Hello everyone. My name is Ajay. I am horny almost all the time. I hope you would enjoy my stories. If you like to contact with me, my mail id is [email protected]

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How I Met A Girl In School HOT!

On 2017-01-21 Category: Virgin Tags: friend, horny, wet pussy

Hello everyone, ajay here. This story is about a friendship in school which turned into a puppy love which later on turned into a more physical relationship. Relationship which I would never ever forget.

Facebook To Friends With Benefit

On 2017-01-05 Category: Virgin Tags: friend, horny, tight pussy

Hello my name is ajay. I am horny most of the time. I love to sex chat and if allowed by the opposite party, would even go beyond. This story is when I chatted with a girl through facebook only to end up on a couch naked with her.

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