Virgin Sex Stories

Erotic stories of Indian virgins and how and when these horny virgin girls lose their virginity..

Lost My Virginity After Breakup

By lustforbust On 2017-02-26 Tags: horny, hot, tight pussy

This is about the hardcore sex that took away my virginity after I broke up with my ex. How I got to have sex with her on her mother's bed and how a normal meeting turned into an erotic event that took away my virginity.

Breaking Virgin Walls

By nikhilsunny624 On 2017-02-20 Tags: horny, hot, indian

This is story happen to me and my neighbor unexpectedly which lead to "Break her virgin walls". Any interested girls/aunties can never hesitate to leave mail at [email protected]

Lustful Journey To Hometown

By Ghost213 On 2017-02-20 Tags: horny, hot, lund

This story tells how I felt a girl during my journey to home. That's the best journey of my life as I never met such cute girl who is just so adorable that I can't resist myself from continuously see her.

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