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Meri Aunty Mera Pyar

Fir mai use dhire dhire chodne laga fir mai jhdne wala tha to wo boli ki apna muth mere muh me daal de fir mai pura virya uske muh me dala or fir mai or aunty dono ek dusre se lipat kr so gaye [Open story in new tab]

Closer To Uncle

I took off his pants and took his dick in my tender hands. I was addicted to porn and started to suck his dick like a porn star. I licked the tip of his dick and then licked the whole thing. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked it [Open story in new tab]

A Passionate Love Story – Part I

I got more horny due to her moaning. I started to finger fuck her and my whole finger was wet due to it, then I circled the finger inside her pussy, and eventually pulled it out and kept it on her clit and suddenly gave a hard lick over her pussy [Open story in new tab]

The Accidental Virgin

I pulled my tee over my head and he bent down to suckle and kiss first one breast then the other. I twisted out of my original position and straddled him on the couch. It felt so good when my thighs parted wide and my wet pussy opened up. A strong masculine smell rose from him, hot and incredibly arousing. [Open story in new tab]

A Naughty Niece

Slowly moving her hips backward and forward, she brushed her labia gently against the top half of his clothed shaft. Gradually the contact became firmer, the movement increased, and their breathing became heavier. [Open story in new tab]

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