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We both kissed each other passionately as our tounges rolled into each others mouth and explored every bit of meat in us.i got really wild as i tore open her transparent nighty and felt her milky white boobs. [Open story in new tab]

My Sister-In-Law Laila

She then moves down and holds my cock with both hands. My cock is of average size, about 6 in long, may be 1 in in dia. She moves her hands slowly along the shaft, using her saliva as a lubricant. [Open story in new tab]

Gaming With Sister-In-Law

I could feel the heat whenever I touch her hands, kind of shivering started with in me. May be because I was scared. After couple of days I got the courage and started brushing me hands all over her body like getting the remote from her and changing seats for the main player like that. [Open story in new tab]

Love Story Of Bhabhi Devar

Her pink panty was covering the most beautiful place on earth. I thought of removing her panty at once and fuck her without making any delay but I wanted to make her feel the best sex experience of her life. So I started rubbing her pussy over her panty. I lifted her half stand on her knee and hugged her. The position was such that my dick was positioned on her pussy. [Open story in new tab]

Abused By All

My wife started to suck her breasts. She rubbed her ass on my nose and mouth for almost half hour and had a shuddering orgasm and let out a lot of cunt juice on my mouth [Open story in new tab]

The Connection With My Sister-In-Law

My hands left her breasts and I placed them on each side of her and ran them down to her waist and stopped when they reached her hips. Never breaking eye contact she raised up then reached between her legs to grasp my cock as she moved back slightly to line up. [Open story in new tab]

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