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My Vacation Back Home HOT!

On 2014-10-17 Category: Incest Tags: mom, mother, son

This story is about the incident that happened when I went back home the last time. The amazing and wonderful experience between me and my mom.

Happened To Have Sex With My Son HOT!

On 2014-10-14 Category: Incest Tags: mom, son

I had a sexual feel over one of my sons who have great looks. I couldn't resist myself after touching his penis. He too had the intentions of having sex

The Motherly Affection – Part II HOT!

On 2014-09-03 Category: Incest Tags: incest, mother, son

It might have been forbidden sex. She taught me one big thing that day. The true pleasure of sex comes when you give the female her the love and respect she deserves and she will be yours forever.

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