Love And Lust For My Lovely Mommy HOT!

On 2015-03-28 Category: Incest Tags: mom, son, Underarms

It's a real incident story which is based on me and my mom. It's a story about how we involve in physical relationship with each other. How we exposed our lust towards each other.

Starting With Mom – Part 1

On 2015-02-27 Category: Incest Tags: incest, mom, son

A horny son was in a mood to make her mom hot in bed with his moves but he couldn't achieve to the fullest. He slept with her at night and started his game.

From Bath Room To Bed Room HOT!

On 2015-01-09 Category: Incest Tags: mom, son, virgin

It's a fantasy that most of the person would have a sexual feeling towards their mom and I too had the same. My emotions are let out here.

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