Incest Sex Stories

Stories involving bhabhi-devar, jiju-sali, brother-sister, mom-son etc. Tales of broken Indian Incest taboo..

Me & My Aunty – Part I HOT!

By anirudh On 2013-12-12 Tags: incest

She is very sexy with hottest figure 38 30 44 very hot assets she casually wears sarees so her wide ass shakes like anything while walking.i am dreaming to see her from the marriage date fixed. finally the day came she is coming tomorrow.

Caring Mom HOT!

By ranbir On 2013-12-12 Tags: son

She wetted her hands with water and started by sliding foreskin down and slowly started making circular movemnt on head of cock by her tip of her finger ,mother always knew how to make me cum,and cum heavy.

Masth Mom

By rahulraj On 2013-12-12 Tags:

One day my sister in law came to our home to have casual visit. I then thought to use the remaining choloform to fuck her. She is just 25 years old and she is curvilicious with huge boobs and fair complexion.

My Sweet Aunty With One Night Enjoy

By rajesh On 2013-12-12 Tags:

I put my tongue between her melons and licked out every bit of moisture I could find. I was on cloud nine. At the same time, she was rubbing her hands on my erect dick.

My Sexy Mom – Part I

By ajay On 2013-12-10 Tags:

I got the measurements from her Bra.In home she usually wear nighty and saree.She didnt wear modern dress.But in saree and nighty she was like a sexgodess.Her most attracted parts are her boobs and ass.

Secrets Of A Mom & Son – Part II HOT!

By animesh On 2013-12-09 Tags: incest

A very hot and passionate love making between mom and son. Mom and son getting over their guilt of accidental sex and deciding to have full fledged sexual affair.

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