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As he pushed his hardened dick right into her she screamed with pain and pleasure...

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In Love With A Sex Worker – Part I

As the hole had gone wide with the width of the cucumber it had easily accommodated karela inside. Initially she felt the roughness of the veggie but soon it got subsided . For few seconds I moved in and out of her pussy but then looking at the uncomfortable on her face I took it back

Padosi Ki Chudai Pados Me

Bhabhi arey nahi maine to andar isliye bulaya taki azma kr dekh saku,meri to mano jaise lottery lag gyi mai mast khus ho gya.Bahbhi ne mujhe apni or khicha n mere paint ko kholne lag gyi

Hungry Wife HOT!

Hungry Wife 3.42/5 (68.33%) 12 votes

I was so engrossed into the affair on the bed that I didn’t realize when Krishnan removed his pants and underwear and took out his tiny mini pole and shaking it in his hands

Rub That Pussy And Ass On My Mouth – Part II

We were not speaking much or rather nothing about our sexual encounters and previous things related to sex and one fine day we started to chat as usual about sex and the texting went on like this.

My Boobsy Sujatha Aunty HOT!

My Boobsy Sujatha Aunty 4.40/5 (88.00%) 5 votes

I removed her blouse with my teeth and pulled the petty away. She was only in her bra and panty. By seeing those melons I roused on to it squeezing it. She was moaning loudly. Now she woke up and grabbed me down and removed my clothes.

Ecstasy Or Agony

I know he was gem of a man. He allowed himself to wither and die rather than harm or injure any one to support his vice.

Fun In The Train

Fun In The Train 1.00/5 (20.00%) 1 vote

I pressed my left thumb on her clitoris, licked and pushed my tongue into her pussy and at the same time finger fucked her with my right middle finger. I was touching her G-spot, which made her go crazy

First Love

First Love 1.00/5 (20.00%) 1 vote

We started chatting on phone instead of facebook now. One day she asked me which type of girl you want as a girlfriend to which I replied like you Rimy

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