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Hot Sex Movie hall

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Hi Gals and ladies, I am M 25 from rajkot city (ALone), I would like to start my story from here now…

After finishing my daily office i went to cyber cafe for chatting as it was olnly means for me to spend my time. I was chatting for alomst 2-3 hrs daily. Once i got invitaion from strnage Id to chat… i thought to ignore but then i replied saying hi and all that normal stuff. I thought some stupid male is jus doing time pass wid me as my ID had word cupid… After some time that id gave me msg that she was F/23 which made to think twice that that ID person is just making merry wid me. but we we chatted daily almost 1 hr..after 3-4 days i asked her to meet me….

She replied negatively again and again..but she agreed after some time.she told me that she will meet me in a movie hall so that no one can notice her. i agreed.

We met in movie hall where she came and asked me to go in cafe in a corner where no one can notice. then i had already taken movie tickets and i aske her to come wid me. We just has small hi hello gossip.then we entered in movie and that was regular day that’s why there was very less audience in the hall. After 5 mins i looked her properly and she was looking around 29-32 aged lady who was looking very much beautiful with nice healty body…long hairs.. tight tshirt and low waist jeans….

Now i had gone hot as sweet perfume fragnace came out from her body……i slowly took my hands on her hands.she looked at me and ust smile…that gave me courage to go ahead.. i slowly started taking my hand near her side bood. and slowly rubbing my hands on boobs,,and she slowly started aking heavy breath…i was liitle bit scared that i would be trouble if any thing goes wrong…..but i then took her one boob in my hand and started pressing slowly….which made her breaths more stronger………….. i slowly pushed my hands in her top and started pressing her boobs very hard..i got restless and ask her to help in taking off her bra…she helped in taking boobs out of her bra inside he top…. i then started pressing her boobs hardly… ( I was Virgin and didnt had dat much of knowldege)..she holded my face and started kissing my lips and started pushing her tounge in my lips…..she was sucking my tounges…it make me so hot…..ummmm…ahhh…… she took her hands on my pants zip and opened it…took my dick out and started playing like a hot rod…my dick got hard like stone and she was pushing it up n down…

my hands were trying to reach near her pussy…she opened her jeans zip and open her top button of jeans and lowered her jeans little bit. i pushed my hands inside her panties start rolling fingers in her pussy….it was clean shaved pussy..wide and open….. now my lips liking her lips….my hands one her in pussy one on her boobs..and her hand on my dick playing and pusing…. i got horny and wanted to fuck her was not possible……

I was about jerk out my sperms as she went on doing up n down wid my dick….lot of sperm came out of dick..i was releived and relaxed and felt that as i was fingering her pussy some hot liquid came out.. both were relaxed..

We became proper.she closed her jeans and wore her bra..,movie was about to finish….i then asked for kiss..then we kissied and licked each other and movie was over…..we came out and had coffe…then she told me that she was married and her age was 29… i asked reason for doing all these thingw wid me,,,,she told that she is married to buisness who was drunkard..who was all the time in office and at night he came with lot of drink and slept….she was left alone at home all the day and night as there was no one else in there family…..

She gave her mobile number and asked me call and come next day noon at her residence……i thought i will get a chance to fuck a married hot beatiful lady/……

The story would be continued in next part ladies…..mail me if you are interested freindship..or…

My id is [email protected]….waiting for you mails ladies… would reply wid my next exp wid that lady at her home….


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