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As he pushed his hardened dick right into her she screamed with pain and pleasure...

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Sex With Rahul HOT!

Then one evening I went and purchased some bra and panty with different color and different style. I also got 2 nights out of which one was normal and the other one was a front open with buttons from top to bottom.

A Fuck To Remember

I said OK darling and with a hard push I pushed my dick in her pussy I think that's the most wonderful feeling in my life. Her hole wasn't that tight, since she is a mother of 2, and been fucked many times unlike me.

Anushka’s Saga Begins HOT!

She had her orgasm and her fluid was flowing, i bent to her pussy and licked all her love juices. I loved her clitoris and bit it with my lips. She seemed tired. But her lust was not over. I took her to my bedroom wet.

The Beginning

I took it as a positive sign and started rubbing her stomach and made my way up to her breasts. My hand was under her top but over her bra. She sighed and looked at me with such beautiful eyes full of lust.

Nisha Aunty’s Bad Boy – Part I HOT!

I slide my hands under her salwar and squeezed her boom boom breasts, after a few seconds I understood, that she had surrendered herself completely, and started to enjoy, I rammed her with full speed and came in her vagina after 10 minutes. That was a hot quickie in the morning.

Lucky Old Man HOT!

Telling that she come in front of me. She sat on her knees, unhooked her blouse.

Seaman’s Club

We grabbed each other tightly and rubbed our bodies on each other. She asked me whether I would like to suck her pussy. I was so happy to hear that.

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