My Boyfriend Best Friend Fucked Me

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Hello, my name is pooja from Hyderabad I’m 5’8 with body stat of 34 32 38 and good looking. Now my age is 25 it happened to me from 22 to 24 of my age that time. I have had the worst experiences when I went to US for Master’s though I loved some. I used to go clubbing every weekend with my college mates, my best friend was Ravi, I din’t know he was my boyfriend friend Ravi fucked me.

That was one day I was in small skirt and top and I was drunk in the club and was dancing, some random black guy came and started grinding with me, I loved his force on my bum, he danced with me for 20 mins, I’m sure he must have cummed. He then asked me to come to bathroom so that he can kiss me and press my parts, and I went along, he pushed me to the wall and pressed me so hard and kissed me very badly at this time my best friend Ravi saw and took me away from there and started scolding me.

I almost cried in the club and then we went to my house (he wanted to drop me) here comes the actual story and just before he wanted to leave, I said could you please stay for some time, I might puke, so he stayed for some time, he sat next to me, in some time I slept in his lap. He also did not say anything after 2 hours, I woke up and he was still there in room and I got up and hugged him and said thank you so much. The conversation went like this

Me: Thank you so much

Ravi: Pooja I saw what you were doing in club, did you like what he was doing?

Me: Yes, I liked him pressing my ass, please don’t tell anyone.

Ravi: I wish I was in that place

Me: Ravi, I did not expect this from you

Ravi: I also din’t expect you to do tat with him, that’s why asking can I please?

Ravi: I swear I won’t tell anyone, saying this he came and put hand in my skirt

Ravi: Bitch, you have such a hugee bum, I’m gonna fuck this ass so badly

Me: I was silent, and was actually enjoying his abusing.

Ravi: He pushed me to the wall and grinding me on my ass hardly as if he was fuck me.

Me: Ravi, please slow, you know I have a boyfriend, he will get to know please

Ravi: Who is your fucking boyfriend?

Me: Prudvi

Ravi: He was silent for a minute, he said He’s my best friend, then he was like wow! I’m fucking my best friend’s girlfriend

Ravi: Is that bastard gonna marry you?

Me: Yes, we are planning to

Ravi: Omg, I’m fucking my best friend’s wife wow! Then he tore dress and I was just on panty

Me: Ravi, please slow it’s paining

Ravi: Omg! Your boobs are so big, bitch I’m sure atleast 4 people fucked you mother fucker.

Me: Aww! I had a boyfriend before Prudvii, he fucked me very hard

Ravi: so is my count 3?

Me: Ya Ravi

Then he pushed me on my bed and started biting my boobs so badly and he started hitting them badly. Then I opened his pants, wow! Such a huge cock wow!

Me: Ravi, it’s really big then he slapped me hard and said suck it you bitch and he started abusing me so badly, I love it though I sucked his balls, cock for 20 mins and cummed in my mouthh, wow it was so hot.

Ravi: you whore, how did you like my cum you mother fucker

Me: I love it Ravi baby and then he cleaned it to my panty and asked me to smell it and then he played blue film where a black guy with huge cock fucking a girl. All this while watching, I was sitting next to him like his doll and playing with his cock

He suddenly got turned on and started abusing about me and my Boy Friend, he then made me go doggy and started fucking ass and that was first time when someone fucked my ass; it was paining like hell but Loved it. I was shouting like hell and he started beating me soo badly on my ass. I loved it. He called me prostitiute, bitch, whore and mother fucker everything that came in to his mind when he was about to cum,

He put his cock betweeen my boobs sitting on my tummy and fucking it like pussy. All the cum fell on my hair, mouth, nose. He started licking my armpit, boobs, and his own sperm and then kissed me for 10 minutes. We slept for 3 hours, naked and under my blanket. Wow! Such a hottt feeling! 9 am we got and he got up before me and started taking my naked pics on his phone,

Me: Ravi, why are you taking?

Ravi: I want to see daily and shag

Me: No please delete itt

Ravi: No, I won’t

Me: I’ll do what ever you want to pleasee delete

Ravi: Will you suck my cock when ever I want?

Me: Sere Ravii, I’ll be your whore till I’m here, please delete

He got turned on when I said that and deleted it and made me have bath and wear saree, before I came out to bedroom, the bedroom was so good, neat like a first night bed,

Me: What is this?

Ravi: I want to have first night with my bestfriend’s girlfriend

Me: I was shocked by his fantasy

Ravi: came near me and stripped me and started playing with my boobs, then ass

Me: you did 2 times in the night, again you want?

Ravi: I din’t fuck your pussy, I wanna eat your pussy now

Me: Do you have condom?

Ravi: No, I’ll take it out before I cum

Then he fucked me really bad. He fucked till after noon for 1 year, when ever he wanted to shag and he use to call me to his room or he use to come to my room and get done and used to go. Please reply on [email protected] if you liked my story


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