Hi, I am a genuine follower of ISS and I am now feeling encouraged to share my experiences in the sex world. And I hope my readers like my style and experience. If in case you like me or want to contact me for more details regarding any of my experiences you're most welcomed.

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Wish To Bang Like That Again!! Woah!

On 2017-03-02 Category: Couple Tags: horny, hot, indian

The women whom I barely imagined could push me for sex, the star girl. Lit my candles for steamy sex and such a slow and hot one that I could ever have. I found my joy in sex with randomness, the unexpected fruit of different flavors.

Beautifully Cursed And Curved

On 2017-01-04 Category: Virgin Tags: couple, friend, tight pussy

A story of my first encounter happened with a tuition mate changed my life, this involved great fun and experience. Also changed the way I see woman through my boyhood to manhood. Have a great time reading my story by getting wet. ????

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