamese aunt,

We have rent house,and we offer them on rents to family…Once happened that a family approached us for house….They consisted of three members uncle,aunty and there girl child who was in 9th standard,uncle was also happy to find a rent house like this as he often had duty outstation…he said he will shift after 5days..we agreed and so on

Fifth day, Ding dong on the doorbell…I rushed and opened it,there was uncle and his family,mom called them inside…i was nt so interested,but my mom called me for introduction and man what i was not seeing is what people die to see for…a typical Assamese women at her late 30s a bit plump,round face,wearing a green saree,with matching blouse tight enough to squeeze her arms showing her wet arm pits,big sized boobs clinging out of her side of the blouse,hair tied in a big shiny bun…by seeing her bun one would easily recognize how long and thick her hair was….wow perfect combo cause m a boob as well as hair fetish..i just love long hair….all this thinking and seeing went on through me within seconds.I said

“Namaskar”(traditional way of saying hello in assam).I showed them the room as my mom insisted to do so,uncle went outside in order to see the goods carrier…so i asked aunty to follow me

Me:Follow me aunty.

Aunty: Lets go,(on the way)what’s your name beta?.

Me:Mayur,aunty i heard u too had a third family member don’t se her

So the day went by….

Next day,

I was brushing my teeth as i heard my aunt calling me for water,she was really looking beautiful at the morning sight,just a white silk saree,blue blouse very tightly clinging…hairs just hold by a clutch,

I showed her the pipe of the water pump,as she starts filling i started seeing her boobs that were massively hanging from the side of her saree….My mom came there and asked “Kavita how r adjustments going”..it was then i knew her name KAVITA….

Well days passed by and we were like geting to know each other family,till then there daughter also came back..her schools were re opening.SO and so..

One day I heard that uncle will be going outstation..so i was like geting a chance to explore her.before uncle left he asked me to help aunty with her doings…

It was evening time my mom,dad went shoping,Home alone bored

Suddenly aunty called me with a phone in hand She was were a yellow maxi,and had her hair tied in a long braid upto her ass ,she said its mom,I said ‘hello’ they said they will be returning home late as they were going to my uncles home. So i said ok and disconnected the call

I just said thanks to aunty, Aunty said what they said,i repeated..

Aunty: I hope u don’t mind if i call u to our home to have a cup tea,(she also doesn’t have anyone to accompany )

So,I went without objection with a simle(yes).

I enquired where’s Avantika,Aunty said she has been to her tuitions and will be returning late….Ouu i said. I asked her abut what uncle did, actually he’s a TT in railways, so he has to move on in duty train by train. Hmmm…So u r lonely it means said.

Ya,of coure previously where we stayed it was like fore then a lonely place, very boring

Suddenly i saw something in her hair,i said there something in your hair, she just rubbed her hair and asked “gone?”

I said ‘No’ and just with a gesture brought that thread out I said “white thread!!!”she smiles

Then suddenly I complimented “U really have beautiful long hair”..she blushed and asked ‘Really?’

Me:Hmmm….well maintained always love long hair, means “like” sorry!!!

Aunty: (giggled)Its ok,I see u r a long hair lover…

Suddenly she brought her hair front and kept untying her braids, while asking me abut my schooling. She caught her hair with two hands and gave a jerk,Ohh man as she jerked her boobs jiggled hard up down again up down. As soon as it happened i got a hard on,and damn i was not wearing a under wear it started pointing upwards then as she kept talking she tied her hair in a tight bun…


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