A Dental Affair

Hello, everyone. This is my second attempt to capture my experience in words. Similar to my previous attempt I’ll try to paint a precise picture.

As I had mentioned in my earlier story, I moved to Hyderabad due to the reallocation of the job. Following to which I messaged everyone I knew, who live in this city, hoping to have someone spend the evening with. I could connect to an old acquaintance from college days, Seema. She is a practicing dentist in an upscale neighborhood where I had my company accommodation. We exchanged greetings and started catching up where we had left off years back. In the conversation, I learned that she was recently single. Not to my surprise like me, she was also feeling the work pressure getting build up and needed a good evening as a distraction.

I was very new to the city and asked her to pick a place to have a beer. She suggested a place equidistant for both of us. We fixed at 8 o’clock. I reached the place sharp at 7 50 and booked a table for two. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years. She saw me from the far corner of the pub and waived a hello. I responded back asking her to come to this side of the bar. Beaming in a one piece red dress she looked astonishing. Pulled out a chair for her and ordered a few drinks. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She very well noticed it and clapped on my face to zap me out. I complimented her that all this while the pictures I had seen of hers’ where in doctors scrub and never imagined her to be so gorgeous. She had a perfect hourglass figure. I could see her blushing and smiling cutely. We had a couple of drinks and decided to dance a little before the next round.

Things were heating up and suddenly she wanted to sit back down. Our repeats came along and we started stealing touches here and there. I could feel her leg moving up and down my jeans by now. It was time to leave this place and see how does the night pan out.She asked if I would want to join her for the last drink at her place. In a heartbeat, I agreed. She spoke to the driver in the local language, which I couldn’t understand. We reached her apartment. She used to live with three flatmates. Luck favored me, the house was empty for a couple of days. It was a party house. We entered her room and she bolted the door from inside. We got to talking and drinking until wee hours into the night. There was this one moment where I complimented the way she looks.

She winked and replied that there is a lot more to see if I play my cards right. I was able to read the signals. She turned on the music keeping it low on volume and asked for a dance. In no time I found her hands locked around my neck and mine around her waist. We were grooving to the music looking deep into each other. I could feel her breath on my neck and there we kissed. A passionate deep kiss. I knew this was going to be a night that both of us will remember.
I started planting kisses on her neck and lips while undressing her slowly. She pushed me onto the bed and came on top. Grinding on me, she started kissing me and opening my shirt button as she went down. Undid my boxers and started stroking my dick with her hands and then gave me the best blowjob I have had till date. In no time she did her part and I was feeling on cloud nine. It was my turn to return the favor. With a swift motion, I turned her over and started kissing her all throughout her body.

She used to feel ticklish on the ears and had a sweet spot on the neck. Massaged her breasts and left a few small pinched onto her nipple which she loved. I went further down and played with her a navel while she moaned softly. She was already wet and was asking to be pleased. My face was buried between her legs and her hands pushing it in even deeper. I could feel her trembling and shaking and soon she had a loud orgasm. Now it was time for the ultimate pleasure. We both wanted it to happen. I put on a condom and started moving in and out of her in a slow rhythmic motion. With every thrust, I could feel her breath getting heavier and moans getting louder. Her back started to arch. I held her by her thigh and increased my pace.

The bed had started making screeching noises by now. She was pulling the sheets and pressing her breasts in the moment of passion. Again a strong shock like sensation and I could see her eyes getting closed and toes curling. She had a strong orgasm this time. She wanted to feel it even deeper. I laid down and she came on top this time. Facing me she pushed my tool into herself and started moving her hips. This made me mad. I was playing with her breasts while she was riding like a cowgirl. I was close and asked her to get off.

She denied and wanted me to throw my load inside her.
I stayed the night at her place. We did not leave the house for next two days. It was just sex all day, every day. We tried out every position we knew. In the shower, on the couch, balcony everywhere. She was like a wild animal who kept asking for more.
We fucked each other multiple times after this encounter.

The city of pearls gave me a very warm welcome. If any one else is interested in a fun session, ping on the email below. Do Express your thought about the incident.


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